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Feedback and suggestions Sticky

A topic by Octavi Navarro created Feb 26, 2021 Views: 245 Replies: 3
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Did you buy the Early Alpha? Welcome to the team! Tell us about your experience with the game!

Any constructive feedback, bug reports and suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hey! I bought the Alpha Version because I really love your games and enjoyed every single one of them so far. I also always wanted to playtest games, so thank you for the neat opportunity. :)
I'll try to summarize my experience so far (just started playing it and arrived at the village with the Buckeye Inn ) as best as I can and I really hope this will be helpful for you (and that my findings and descriptions are not too "inaccurate" or "complicated" as well). Also, I'm not native to the English language, so excuse my choice of words. ;)

Ok now, first things first: I really like the relaxing music (it's not too dominant or redundant), the choice of the sound effects and the overall tone of the game. It is friendly, with the right amount of subtle humour and the protagonist feels likeable from the start. Now I don't really know where this journey will take me in the end, whether there will be a "bigger" story arc or whether all these little stories will intertwine and form a sort of "personal adventure"-plot.  Either way, I'm curious to see what you'll come up with. Although I'd like the idea of a bigger arc in general - some kind of final goal, that could help to motivate to explore even more regions, meeting more characters... (Maybe it is already in the game and I just haven't found it yet, if so, just ignore what I wrote).

As for the reports, this is what I noticed so far:
- the "walking sound" doesn't necessarily stop, when Iselda stops moving or reaches the edge/ end of the road
- Navigating was a bit juddery and tricky - sometimes Iselda didn't "use" the doors, instead walked through the walls; at one point I was stuck in the monastery (amulett-room) and I nearly couldn't navigate Iselda out of the room, I had to quit the game
- the selection of the npcs or objects didn't always work (e.g. there is this one guy, right beneath a rock formation under the Buckeye Inn, whom I couldn't select or talk to, unfortunately I don't know his name)
- Some characters and objects don't glow when Iselda goes near them or when they are selected, e.g. the chest in the monastery  (maybe  that one was intentional, I'm not sure) or the characters that stay inside of the village houses, namely Gisela, Norman, Guido
- When I left-clicked to interact with some npcs and their text/quest popped up, their (quest) text was automatically scrolled down to the end (nothing serious, but it just happened with every person I interacted with)
- after I restarted the game, I could pick up the rusty axe a second time (not sure if the respawning is intended)
- I tried selling the spare axe, but I didn't get any silver coins - which leads me to the question: which items can be sold? Does it depend on the merchant? Or the "class" of the merch/ loot itself? I just saw that the empty bucket (I somehow ended up having three in my inventory, I don't know why) can be sold, but the amulett or the freshly chopped wood and the boots, etc. could not?
- I died in the cave (I was just equipped with an axe, haha - still, could be neat, if Iselda knows some moves even without a weapon at hand), but when I entered the cave again (this time with a wooden sword) the rats where nowhere to be found, the cave was completely empty. Did I miss something? The quest (Rudolph) is still not completed)

Other thougts/ questions:
- Will there be a way to fast travel at some point?
- Is there map of all the locations, where (all) possible (side) quests are listed?

That should be all for now. I hope this is in some way helpful. So far it was a sweet experience, I will definitely play more!
Cheers and thank you for making wonderful games!!


Hey Bob! Thank you so much for writing and for the detailed feedback! There's a ton of useful information here. Some bugs are known but some others not (like the one with the rats disappearing... weird!). We made notes of all the issues you found and we'll be solving them in future patches. Stay tuned! In a few weeks we're going to release a big update with tons of new content. Thank you so much for your support! <3

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You're welcome! I look forward to the new patches and the update, it's fun to see the game grow. Keep up the amazing work!