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Thanks for playing, officecyborg. I’m glad the game felt unsettling to you (in a good way!).

And it’s validating for me to hear that the neighbour’s anecdote was memorable in what I hope is also a good way. At the time of writing the game I was struggling to figure out how I’d put to words what I saw in the dream.

Thank you, Petricake! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed playing it.

Thank you, Beny, these turned out great! Love the GBC aesthetic.

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Thank you! I tried this and didn’t know that I had to

spoilerspress the empty tablet at the end.

Hi, is there a walkthrough for this game? It’s pretty neat so far but I’m having trouble with the first 2 puzzles.

Wow, this game’s style and aesthetics are hands down my favorite parts. I absolutely loved the ambience they created in this game, like the UI: Wrapping the main game inside a computer screen while having a voice-over give us the other parts of the story while we play is great.

I rarely see Bitsy-style games with this level of polish. Kudos on a fantastic job!

Thank you for the kind words!

Loved playing this- I couldn’t have predicted either ending 😂

Loved playing this- I couldn’t have predicted either ending 😂

Thank you!

Thank you! I’ve fixed the issue and noted it here.

This should be fixed now: I set it up so that if you click “Return”, you’ll be taken back to the beginning of the poem before the music starts. Thanks again for the heads up! 👍

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll cook up a fix for this soon.

Really great game! It took a little getting used to and the amount of things to keep track of felt a little overwhelming at first, but soon I found myself getting into the groove and finding my teammates.

Hello, I noticed that there’s no sound when playing Bitsy games in the app.

For example, I tried playing 3 separate games (Con Rồng Cháu Tiên, Castle of the Water Monks, and ✨💻ENDLESS SCROLL💌✨) and all 3 of them have sound play in Chrome.

I checked my volume settings and everything seems alright. Is this most likely a problem with Bitsy?

The Infinite Mall

Hey all, just released my first TTRPG to itch! 

The Infinite Mall is a make your own card game where you create and explore the stores of an endlessly growing mall on index cards. Keep track of your Savings and Distraction points while encountering the stores you made to escape.

This game is meant to be played alone and for you to share your Mall Decks with friends. The game's solo play aspect was inspired by how difficult it is to get everyone to meet up for D&D (cries). Feel free to share your Decks in this thread or on the game page!

Feel free to leave feedback on or on my twitter. Thanks for reading, and have fun!

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Fantastic tool with a design that has you focus on the bare essentials for whatever you need to accomplish.

Some suggestions I wish this tool could have:

  • Be able to change labels (like "Priority" or "Submitted"). I have use for some of these but not all of these.
  • Fixing a weird bug where if you copy and paste in, your text gets pasted twice for some reason.
  • Embed URL's into the text. Sometimes I need more context for whatever i wrote down.

Thanks for making a great desktop app for organizing my tasks!

tl;dr- Yes. Buy it. It's worth it!

Some of you may already know Daniel for his terrific work on Asians Represent! and other games. You should also know him for what I hope to be a continuing series of rich English-language compendiums for Chinese mythological and folklore creatures.

My favorite parts about this zine are:

  • Its accessibility. This is a friendly resource for getting started with Chinese mythology and folklore that I'd recommend to anyone who's interested.
  • Concise and precise information. The author's skill with including a satisfactory amount of information within a few paragraphs kept this document to the point. This still amazes me especially when he briefly references specific pieces of info from the source material.
  • The excellent layout design and vertical rhythm of the text. This document felt comfortable to read. I personally have weak eyes but the legible spacing made reading this document pleasure rather than work.
  • The convenient letter-sized paper proportions, gorgeous illustrations by Dot Valledor, and the minimalist aesthetic. The visual aspect of this zine is a welcome treat amidst a sea of documents that like to slam a bucket of paint in your eyes (I'm guilty of this too lol).

Kudos to Daniel Kwan for creating a great zine and educational resource. I can't wait for volume 2!

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EDIT: please consider supporting the creator!

hakawati is a great narrative game that everyone should play, or at least read. It's also a resource I wish I had when I ran my very first TTRPG session.

hakawati is also...

  • a fantastic guide for structuring and maintaining the flow of conversation during game sessions.
  • a well-designed game and educational resource on a form of traditional Arab storytelling. (Please watch the linked video under Resources, it beautifully demonstrates the narrative principles in this game.)
  • a rules-lite and accessible introduction for newcomers to TTRPG's. This is now one of the first games I'll probably think of if I want to show what role-playing is about.
  • a well-crafted document that takes into account accessibility concerns regarding font size, layout, and readability. I'd describe the content as "concise and precise" with how it doesn't waste your time and instead enriches it.

Overall I congratulate Jenna Yow for making a gem of a game. I look forward to their next TTRPG.

if this isn't on a top 10 list in the near future I will scream

Thank you!

Yes I initially imagined this as a quick way to make a backstory for a character (I was always annoyed that a character's backstory in D&D 5e was left as an empty block on the character sheet). So the applications you mentioned sound like great fits.

Thinking about it, I can also see this being handy if you're reading an informational book on Korean folk customs and want to make your own characters based on what you're reading.