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Great idea and sweet visuals!

I adore the setting and that you included animals to your concept as well!

I LOVE the gameplay, I would enjoy such a game, please develop it further!

Looking forward to see this game reach its final stage, I would definitely play it!

Lovely idea and the voice over was fun!

Impressive what you've created in such a short time!!!

Hey wolfmakesgames, you're welcome, it's fun to play it, the dialogues are great and the characters are an interesting bunch. :) And you totally put your DnD campaign to a good use with that!
Regarding no. 2 - I'm not sure why, it just felt weird to hear it loop again - I didn't notice anything like that during chapter 1, so it caught me a bit off guard in chapter 2.
3. Yes, I played the browser version this time!
4. Ahh, I remember that muffin-conversation, but I was never aware that I traded the ingot for some coin... Ok, maybe I should play it again. I guess I was just confused, because I didn't saw the muffin in the inventory - I thought I missed a quest.
5. I totally got that. I just felt, that you didn't need it, it's lighthearted nonetheless :) Thank you for taking the suggestion into consideration!
6. <3 <3 That's all I can say, haha, I love the Witcher III as well!

Wish you a great day as well - keep the chapters coming! :D

You're welcome! Your plans for the "Developer Insights" sound great, I'll check out your Discord server as well. :) And yes, of course I saw your latest teaser pic - looks great! Maybe you could add a crew as well? Or it could be a goal, to persuade some crew mates from each town to join the air ship crew...
What I forgot to ask/ say: The burnt forest - the "burning tree" in the middle, that was a reference to Aku from Samurai Jack, right? If yes ---- I loved that SO much!!! :')

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Hey @wolfmakesgames, since this seems to be the "official" feedback page, this time I'll answer here. :) I played your game and chapter 2 (wooop, congrats, it looks great and was fun!) again and I really liked, that you implemented the "close dialogue" option and that the save-status is now more visible! It reeeally improved the gameplay for me personally.

Here are my latest observations so far:
- after I completed chapter 1, I was directed back to the start-screen - it would probably be nicer/ more immersive, if the player could start the chapter 2 right away  (but I still liked, that I could choose between the chapters later on, just not right in this moment, if that makes any sense)
- the music in chapter 2 (which is well chosen by the way) seems to loop, but at some point one can hear quite clear when the loop starts again - it was a bit abrupt and I wasn't sure, whether this was intended or not
- the dialogue sometimes overlaps (see screenshot) and seems to lag a bit (for example, when I was talking to the blacksmith and went outside and tried talking to the peddler, the dialogue was at first still the same dialogue I had with the blacksmith)
- I have no clue how I got the cake in the end - I just had it - was there a transaction or some coins I won, that I didn't see in my inventory/ missed? I thought I had to figure out how to get the gold, but when I went to the guard, I not only had the blade, but also the cake (which wasn't in my inventory, either): What did I miss? :D

Other than that:
- I really liked, that you included the "boyfriend-option" during the "cozy house-thoughts", but I think you don't need to add more after that, even though it's for joke-purposes - for me it felt somewhat like an important, inclusive line, that could make a lot of people feel welcome and safe in this game, so I'd probably leave it at that and wouldn't add the other "fun-"options, but that's just a thought.
- The way you made fun of pretzels and elven copyright infringement.... lol, that was hilarious! But my personal favourite has to be the Witcher-reference!!! (It was a reference, right? Now it's stuck in my head... thanks! -.-* XD)

It was nice playing the game and seeing more of your world! Keep it up, it's wonderful. :)

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I just played your neat little game - the music and sound effects are wonderful and the graphics are super lovely - I really enjoyed flying around that map and I also thought, that the trading rules are not that difficult to understand. I just didn't realize, that I still needed the shark balloon to complete the blimp-collection (I thought the default-one was from that shark-town - but I figured it out in the end, haha.) I hope you develop this game further: Maybe you could add more collectibles, more stories (the animations and characters are so cute as well) and also some small puzzles? 

Sorry,it's a lot to ask, but it was just a nice and relaxing game, I'd like to spend more time in this world. I'd also be interested in behind the scenes/ making of material (how the world was developed, what's the story behind each island/ continent/ town, character design...). :3 But these are just ideas. I'm looking forward to see/ play more from you! :D
P.S.: I had no bugs or difficulties during the gameplay at all (I played on a PC with Windows 10).

