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Glad you liked it!

Yeah I get confused about the buttons myself. In hindsight it probably makes more sense to have Throw and Call Back on the same button, have the Warp be some kind of attack (like the Warp Strike in Final Fantasy XV) and have it on the same button as Slash. Might make the distinction between the buttons more clear.

Agree that all enemies should be jump on-able (real word) unless indicated with a clear visual difference.

Definitely should be more audio and visual cues, j'agree.

I'll have to look into how that blood splatter works, sounds complicated!

Thanks for playing! Screenshake all day!

This is so nice! It feels good, looks good. Great work!

I like this! I enjoyed the setting and story, and the characters interactions are quite interesting. I wish I had more information on the objects I selected in the beginning, or had more cues during conversations as to who would like what. It felt pretty random (unless that was the point?). Overall, good stuff!

I like the atmosphere, and flying around feels pretty good. The orange color palette also gives the abandoned city an eerie other-worldly feel, which fits with what the children are scared of.

I wish there was more to it though. I understand that an atmospheric game like this doesn't need much in terms of mechanics, but it might have been better to push the visual and audio effects further to compensate. For example, you don't need an animated character, you can have a ball of light with a neat particle effect, similar to the "children" (or even made it first person). This would have saved time to do different weather effects (perhaps the sky gets lighter or darker based on how many children you find), changes in music, having the children move and cry out, nicer text transitions (instead of just having it appear spontaneously, make it fade or get typed out for more dramatic effect), etc.

Basically make sure you know what are the most important elements of your game and what mood you want to convey and get rid of anything that takes time away from making those elements awesome.

This is a nice feel-good experience. I quite enjoyed it from the art style, the music, and the platforming. Good work!

I love the setting and the eerie silence, it's creepy and beautiful. 

Gameplay-wise, I think it would be scarier if you spend more time teasing the wolves instead of showing them on screen. It's scarier if you don't know which direction the threat is coming from, but you know it's nearby, rather than having 20+ wolves rotating around you constantly like a merry-go-round. Maybe you can do that with footprints, directional audio, and wolves darting across the screen at the periphery of your vision. Just enough to freak you out. 

I think you should have the ability to turn off your torch. It puts you more at risk from the wolves, you can't see very far, but maybe it allows you to move faster (in addition to conserving torches). That way you have a nice risk / reward thing going. Movement in general can be a little bit faster, the character is too sluggish to control.

This has so much potential. Really good stuff!

Neat idea! I enjoyed trying to figure out the best way to survive, and the vacuum mechanic feels good.

With a game like this, you wanna really focus on the juice and effects. It seems like you're going for something like antibodies, curing infections, but it feels like controlling balls in a ball pit. Moving the balls around is a lot more wacky and random than I feel it should be, but that might just be a personal opinion. If you were to take this further, I'd spent time on particle effects, atmosphere, and other elements that puts the player "in the zone". 

Good stuff!

Watching the citizens carefully to try and figure out who's infecting who is very cool. Really interesting mechanic. I found that hitting houses is a bit more luck-based. Most of the time I couldn't tell which house would have infected people, especially if nobody stepped outside for a while. I would focus on the citizen interactions the most and diversify them. Maybe have a food market, or a party, or different things that you need to keep track of outside of the homes. Great work!

This is such a clever mechanic! I had a blast seeing what can get cut up and sucked into my vacuum before launching them into the truck. Trying to get things to fit in the truck was hilarious at first, but then it got frustrating because I felt like I had a lot of time left but couldn't get my score much higher.

 Instead, I think what I'd do is have something else be the "difficult" part of the game, perhaps having a randomized list of things to pack (displayed as silhouettes) and having to rush into the house to find them, and making sure I don't pack the wrong things. When you launch them in the truck they just disappear (or shrink so more can fit). 

That said, it's still a very good game. Nice work!

Interesting gameplay idea! I really enjoyed driving the car around, it's a nice movement mechanic. With driving so fun, it's unfortunate that the main mechanic (waiting near mostly static protesters) involves NOT driving. With driving like that, I just wanna move around super fast to pick up protesters, not stop and wait. Does that make sense?

This was lovely! I was pleasantly surprised by the puzzles, it's a clever mechanic. And the art is super cute. Nice work!

I love how stylish and smooth this is. Despite the game being super easy, I got into a "just one more delivery" state for a solid 5 minutes. I think you can gradually introduce blue obstacles at higher altitudes to keep the player on their toes, or have birds that give the opposite effect (dropping you straight down). I didn't really pay attention to anything on the map except the arrows telling me where my destination is, and spammed jump - boost - jump - boost until I ran into it. Maybe instead of a score attack a better format for the game would be delivering a certain number of packages in one part of the city before unlocking the next, and choosing the package destinations in a way that encourages more precise platforming and understanding of how the buildings work in that specific level. Overall though, great stuff!

This game made me happy. It was such a joy to play and felt like playing through a children's book. I saw in one of your comments that you had a grandiose vision for this, but I like it as a short and intimate experience where you meet silly characters and use fun items. I especially liked the flowers you can plant, as I felt like I was making a mark on the world, which is a nice fit for a game about traveling. Might be interesting to make more items have that kind of lasting impact. Good work!

Oh man this is great! Thanks so much for that thorough review!

Awesome video! I'm so glad you liked it! That last run was excellent :D

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Haha me too! I'm planning to continue working on it and make it much longer. Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! I'm happy you liked it!

Thanks for playing! What buttons would you use for axe mechanics instead of Z and X?

This is a clever idea! Reminds of the duels from the mobile game Reigns.  Definitely see this as a mobile game like everyone is saying. Rated it!

Here is my game, would love your feedback and rating:

This is a clever idea! Reminds of the duels from the mobile game Reigns.  Definitely see this as a mobile game like everyone is saying.

Man this is intense! I'm digging the feel of those weapons, they're so satisfying. Part of me wished there was some kind of attack that encouraged to dive into a horde and defeat everyone around me, instead of having to back off. I think a game like this is best when it's very fast paced, but that seems to have been the wrong strategy here. Regarding the HP loss, I think having a separate timer for finishing the level on time would have balanced the difficulty out. Good work!

Thanks for doing this! Here's mine:

Rated and commented! Good stuff!

Here's mine:

I like the idea of blocks acting as both a flashlight and a box to stand on / use on switches. I think that idea alone has a lot of potential, especially if you add even more uses for the blocks. From a technical point of view, make sure you fix how picking up blocks works, it's too inconsistent and makes it a little frustrating to place them where you want. Overall though, good work!

Rated and commented! I really liked the stealth, it's a creepy game.

Here's mine, would love your rating and feedback as well:

This was surprisingly creepy! Wish there was a bit more feedback when attacking enemies, I couldn't tell if I was doing any damage. I enjoyed the stealth aspect quite a bit!

Rated! Good stuff!

Here's mine, would love your feedback:

This is fun! I think it's secretly a horror game haha, that car is terrifying!

Thank you!

Rated! Really good stuff.

Here's my game, would love your rating and feedback!

This is some good stuff! Hard as nails too. The backtracking idea is awesome, you could do some cool stuff with that, like opening secret doors in your first run through the level to make the backtracking easier.

Rated! I really like the idea of cashing in your sheep so they don't fall off the edge and ruin your score. Nice work!

Here's my game:

This is great! I really like the idea of choosing when to "cash in" your sheep to avoid more  damage. Nice work!

This is great! I really like the idea of choosing when to "cash in" your sheep to avoid more  damage. Nice work!

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it! I’m planning on spending the next month working exclusively on the art. Any thoughts on directions I should take?

Thank you sheriff! 

Thank you so much!