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Do you still need a partner?

Yes :)

I do have godot, but me and another artist are working on game maker 1.4 which there's a free version of it, if you can get it then we have a team of three, you two do the art, which I got the sounds and the design of the game. We will talk more when we add each on Skype or discord.

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Would it be okay if we use email in spite of discord or skype? And I thought gms 1.4 is not available and gms 2 does cost money to export to windows. (I do not want to use any cracked versions)(p.s. english is not my mother tongue so I would prefer to write, despite speaking, hope you understand)

i have it on steam, and I think you can get it from game maker studio main page on less they took it out, or you can buy for 8 bucks in and added it on steam. And sure we can use email. I just wanna have a perfect communication so we can work extremely well with everybody.

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Take a look on this. gms 1.4 isn't (legally) available anymore ... do you have paid version? Then maybe I could code gml and you can use it

well it's not the paid version at least not yet, i still the free version that have the game maker studio splash screen in game. Can you give me your email to get everybody in board and know what are we gonna do, still there's no theme in the game jam, but me and hypergamedev are making ideas of what game we are gonna be doing.

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