Hey, you're welcome! :) It was fun to play your game, a nice opportunity for me to test and try out a new pixelated world. Besides, it's always way easier to write a critique or give some feedback, than creating something from scratch and so far you did an awesome job - so, thank you!
And yes, the reading part is crucial, the font really should "please" the eyes - so sweet that your in-laws read everything as well, that's really supportive. :)
Regarding the map-question: If coming back to a certain place is not encouraged on the gameplay part and if it's ensured that you can't miss important objects/ dialogues in the different parts of the world, I don't think a map is necessary. But I still think it would be nice to have one... :D The fast-travel sounds cool as well - I really like to revisit places and if the storyline makes it clear that you have to re-battle some characters in order to finish the game, it will be useful. That really is a tough question.. but maybe you don't have to decide that, yet.
Looking forward to all the new stuff you guys are implementing in the game.
Have a great day, stay safe!

You're welcome, it was a pleasure! I really like trying out point and click adventures, so it was a very nice opportunity! And it's always way easier to give feedback and critique, than to create something - and you're doing great!
Thank you for the input, I'll check AdamCYounis out as well as Aseprite, I wanted to try out pixel art for quite some time now. :) And yes, your style may not be suuuper detailed, but that's exactly what I like about it. The characters are fun nonetheless and the closeup shows the faces more, I think that's totally sufficient! And yes, animation can be quite tough, time consuming, frustrating and exhausting (I know what I'm talking about, I'm an animator, lol).
No, no, you're not a doofus, this would've totally happened to me as well. :D
I'm looking forward to try out the new version - I saw you already made art for the next chapter. Exciting!
Have a great day as well and stay safe during these times!

Hey Appa's Papas! (The name of your dog is already awesome and it looks cute as well! :3) I just played your demo. Here are some of my thoughts, I hope you'll find them helpful (and please note that English is not my first language.)

+ I really liked the overall look and atmosphere of the game, the cards are well designed and the story behind each  symbol was well fleshed out (I really like to read everything and I could already tell, that you really put a lot of love, lore and effort into this game)
+ The text however, was a bit hard for me to read (I really love the pixelated look, but I think that there are other similar fonts, that are a tad easier to read - especially which so much text involved). Maybe it could be less bold-y?
+ I liked most of the musical themes, the one during the duels was a bit irritating after a while for me, so I turned it off. (It could be nice, if every other witch/wizard has a different theme, maybe based on the element they're playing? But maybe you already implemented something like that, depending on the region...)
+ I totally agree with @wolfmakesgames, that the tutorial is overwhelming. I didn't quite understand what I was doing and it was all a bit too much in the beginning. (I still haven't figured the duel-system out fully, yet, but I'm also not too familiar with tarot card-games)
Is it possible to create a "handbook" inside the player's menu? In which everything (rules, tips, tricks) can be reread again?
+ I really enjoyed the dialogues, especially the  "your people are so unique and inspring. no money, freedom of gender and sexuality, universal healthcare and education..."-bit! The world feels welcoming and safe.
+ Is it possible to leave the POWER-section immediately? I had to try out the spells, even though I clicked on the POWER-button by mistake. I'd love to leave this part of the menu without playing through water/ air... magic-sequence.
+ I noticed one SMOL spelling error by the first river (obstacle) I passed, after I left the nice tourist-lady: Instead of "concentrate" it said "concetrate" (Sorry, if that's too nitpicky)
+ Will there be a map? Or is there already one and I haven't found it yet? I think it could be helpful to have one, to revisit all the lovely places.
+ And last but not least: I too had to close the game because I was stuck after the offering of a duel, the dialogue-box remains empty, the duel does not start and I cannot leave. It happened inside the library, while I was talking to the guy who "guards" the Master's room. I'm playing on Windows.

That's it for now. Thank you guys for making the game and letting people try it out, it was a pleasure and I'm looking forward to play it again in a later stage. Keep up the great work!!


