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I really wanted to play this, but couldn't seem to get anything off the ground—literally. The ship-building canvas didn't seem to cooperate with what I wanted. It looks lovely though :)

Pretty interesting! I would have liked my cursor to go further into the distance though, so I didn't have to run for as long to get to some of the stacks.

Beautiful and relaxing! Well done! The bird's flight was spot on, and the music is the perfect choice. I want this as my screensaver, with a little bird making his way out of the rain!

Not bad, but I got way too good at dodging things too fast and it become a bit tiresome. Perhaps I needed somelike like making running *faster* after every loop to keep me on my toes? Good job!

Pretty fun! I loved the music, it perfectly fit the mood. It would be nice to see a running score though, as well as some feedback on my shot (such as what angle I'm currently aiming at, etc).

Awesome job! Beautiful graphics & audio, and I mostly enjoyed the gameplay—my one complaint is that I wasn't able to plan ahead or see where I was going, so I had to restart over and over again and wait until the rover got to where I was testing my latest code which got a bit tiresome. The fact that I stayed around to do that though stands to my enjoyment of it!

Thanks! Although it's not clear during the scoring phase, the professor only takes into account your highest-rated photo of each individual bun to calculate the ultimate score (to prevent "cheating" by taking the same picture of the king/queen bun over and and over again). Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks! Definitely agree about the moving buns, unfortunately I didn't have time to dive into that.


Unfortunately sometimes there's just no pleasing some professors :P The friends value is a multiplier for if there are multiple buns in the frame. It can be hard to get, but very worthwhile if you can manage it!


Thanks! Yea, in hindsight a crouch toggle probably would have been better. I especially ran into this issue when trying to record gameplay footage, but I didn't have time to sort it out!

Thanks! Making the buns skittish would certainly make for a more engaging game experience, I agree! I'm glad you found the King Bun, although there is one in every play-through they can be hard to find!


Thanks! There is actually ambient forest noise, but it's quite quiet so you may not have heard it. I considered some music for this, but my composing skills aren't where I'd like them to be in order to couple with the relaxing, almost contemplative pace of the game. I struggled a fair amount with the timer as well; in hindsight I should have changed it to a camera battery dying mechanic, which could display the time left when you have the camera out.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!


Oh, this is a perfect game for that comic! I had a ton of fun trying to make them all crash without getting hit myself. Short and sweet, but I loved it!

So many moles! The counters ramped up quick quickly, but still a solid idle game!

Thanks! I'm still not happy with the mouselook controls.. they always feel either too sensitive or too slow, and I can't figure out why. I would have loved to add more interaction and movement with the buns, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to figure that out. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks! Unfortunately I didn't have time to figure out animations, but I agree—that would have added a lot to the game. Thanks for checking it out!

First off: beautiful music, it really helped the mood!

I was a little unclear on the mechanics for most of the game (seems like I needed to get close to a bun, but not too close, and I could never tell how close to get), but in the end I had fun chasing tiny buns around yelling "LOVE ME!"!

The game started off a bit slow, but after I got the flippers I had a ton of fun zooming around!

Cute game! The controls felt a bit "floaty", and I would have loved some effects for the gun firing. Kind reminded me of Lunar Lander!

I loved the execution on this idea! The music got a bit repetitive over time, but other than I had a great time playing it!

Oh man, once I figured out how to play this I had a ton of fun! Really cool concept! The balance could be improved a bit, I found the computer and I were either always hitting each other for 3 points or 1. Some more detailed instructions and sound effects would go a long way.  With a bit more work, I think this game could stand on its own outside of the jam!

Great little game! I liked the art assets, though I found it hard to distinguish what would / would not hurt me, what I could eat, etc. I would also like the controls to be a bit more responsive.. it seems like I can't do an action while my dino is animating, which makes it all too easy to die to a second chicken if I didn't eat the first one fast enough.

The crazy rainbows were a fun addition, they made things feel more manic!