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Interesting mechanic! And I love this kind of art style. Good job. : D

It's a simple yet meaningful game, I enjoy a lot, great job! : )

Interesting puzzle game! The game I made this time is puzzle game as well, hope you enjoy it. : D

Wow, this is one of the most interesting approach to fit the theme I've seen in the jam! Great job. : D

I like your art style! Great job. : )

This game is interesting! I like this kind of art style. : )

Your approach to fit the theme is cool, nice try!

I enjoy this game a lot. : )

Hey, we are bubble tea brothers! lol

Great gameplay mechanic and art style! 加油 : )

謝謝你!我們會繼續努力的! : D

Why you don't try build a WebGL version? (Or you cant do that?)

Just kidding, you did a excellent job, haha! Keep going Dani. : D

Interesting story!!! Those characters are so cute, haha! Great job! : D

Thank you so much!

The turnips are toooooo cuteeeeee!!!!! Nine story & art! 

Love the old style! Nice idea of rewind in this game!

It's really a great game!

The level design is interesting and challenging, need to calculate the battery needed to complete certain jump without charging too much.

Sound design is great! And the gameplay reminds me of many challenging bullet-hell action game. :D

Interesting game! Need to be very careful to prevent from being killed accidentally, haha!

The art style looks great! But I think it'll be much better if the time limit for each level be more forgiving. : D

Great job! An interesting mechanic made of switching between Touching/Dodging the bomb, the whole game feels really great. : D 

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Thank you! Our team members really put a lot of effort in sound design, haha!

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Thank you, your game is great, too!  : ) 


Thanks, we'll try to do more in the future. :D

Thank you for your kind words!!!

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I wish I could build more stages as well but we eventually decided to work on tutorials and the whole atmosphere, haha!

Thank you! : )

Wow, thanks for your kind words! We put a lot of effort into creating the feel of using magic power, I'm really glad to hear you like that. : D

Thank you so such!!

Novel concept, hope i could place more than one pinpoints to pull off some cool yoyo tricks

I'm glad that more people are making games these days!

I died a lot of times lol, I think if you can highlight the objects that you can grab, I'll be more able to kick those reddie's ass

glad to see more people interested in GameDev!

I like the idea of forming a bridge with the tape. Hope to see more turns in the use of this mechanism

I love this art style! And the character controller is highly responsive, lots of the design know-how for platformer genre are built in this game. : D

Cool game! The effects are quite beautiful. especially the blast in the well.

However, I often fall from the platforms, it is quite hard to tell the height and the distance of the platforms, maybe you could make the platforms tower stretching out from the floor or make the lights perpendicular to the ground.

Does that mean I manged to pull those trick off without noticing XD? Cool!

Cool! I'd say for your first platformer, most things are well done, from the moving platforms, breakable ones and enemies etc are all quite complete.

Very cool concept! You first parkour through enemies and then rewind back to slash them, reminds me of animes where samurais slash and sheath there sword, only after then enemies are cut in half

It's a really CUTE GAME!!! Love the idea to use the theme "rewind"! Well done! Also love the music~

I think the recoil jump is pretty fun to play with.  We need more checkpoints to have the freedom to jet ourselves everywhere!!

Just a nitpick here is that the reloading could be done automatically, since you already have the nice audio sound to indicate it.