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Interesting use of the theme! Great job!

Hi! Here is mine

Amazing game! The graphics are insane, the audio is very good as well.

Really enjoyed playing it, very smooth animations and controls.

Great job!

Hi! Here is mine

Great graphics and atmosphere. The mouse sensitivity was a bit too high IMO but besides that great game!

This idea has a lot of potential if you can add goals (like puzzles, levels) in the future. Great job!

Great graphics and sound! The character bounced too much IMO, but it´s a fun game!

Very fun game and amazing idea! Everything was the way I expected, from the art to the way the different apps behaved. 

Great great job!

Great art and story!  Very interesting interpretation of the theme.

Just a small feedback comment the gameplay side, I tried to move in every direction but I wasn´t quite sure what the goal was.

Great game. I loved the mechanics like riding the dolphin and the art.

Having the story as a reward was exactly what I tried to do! I´m glad it worked.

Thank you for playing!

Really liked the atmosphere of the game. The game has a lot of content. Very good job!

The art of this game is amazing! Great job!

Nice simple game idea. It took me a bit to understand what was happening and what to do. But it´s a cool game!

Great idea and interesting mechanics. I had a bit of trouble understanding what to do at first, but it´s a great game.

Amazing art style, very fun game!

This is amazing, and it even has multiplayer. Great job!

Great idea! Very fun to play

Super fun and addictive game! 

Liked the visuals and the fast-paced controls. Great job!

Very fun game with a lot of content! I think that it was a bit hard to aim sometimes but it´s an amazing game anyways

I liked the double control mechanic, it´s a great idea! The hitboxes are too big IMO and it´s hard to dodge some enemies, but other than that I really liked it!

Great atmosphere. I didn´t know how to use the controls at first but when I realized how they work, it was really fun

Really good atmosphere and sound design. Good game

Great game, really fun to play. I would add a way to adjust mouse sensitivity

Hello! Here is mine

Really liked the art. I was a bit lost with the controls at first

Great art style and mechanics! Very fun to play

Graphics are amazing. Great concept. I had a bit of trouble fighthing with the warrior, but with the archer was much easier.

Great idea! Very nice simple game

Great game!

Great art!

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Thanks for playing! Yeah, it was on purpose but it punishes the player more than it should. I will try to fix that in the future.

I was a bit lost at first but it is quite fun after that

I really liked the visual art and music. Fun to play

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Thanks for playing! Yeah, you are right, I tried to make it hard on purpose but it gets very punishing in some cases. I will try to fix that in the future.

Nice puzzle game! Great interpretation of the theme.

It was a bit hard for me to pull/push the boxes but besides that is great.