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EDIT: please consider supporting the creator!

hakawati is a great narrative game that everyone should play, or at least read. It's also a resource I wish I had when I ran my very first TTRPG session.

hakawati is also...

  • a fantastic guide for structuring and maintaining the flow of conversation during game sessions.
  • a well-designed game and educational resource on a form of traditional Arab storytelling. (Please watch the linked video under Resources, it beautifully demonstrates the narrative principles in this game.)
  • a rules-lite and accessible introduction for newcomers to TTRPG's. This is now one of the first games I'll probably think of if I want to show what role-playing is about.
  • a well-crafted document that takes into account accessibility concerns regarding font size, layout, and readability. I'd describe the content as "concise and precise" with how it doesn't waste your time and instead enriches it.

Overall I congratulate Jenna Yow for making a gem of a game. I look forward to their next TTRPG.

if this isn't on a top 10 list in the near future I will scream