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Make sure to download the recently released post-jam version for the best experience!

Nice concept! Took a bit to get figure everything out plus I don't think trying again from where you left of works because when I did it my gun disappeared and I was still a ragdoll so I was forced to die and start over. Other than all that though liked the sound and graphics so I think overall its nice game.

Really nice concept, loved the idea of having to consider the knockback of each gun but it could get out of hand quickly if you have a bunch of guns with different knockbacks, overall though nice submission!

Hi really glad you enjoyed the game, sorry about the bug when enemies become fast I made their handling way too good and the player's health regen is broken in the current version but is fixed in the post jam version I'm working on, also the modifiers are meant to favor the enemies more than the player as they are meant to cause a lot of the chaos that happens, but maybe in the post jam version we might add some benifital modifiers soon but thanks so much playing!

Mainly the bouncing because sometimes you want to do something a bit precise and then for some reason it just fails no matter how well you aim

Pretty nice game overall really liked it especially when you would collect something and the hippo would assert it's dominance over the enemies by opening and closing its mouth in a laughing motion only things i would fix is the point where the money doesn't increase anymore making 100% possible (at least I think that's a bug), and also making it so there is a more satisfying ending to the game, other than all of that really good submission overall!

Pretty good game overall love the concept of working with gravity I'm not sure how but I feel like this can be taken a little further so I think you should explore this idea more (made it through all 5 levels to get the full experience concept is great definitely should continue with it)

It looks really cool though I think the main reason why no one has really checked it out is because it is strictly a vr game so people may not be as able to play it as they would be able to with a regular pc game, so while I love the concept of vr and think it is so cool to have vr jam games, I think if you want to win I think you have to be more pc friendly, but if you are in it just for the fun then you should be proud of you made a cool looking vr game in such a short amount of time as it is really impressive! That's all I got since I don't got the hardware to play this still great job making a vr game in such a short amount of time though!

Pretty fun couch play game however I feel like the speed modifiers were a bit too strong because when you collect them both you go absolutely flying and we ended up accidentally killing one of the ai player by flinging them off the map while playing but still pretty fun game overall

Pretty decent game overall, didn't really experience any bugs and it is impressive that you implemented a leaderboard so overall I'll give it a "Nice Job!".

Hi glad you liked the game so much! Also yeah we did have a rather big team for a game jam (4 people) and I say we did it pretty well together and that without each other it probably wouldn't be nearly as good as it is (except maybe for icy (the musician for this game) cause he has a lot more experience than us when it comes to jams and game dev in general so he might be able to do this in the time given without all of us still very thankful to have him on board as we probably would have a couple beeps for sound effects and that would be it audio wise without him), when your gun shot at a "45 degree angle downward" that was actually intentional! That was likely when the gravity modifier (and hopefully not some weird bug enabling it early or something T-T) turned on and the bullets are slowed down to make it be more like a melee weapon since without the slow down it doesn't change much and just makes your bullets just slightly curve downwards, (gravity bullets are a little less melee like in the post jam version (since I'm the programmer for this game) I'm currently working on as you are able to shoot a bit more up and down so that way you can more easily reach enemies on the wires but it still has the main concept of having a gun be more like a melee weapon than ranged as it feels really good when you kill a bunch of enemies with it and the concept of it actually works really well when used correctly it just takes a bit to get use too, also nearby bullet collisions should be much better with this version as I did improve them, and you can also figure when a modifier is about to be applied by hearing the alarm from the reality generator (big thing in the center of the room) and then the fade out of a song then it should show some text describing what modifier has been applied in the top left corner of your screen) and yeah about the enemies spawning on top of the player I've been thinking about that and I should definitely fix it in the post jam version as it creates unavoidable damage and that isn't any fun so definitely will be working on that in the future! but other than all of that stuff really glad you liked the controls I worked really hard to make them feel good and also am really glad you enjoyed the game so much! (sorry for the wall of text but just wanted to clear everything up!)

Great game overall! but I do wish there was audio other than that though LOVE the concept feels really good to use though maybe make the rooms a little bigger overall as I get it is meant to be tiny to make it so you have to be more careful but overall you are likely to miss even when trying to aim while dodging and even then when trying your best to avoid lasers it feels like you will eventually be hit so I would work on that to make it feel more fair also really love the art style and how the enemies try to ricochet their shots at you so they don't have to run out in order to shoot you making them vulnerable but it does make it much harder to play because of how unavoidable the lasers are to begin with but other than all of that great job with this!

Good job with this game! the concept is executed well, the only bug I really ran into is that items go out of bounds, also I think the game should be more fast paced especially in the beginning where you have to wait like 10 seconds for it to begin, also also would make so that way you can pick up items automatically as spamming the space bar is kind of unnecessary in this kind of game, other than all that it was a good game!