Hey @wolfmakesgames! I finally got the time to start playing your demo! First of all: I think you did an awesome job implementing more "erratic" movement to the leaves, the title animation does look more natural now, but I feel, that you could still tweak it a little more. Be bold! :D
Now, as for the gameplay, here are my observations/ notes (and just so you know: these are just some pointers, I really hope this will be helpful. And since I'm not native to the English language, please excuse my choice of words. :) ):

+ I really like the music, the humour, the overall atmosphere of the game
+ the style and tone feel consistent, organic and charming
(as @DonPuno pointed out, it really has these old Point-and-Click-Adventure-vibes, please check out "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" or "Monkey Island", you will enjoy it, regardless of your age ;) )
+ I was a bit confused in the beginning, that I couldn't see my character (but I still think that your POV-choice was smart, so you don't have to animate the character running from room to room, good choice)
+ Is there a way to tone down the music while playing  (I've seen it on the starting page, but it would feel nice to have that option in-game as well)?
+ When returning to the game, it could be nice to not press "START" again, but to see a "CONTINUE" button - this way it the players know, that their progress is saved. (Or an ingame-save-button/ menu?)
+ As the previous speaker already pointed out, it would be really nice to cancel the dialogue (especially if you are a player like me, I click on everything and after some time it gets frustrating, if you can't advance, but have to read all the information again and again - good thing I do know now that they use expensive oil for ALL the lanterns in the tavern ;) :D )
+ Is it possible to highlight the dialogue options, that were already selected and asked before? I think this could be helpful, once more chapters are released.

Well this is it for now, but I'll definitely play the next version again. Keep it up, it's already such a nice game and it feels like a lot of love and thought has already been put into it! May I ask which software you use for creating the art and animation for your game? Keep it up, I'm cheering for you!

P.S.: The Surprise-Button... LOL! XD

That sounds great! I'm so excited to play the next version of this game! :)

Hi! I just played your game for a bit, I didn't get far, though. I really like the little protagonist, it's cute and fun, the music is fitting as well. I was a bit confused with the controls - the wings didn't open when I hit Z, I tried combining it with the jump control, but again, it didn't really work, so I was stuck quite early on.
Regarding the overall look: I wouldn't mind to have some more graphic elements (maybe there already are more of them, but I didn't see them yet), the straight blue sea seems a bit too "flat" for me (maybe some wavey "outline" could do the trick) and I think it would be more relaxing to the eyes, if not every part of the landscape was "textured"/"patterned". I hope this helps, I'm looking forward to play it again. :) Keep up the great work!

Sounds great! Maybe you don't have to code, you could ask someone else? Or you start with an engine, that can be easily used by beginners? Or you make a zine/ comic/ visual novel... you could try out different mediums for your story. I'm sure you'll find something to bring your characters to life!

You're welcome! I see... the seam was a bit misleading. Looking forward to the new version, I like the character so far, I'm interested what will happen to him/her/them. Will the character be part of a game/ visual novel? :)

You're welcome, I'm glad it helped a bit. Neat, I'll definitely check the demo out! :)

This looks really beautiful and relaxing. The color palette is well chosen and the screenshots on the game page look lovely as well! I'm pretty sure, that this game will be fun. One tiny suggestion, though: Right now the leaves are moving very linear at the same speed - if you'd make the movement a bit more "wavy" and maybe try to alter the (rotation) speed of some single leaves, it would add an even more natural feel, I think. Anyways, good job, I'm looking forward to play the game!

Well, first of all the overall character design certainly is pretty neat! Unfortunately though the character does not really look broody or gloomy to me - because the glasses and the smile makes him/her/them look really laid-back, observant, abstracted maybe. I'd suggest that you take away a bit of the smile (line on the beak), right under one of the goggles and maybe tilt the head a bit more forward. I think, this will help you achieve more gloominess! :)

Ok, first off: Don't belittle your own artwork. It's not cute, nor does it help you grow. We all have to start somewhere and both shown pics are totally fine! For me it's a matter of preference: Which look would you rather like to achieve? The first one is more "clean", but also a little bit more "lifeless" than the second one. The second one offers more texture and a picture book-feel, whereas the first one has more of a "flashy/ polished"-feel. If you chose to work on the second one, I would suggest to decrease the size of the lines on the window, the tentacle-thing and its color seems is a bit too massive, in my opinion. Other than that: I like the vibrant colors in both versions! I'm curious which one you'll use in the end and what kind of story you will tell with it. :)

