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looking for a team

A topic by ninjaunic0rn created Mar 05, 2018 Views: 356 Replies: 8
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looking for a group if anyone wants an ok-ish artist can do backgrounds, items, and maybe characters depending on how much detail you want. can take the weekend off of work so i can do all day Saturday and Sunday but i have school Friday and Monday. feel free to contact  me at   

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What kind of art do you do?

2d art semi catroonish my profile picture is an older project of mine

i have also done top down art in the past if you are looking for something like that 

Can you do animation?

i can draw up the frames sure i dont have any programs tho

For program I recommend Piskel or Aseprite ;)


pyxel edit is a good program for pixel art, great for animations.