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i like your pixel art, do you make a lot of character designs in pixel art?? because im making a basic tileset for the game jam, but it's basic because there's gonna be some changes to sharp it up for the actual level designs. there's gonna be another programmer with us. i'm gonna be email all of you at once and we will be connect constantly.

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No I'm fairly new in pixeling, but I'm doing my best And I have a question: I have downloaded gms 2, I thought maybe this would work for all of us, but if I try to export as windows-application the text is grey and I can't click on it... is it necessary to pay for this feature??

i dont know, i dont have gms 2 yet, i think you got to make a room first before creating the executable and i post the link of the installer of gms 1.4 at your post so you can download it.

1) I've got a room

2) it doesnt matter when we use 1.4   ;)

Maybe you're trying to use YYC without Windows SDK