True. Bob's always a good name. ;) :D

I'd say it looks like the cover of a gothic/ horror visual novel or some sort of point-and-click-story? The title could be an allusion to the tea scene in "Alice in Wonderland" mixed with the "butterfly effect" - nothing in the story will stay the same, the players/ viewers can change the course of the story with their respective decisions.  
Hope that helps. Now I'm really curious what it's all about! :D

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You're welcome! I look forward to the new patches and the update, it's fun to see the game grow. Keep up the amazing work!

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Hey! I bought the Alpha Version because I really love your games and enjoyed every single one of them so far. I also always wanted to playtest games, so thank you for the neat opportunity. :)
I'll try to summarize my experience so far (just started playing it and arrived at the village with the Buckeye Inn ) as best as I can and I really hope this will be helpful for you (and that my findings and descriptions are not too "inaccurate" or "complicated" as well). Also, I'm not native to the English language, so excuse my choice of words. ;)

Ok now, first things first: I really like the relaxing music (it's not too dominant or redundant), the choice of the sound effects and the overall tone of the game. It is friendly, with the right amount of subtle humour and the protagonist feels likeable from the start. Now I don't really know where this journey will take me in the end, whether there will be a "bigger" story arc or whether all these little stories will intertwine and form a sort of "personal adventure"-plot.  Either way, I'm curious to see what you'll come up with. Although I'd like the idea of a bigger arc in general - some kind of final goal, that could help to motivate to explore even more regions, meeting more characters... (Maybe it is already in the game and I just haven't found it yet, if so, just ignore what I wrote).

As for the reports, this is what I noticed so far:
- the "walking sound" doesn't necessarily stop, when Iselda stops moving or reaches the edge/ end of the road
- Navigating was a bit juddery and tricky - sometimes Iselda didn't "use" the doors, instead walked through the walls; at one point I was stuck in the monastery (amulett-room) and I nearly couldn't navigate Iselda out of the room, I had to quit the game
- the selection of the npcs or objects didn't always work (e.g. there is this one guy, right beneath a rock formation under the Buckeye Inn, whom I couldn't select or talk to, unfortunately I don't know his name)
- Some characters and objects don't glow when Iselda goes near them or when they are selected, e.g. the chest in the monastery  (maybe  that one was intentional, I'm not sure) or the characters that stay inside of the village houses, namely Gisela, Norman, Guido
- When I left-clicked to interact with some npcs and their text/quest popped up, their (quest) text was automatically scrolled down to the end (nothing serious, but it just happened with every person I interacted with)
- after I restarted the game, I could pick up the rusty axe a second time (not sure if the respawning is intended)
- I tried selling the spare axe, but I didn't get any silver coins - which leads me to the question: which items can be sold? Does it depend on the merchant? Or the "class" of the merch/ loot itself? I just saw that the empty bucket (I somehow ended up having three in my inventory, I don't know why) can be sold, but the amulett or the freshly chopped wood and the boots, etc. could not?
- I died in the cave (I was just equipped with an axe, haha - still, could be neat, if Iselda knows some moves even without a weapon at hand), but when I entered the cave again (this time with a wooden sword) the rats where nowhere to be found, the cave was completely empty. Did I miss something? The quest (Rudolph) is still not completed)

Other thougts/ questions:
- Will there be a way to fast travel at some point?
- Is there map of all the locations, where (all) possible (side) quests are listed?

That should be all for now. I hope this is in some way helpful. So far it was a sweet experience, I will definitely play more!
Cheers and thank you for making wonderful games!!

This is wonderful - the atmosphere and the sprites are really nice.

Such a treat - a really cute little game, thank you! Will there be more games like that?

That game was so much fun, I really enjoyed it (the story was entertaining, creepy and touching and the animations were really neat)! Looking forward to your new games. 

Voll süße Idee! Der kleine Blobbi ist niedlich und der Walk auch. 

The artwork is really beautiful and the atmosphere is eerie, I played it several times. Can't wait to play more of your wonderful games!