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I run all of my programs on administrator and still didn't help against it. but I think I figure it out, that it could be a plugin in obs with midi that could have been cancelling and freezing both obs and veadotube.

anybody having problems with hotkeys?, I have My Obs working with a midi controller and I have extra space for my png tuber movements and emotions, but it keeps crashing while I'm applying a button of my midi controller as a hotkey.

Beautiful!!! Caz, these look amazing.

Not gonna lie, tried to make almost similar, you do a way better job then I could.

Lmao I didn't knew you had made one. No worries no big rush. But love your work. Grade A tilesets and sprites.

Does it have a discord icon?

can i see something that you had made, code or pixel art. i wanna see how high is your skills

you got discord?

roguelike, mining, rpg, depending if we get the theme anytime soon.

I had join in the discord group already, so you can reach me anywhere now because I have it on my phone and my laptop, so we can constantly communicate between us and give out ideas in there. But mind that yet we don't have a theme of the jam yet, so all ideas are good until we get the theme, so game mechanic and story telling of the game are all accept and can be edit to fit the game jam, let's hope we can win this and get our first game done as a team.

okay then you can help Painkiller on coding, I can work with animations because I know how to work basic animations but not it's not a skill that I trust fully yet, but practice make it perfect.

djbird, hypergamedev and painkiller3000, we will be using discord to work on the game jam, djbird you are on character design and ideas, hypergamer you will be making those characters come to life, so art and animation is your department and I'm gonna be level design, art and animation. Painkiller is on programming. Let's focus on the game mechanic, the story can be work on later, if we wanna keep working together on this game even if we finish the game jam. Because I have an idea for the game. But we got I work hard. Please post your email and if you have discord then post it as well.

now it's down to 3

you don't mind that we use discord to communicate between all of us?

it's back to 4 because one couldn't get gms 1.4, so I'm guessing it's 2 programmer and two artist on this team, well unless djbird join in too. Just give your email so you can have mine and give you the rest of the group email as well.

i dont know, i dont have gms 2 yet, i think you got to make a room first before creating the executable and i post the link of the installer of gms 1.4 at your post so you can download it.

nevermind i found the legal link of installer of gamemaker: studio 1.4

alright, so we are all gonna be using gms 1.4 to make simple for everybody, im already doing the level design for the game, me and the other guys are talking back and forward about ideas for roguelike/mining/rpg game, which the rpg part could be debatable because yet we dont know what the theme about the game jam, but we wanna start communicating and make something amazing that we couldn't never expect, since it's my first game jam, it's gonna be a learning experience in every way as me as a 2d art/pixel artist. im gonna be sending you and the others an email to keep the ideas between us. 

i like your pixel art, do you make a lot of character designs in pixel art?? because im making a basic tileset for the game jam, but it's basic because there's gonna be some changes to sharp it up for the actual level designs. there's gonna be another programmer with us. i'm gonna be email all of you at once and we will be connect constantly.

I'm not Dutch but I'm an artist and I can do pixel art and 2d art, I have a little group of artist, if you wanna join, I think the other people are from europe don't know what part, I am from Puerto Rico and I'm new to game jams but I'm devoted to whatever game we are gonna make, we were talking about ideas for the game if you wanna join with us, there's always room for one more.

well it's not the paid version at least not yet, i still the free version that have the game maker studio splash screen in game. Can you give me your email to get everybody in board and know what are we gonna do, still there's no theme in the game jam, but me and hypergamedev are making ideas of what game we are gonna be doing.

Will there be crafting involve?? Do you have an email, so far it's me, you and another artist that are gonna be in this team. I told him that we are gonna be using gms 1.4

i have it on steam, and I think you can get it from game maker studio main page on less they took it out, or you can buy for 8 bucks in and added it on steam. And sure we can use email. I just wanna have a perfect communication so we can work extremely well with everybody.

I do have godot, but me and another artist are working on game maker 1.4 which there's a free version of it, if you can get it then we have a team of three, you two do the art, which I got the sounds and the design of the game. We will talk more when we add each on Skype or discord.

your art isn't that bad, actually it looks great. Have you ever done a 2d roguelike rpg or shooter?

I'm working on gms 1.4 and I can do pixel art and 2d art, I wouldn't might having a new person to game jam, I'm new to game jam.

pyxel edit is a good program for pixel art, great for animations.

Do you still need a partner?

I would love to see your porfolio of your pixel art, because more artist the better to finish the design part so we can program it instantly and I can teach you somethings that I had learn in my practices.

What are your skill sets in game dev? What programs do you use? I wanna know what roles we are gonna take to make this team work.

still looking for a team?? What can you do? this is what i had done recently, i love doing pixel art

have my email and if we do team up, lets hope what beautiful game we will make, that would be my first game and i would be more loose on my game making virginity xD so lets have fun and who knows maybe we will get together to make more games.

alright I'm in, even tho I am new to game development fully, all I had done is practice a lot, I had used game maker studio 1.4 I don't have gms 2 tho.

I have little skills in game programming, I can do a bit of game art and design because of my graphic design background, if anyone wants me in their team or have fun with a person that can design weird thongs, then I'm your guy, most of my drawings is cartoonish.