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Hey, Pope!

Loved the game! The throwing mechanic with its cool down time it's really well polished! It's simple, well made, fun to play and it fits so well into the jam's theme.

I only think the music could be more groovy/quirky for this game, I feel some Katamari's vibe in it though :). Really like the character's style also.

Overall, a really good game!

Cheers and best of luck in the jam!

Thank you for playing the game and  commenting on the page!

I really liked your game :)

Cheers and good luck on the jam!

Hey, Pope!

Thank you for playing the game and commenting on the page :)

Yeah, I got some complaints about the font, I chose it poorly, in the post-jam release we're looking to change it to a more smooth one.

And thank you for the compliment! Yeah, it is a metaphor for how to meditate, so happy you got it! In 2020 I got back with the practice - I guess the year 2020 is self explanatory of why -, and I really struggled with at the start.

Gonna check you game also (loved your avatar ;) )


Hey there!

Very well execution of the theme! I could really feel getting faster as I was spending coins .

I only felt the start area a bit too long, but I get that's the idea :)

Overall, really nice game! 

Cheers and best of luck in the jam!

Hey, bembrooks!

Loved the adventure under the sea! The player's animation and how it controlled so smoothly underwater were great! I really dig the artstyle.

Overall, a really satisfying experience :)

Cheers and best of luck in the jam!

Hey, AnMoose!

Thanks for stopping by to play our game and giving some feedback :)

Yeah, we're thinking about adding some higher spawn points to make the player feel the need to jump. In the first protoype, it was more chaotic, with the thoughts bumping into each other and going bunkers. We were trying to find some balance, but opted to follow Noa's advice on the "29 game jam tips" video to tone down the difficulty. But we're looking to make it more challenging post jam ;)


Thank you so much, rethuna! For playing the game and commenting :)

It means lot when you say about the animation, I found yours to be so smooth when playing your game.

Cheers and good luck on the jam!

Hey, bembrooks!

Thank you for playing the game and commenting on the page!

Glad you like it, I'll check your game also.


Hey, man!

I liked the game! It took me long to understand how it fits into the theme of the jam, but I think I got it when I talked to the brother. 

The story is really weird, but in a good way! I got the feels is like a mob family coming together for their mom's birthday.

If the dialogue could change to the player input, that would be great :).

Cheers and good luck on the jam!

Thank you for playing the game and commenting on the page! Glad you like it :)

I gonna check your game later, as soon as i get off from work.

I really loved the game! Spent so much time playing it yesterday. Haven't finished yet, but it is so much fun and challenging!

I'm fascinated by it. 

There's some grind in the start, but I think it has its pros, beacuse you're learning how to play it.

If you could check my game too, that would be awesome :)

Cheers and best of luck in the jam!

Man, nice game! Really well made and polished!

The music got me the right amount of anxious with the countdown timer.

I had some difficulty distinguishing smaller objects (specially the bandages, for some reason I thought it was the medkit), but after a few plays it was no big deal.

I love the aesthetic and the music also!

If you could check my game, that would be awesome.

Cheers, and good luck with the jam!

Hey, tooch!

Thanks for stopping by, playing the game and giving some feedback!

I agree with you, had a lot of feedback saying the exact same thing about adding complexity/challenge to it, along with some ideas on how to.

Glad you had fun playing it :)


I really enjoyed your game! Had a good laugh playing it, the ending got me chuckling XD.

If you could check my game also, that would be nice ;)

Cheers and best of luck in the jam!


Nice game! I really connected with you are trying to say.  Loved the artstyle, the character animation and the breath in/out mechanic. I guess a tutorial in the first stage with the buttons to press would be nice - but I saw your comment about time to make one, it's all good -, also some ambient music.

It's a really solid game and had me thinking for a while.

Best of luck in the jam :D


Thank you for playing the game and the feedback!

Yeah,  I got this feedback from another from another person, I guess it would make the game more challenging, waiting for the thougths becoming red (dangerous) before punching them, so the player must punch carefully. 

I'll look into it and try to implement in the post-jam version ;)


Thank you for commeting and the feedback, Iffi!

Glad you like the aesthetic, I really put some effort into it. The curved surface is functioning smoothly is all thanks to muichi ;).

And I get what you mean: I played more this weekend after receiving feedbacks. On the first prototype, it was too chaotic and difficult, we tried to make it so it was not that hard to complete, but it sure does need some balance, specially making the player feel the need to jump - on the prototype the thoughts would clash into eachother, making them fly near the ceiling, and that was why the jump was implemented in the first place.

