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Ah, that was definitely something that I should have made more intuitive to the player. To exit the roof, you press down. Thanks for playing my game, glad you liked it!

This game is so good. Tons of quality and good design.

All of the music was either provided from RPG maker itself, or royalty-free music from Kevin Macleod. The sound effects were from RPG maker, and some from COD WAW zombies (I was super addicted to that game while I was making this, haha). I'm super happy that you enjoyed it!

It is quite beatable, it may just take enough tries to get through it. While it is true that is is seemingly unbeatable, one of the people I had tried the game beat it on their first go. It's all about choosing when to farm up properly. Being greedy can be rewarding :) Thanks so much for playing and commenting! I really appreciate it.

Great character designs, I like the player choice, and how intense the game can get. Amazing work for the time constraint.

The light effect is really neat! Enjoyed what was going on.

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This game is really cool, the music is great too! I find these kinds of games really interesting programming-wise. However, the game is very prone to lagging and freezing. Perhaps it's the grass? I notice they accumulate lots of grass overtime, but that's my guess. (It may also because of quirks with the HTML5 build)

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Yeah, I noticed that as well while making it. 😃 If I were to further expand this game, then I'd definitely implement something to prevent that from happening. Thanks for commenting!

Cool game! You must have learned a lot to make this. It's cool seeing the commits on git as well :) I only scored 1, haha