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djbird, hypergamedev and painkiller3000, we will be using discord to work on the game jam, djbird you are on character design and ideas, hypergamer you will be making those characters come to life, so art and animation is your department and I'm gonna be level design, art and animation. Painkiller is on programming. Let's focus on the game mechanic, the story can be work on later, if we wanna keep working together on this game even if we finish the game jam. Because I have an idea for the game. But we got I work hard. Please post your email and if you have discord then post it as well.

Man, im not so good at animation, but i will try... ;)
I think im better on code, but nothing advanced.


okay then you can help Painkiller on coding, I can work with animations because I know how to work basic animations but not it's not a skill that I trust fully yet, but practice make it perfect.

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cant rly join the discord for some reason thats my "trash mail" u can contact me there 

also who will work on sound and music?