Glad you enjoyed! I'll check your game also.


Hey, Slimburger!

I got free time in this afternoon and made a music inspired by playing your game. Is there an e-mail that I could send to you to check it out?


Hey, man!

Nice game! Simple and effective, just wish it had a cheeful chiptune to go by :)

The mechanics and style are solid, i love birdo's simple design.

If you chould also check my game, that would be awesome :)

Cheers and good luck on the jam!

Love the game! Came for the visuals, and got addicted with the gameplay! I really loved the plow truck animations.

The music really got me anxious XD.

It's really polished and well made. Best of luck in the jam!

Also, if you could check my entry, that would be super great :)


Great game! I dig the idea of having less life and doin more damage! I saw "rogue" on the submission page and had to come and check it out :)

I think a "electric" music would make this game even better :)

Good luck on the jam! If you could also check my game, that would be great :)


Hey, slimburger!

So glad you came to check it out!

The artstyle was something I really put effort in it, specially the brain's arm being "detached" for the rest of the game art! I was aiming at a WarioWare style of minigame, an you are right! I checked some SF clips to see punches animations before animating it :).

Thank you for stoping by and checking the game!

What a unique game you made! Had a blast playing it, the level design is top notch.

Loved the music also, got me some cave vibes. And the slime design 👌

Makes me want to make a 3d game for a future game jam :D

If you could check my entry for the jam, that would be awesome.

Cheers and best of luck!

Oh, that's a relief! I had a mini-heart attack lol.

Hope you enjoy the game! Will check yours also ;)

Hey, StivArts!

Thank you for playing the game and commenting on the page :D

And I agree with your criticism: on our original plan, the face would change everytime you got "hit" by a distraction; but I wasn't able to include that on the deadline (we were focused - no pun inteded - on tweaking the game mechanic first).

And yes, i made the music from scratch :) It really helped me to get it done quickly for the jam.

Damn, Slimburger! I LOVED the game aesthetic, saw the image on the submission page and had to check it out! It's really well made and polished. Saw your comments about the bugs, but don't worry about it, you killed it with this entry on the jam!

Gonna follow you and see what you come up with next ;)

If you could check my game, that would be awesome!


Really fun to play! I think this is the game that It mostly connects to the theme gameplaywise I played on the jam!

The graphics reminded of Worms for some reason. It's really polished, and the music is dope! Definitely going to come back and see if some more levels are added post jam.

If you could check my game too ;)

Cheers and good luck on the jam!

Man, I loved the game idea and design execution! It is really well made! One of my favorites in the jam :). Played a ton.

If you could check my game out, that would be nice ;)


That's a really polished 3d game for a jam! It's really charming game, the kraken got me off guard first, but then i got used to it >D. The effort you put in details on the HUD, title screen, game over and stuff relly makes me wanna do more in the next jam I join in.

If you could check my game, it would be awesome!


I loved the game! Really fun ggameplay. The fireballs were a bit though, wasn't expecting that. 

I had some good laughs with the dialogue :D.

If you could check my game also, that would be nice ;)

Cheers and good luck on the jam!

Wow, man! Thanks for the compliment! I was really aiming at a wario ware vibes with my first game! Really happy you got that from playing it ;).


Amazing game! Really well polished. I had a blast playing it ;)

If you can, check my game also ;)

Best of luck!

Really loved the idea and execution!

It's short, simple, and well polished.

Check my entry also ;)

Best of luck!

Hey, man!

Unique game idea! I really dig the "less vision = more sanity" mechanic. I'm a big fan of Eternal Darkness, so the game got right in the start.

I found it a bit difficult to finish it, mostly beacause of the balance between the player's movement and the platforms's patterns.

Overall, i really enjoyed the game! Best of luck in this jam ;)

Hi, glas!

Thank you for the time to check the game and the feedback. The visual indication that the toughts are about to explode could be more direct, i agree, maybe i'll change it after the jam. I'm really happy to know you liked the animations and sounds <3.

The first prototype of the game it was more fast-paced than the realeased built, but i thought it was too chaotic and hard for a jam submission (I was worried that people wouldn't be able to complete it). But I'll sure check the game after the jam to see if I can tweak and find a balance between casual and fast paced.

I'll check your entry also.


Thank you! <3

I'll sure check your game :D

Hey Teddy!

I'm sorry for that. Could you send me a print to see what's happening? You press the "a", "d", "space" and "w" keys and nothing happens

I really enjoyed the game! The brother's visuals reminded me of Sludge Life. I played three times and had a blast ;)