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Nice job with this game and I really don't have much else to say which is new as I usually have like one thing to say after I say "I really don't have much else to say" but I got no recommendations, advantages, or disadvantages to talk about... just good job and that's it... (I guess I did have one more thing to say and that was my lack of something else to say)

I think this is the first game I gave a almost completely perfect score for the only reason why it isn't perfect is because my wrists hurted after more than 6 minutes of mashing my keyboard so I would definitely recommend speeding up the amount of time it takes for everything just making it not take so long for stuff to happen or finding another way to put in everything because it hurts after a while of mashing the keyboard and also if you start losing units it start building up a lot and it starts to become harder and harder to recover from other than all that though LOVED the game I think you should continue with this idea and improve off it because it is so good in the current state would absolutely love to see a finished version of this

Nice platformer though it needs a bit of work in order to fit into the theme well and also could use some background music but still pretty good platformer overall!

Great game! music could have used some work and I feel like it can go further with its concepts but still really great game! but man that qr code I should have known...

This game is really fun though it is hard to tell where stuff is coming from especially during the boss fight because you can't tell where they will move to next and also especially with the violent screen shaking makes it really hard to tell what is happening but still pretty great game so good job just needs a bit of polish!

Very well done my antivirus removed a dll so the game broke and didn't cause anything to go wrong so the game just stayed okay but after getting that cleared up it worked perfectly this is just a nice story I wanted to tell because I have nothing else to say about the game besides its great because I didn't really find anything wrong with it

Really great game though I ran into a bug that I think happened because I picked up the fuse and left the right drawer perspective at the same time that lasted until I restarted the game that didn't let me look at any other perspective besides the default one but other than that one annoying bug really really great game!

Great concept but it is a bit rough around the edges but still a great game anyway so good job!

Really like the graphics of this game they give me some trove vibes, but during night time I encountered an issue with resting to the previous day where at night time the enemies wouldn't spawn sort of softlocking you, but other than that great job with this game!

Really well done I can't think of anything that went wrong or can be improved other than during the window bit you can click off accidentally and then it feels like you were cheated because the timer gets you

Great concept it wasn't that chaotic but still liked the game in general overall especially with the graphics

Really nice concept it was really fun to play though I think the difficulty curve should be a bit slower as out of nowhere you start to get overwhelmed pretty quickly but other than that really really good job!

Very good concept though the graphics could use a bit of an upgrade but I did notice how the ads kind of had a mind of their own after a while like they were trying to stop me I lasted for like 20 minutes (which is surprising for me as I didn't think I would spend that much time getting rid of lie thousands of ads) but overall very good game, good job!

Great concept but I do feel like it needs more to it, needs more polish (one thing that could especially use polish is that its hard to judge where the player is), and also could use some audio, other than that good job on this!

Amazing concept and really well polished, however the skull physics were a little weird even if it is meant to be like that I would prefer it if they were a little easier to get a grip on, other than that I have nothing else to say then great game and I really like the art style!

Really liked this game when playing it with my brother though the controls were a bit finicky sometimes for us (we were using a steam controller when we were playing cause we had nothing else so that could be why) but overall really great game liked it a lot!

Great concept, however I feel like it needs more too it as well I made it to week 17 on my first try sitting pretty comfortably most of the time didn't really find any bugs which is good but the audio could also use some work, but other than all that great concept and game!

Great concept though it would be nice to know more about what was going on but i like the theme of the balance of order and chaos rather than just chaos

Great concept, but overall the platforming was difficult to do at times and it wasn't entirely clear where to go at all times so sometimes you would get stuck so I think you should maybe make the goal stand out and maybe make the path more obvious as everything looks like it could potentially be a path at times so it is hard to tell where to go and it also could use some sound effects/music, other than all of that great concept! loved the graphics especially!

This is an amazing concept that is done really well done and reminded me of the virtual boy because of the red and black  and how looking at it for a long period of time can make your eyes just die so I would attempt to make the graphics a bit easier on the eyes in that regard but other than that great game!

Great concept overall! didn't experience any bugs really though it is a bit rough around the edges so I would put more time into polishing but still all in all pretty good game!

I also think you would like my game where you have to deal with a massive never ending hoard of enemies while reality seems to be fighting against you as well

Amazing game loved the concept it was executed really well! but I did experience some issues like sometimes the timer would suddenly have more time but tick down quicker which was weird and the boss died pretty quickly due to all the enemies shooting at it while I was running around it, though it felt really cool to deflect all the bullets being shot at me back even though I had no clue where they were coming from so great job on the game just needs a little polish!

A bit difficult at times but it was pretty fun, though shootings sound get a bit stale after a while and the game I did feel like the game was never going to end because there wasn't an end in sight, but overall really good jam game!

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Yeah I would upload a browser build of the game but since we didn't have time before the submission period ended we didn't and since we can't add any new uploads until the jam is over I can't add a browser build especially since audio entirely breaks on the browser build. But I'm really glad you liked it!

Great game the art and the music, but the controls were definitely weird to figure out maybe in the description you should say how to play the game as there is not really any feedback when you press a button so it makes it hard to figure out if you are pressing the right button or not, but other than that great job on the game!

Thanks the game is meant to feel sort of like doom so we are glad that we were able to make it fast paced enough!