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tl;dr- Yes. Buy it. It's worth it!

Some of you may already know Daniel for his terrific work on Asians Represent! and other games. You should also know him for what I hope to be a continuing series of rich English-language compendiums for Chinese mythological and folklore creatures.

My favorite parts about this zine are:

  • Its accessibility. This is a friendly resource for getting started with Chinese mythology and folklore that I'd recommend to anyone who's interested.
  • Concise and precise information. The author's skill with including a satisfactory amount of information within a few paragraphs kept this document to the point. This still amazes me especially when he briefly references specific pieces of info from the source material.
  • The excellent layout design and vertical rhythm of the text. This document felt comfortable to read. I personally have weak eyes but the legible spacing made reading this document pleasure rather than work.
  • The convenient letter-sized paper proportions, gorgeous illustrations by Dot Valledor, and the minimalist aesthetic. The visual aspect of this zine is a welcome treat amidst a sea of documents that like to slam a bucket of paint in your eyes (I'm guilty of this too lol).

Kudos to Daniel Kwan for creating a great zine and educational resource. I can't wait for volume 2!


Thank you so much!!!!! That's so kind of you!!