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Ah you were on a pretty long vacation, no wonder. Back to the nature ? (camping, hiking, etc?). I thought there will be no more reply once the jam is over, especially after this long, but turns out I was wrong!

About audiovisual: I am glad you liked it. I would have wanted the background sound to be at least better than what I ended up putting in my game..sadly I don't have many background sounds to choose from my library, and I was not willing to pay extra for the soundtrack (since it's just a jam lol).

About hints: are you still stuck on the first day? does your xistence point keep going down every time you hit the next segment of the day? If yes, then you should really drink the water from the tap water, or buy that H2O pill. Drinking water if not compulsory, later in the game, you might not want to drink it, so I don't think it's right for me to push people to drink the water everyday >.<.

About one review vs many reviews:  it's kinda long to explain but you could check this Short version: if your entry happens to be in the same -judge- pool with other "great entries", then your chance to jump into the next elimination phase is significantly diminished.

About The Sculptor future: if you want my opinion: if you enter top 3, for sure I will tell you to develop it even further. For top 10 - 20...well...I guess it's all about how much money and time are you willing to throw for this game, especially if you are aiming for commercial release....The potential is certainly there, I mean, even I want to escape from that island together with the girlfriend! :D

About InExits future: after some thinking, I guess I will put it off for now and work on another project. Right now I am making another game. I will be back to this game for sure, but I think I will change the story a lot by then haha. I will certainly tell you once I have the game ready.

About entering another game jam: I am not sure if there is another "low level entry jam/ RM entry jam" that's more "professional" than this game jam  though...... do you have any jam in particular in mind?

Hi, I am pretty sorry for my late reply. Can't believe someone still play these despite the fact that the IGMC2017 has long passed.  Thanks for giving it a try despite judge's low score lol.

I could give you some hints, but please you gonna need to tell me which girl greets you in the first room in your playthrough.

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Looking at the judge's comment for my game, I guess I should have put more hints in my game >.<! (But then I don't think it will make much difference as that's the nature of the game ; one big puzzle). I think you are the only player who plays my game for more than five times lol.

I see that your game makes it to top 10, though it is a shame that it's not making it into top 3. You should put Beth into good "use", I am expecting harder puzzle now that I have two minds working together to escape that island :D.

I made 1-2 games before, but it's never as serious as this one. Right now, I don't really know if I should forget this project and move on, or if I should just continue and make this game even bigger.

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OMG, I can't believe you give it that much tries. I thought you have moved on to other games lol. If I may know, what makes you keep trying the game? I feel bad...I think I have made the first day too hard to pass....>.<

Okay, now, about the hints:
1. Which girl you meet at the first room, matters, a lot. The girl's dialog hints you on how your story will be affected. Some stats gains will be affected as well, as you may have already found out...nothing is 100% random in this game....there is always a minimum and maximum on everything. This is the biggest hint I have dropped in my entire comment lol.
2. About the color of the doors, it will matter, pretty much later in the game. Just choose your favorite color, for now :D.
3.  You are right about xistence: you gotta get as much xistence as possible to pass thru the FLOORS. 
4. go read the first paragraph. It's important and quite personal for me lol. I put "that" feature on the game, but looking at how many players are confused by this, makes me feel that I have been making the game too punishing... or may be it's just that I don't put enough hint in the game...>.<

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So have you finally managed to reach the ending? I am pretty curious, which ending you get. ...but that would be spoiler lol.

The ending could be explained in 17 possibilities, and there are actually 5 different endings (HINT: especially if you try to enter the room beside yours). I had wanted to make it into 17 different endings with flashier displays, motions, pictures, etc, but due to time constraints, I was forced to make it much simpler....I hope it's not too confusing. I tried to make it as symbolic as it could.

I had thought about the possibility of putting this game into Android, but....there are problems with how this engine work. One of the most glaring problems is that if you click the back button (whether on purpose or by accident), the game will automatically kicks the player out of the game.., and I don't think they will fix this any sooner >.<.

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Hi! I can't believe you give my game a try this soon! Most people get repealed by the time they look at my game cover lol.

And if I may know, which girl did you meet in the first room on your very first try? I could give you a clue, but it really depends on which girl you get in that room.

Ten tries? It is a lot! You are the first person to give it that many for my game! I had few people playing my game, and well....most if not all could not even get through the first day....I think I have made the first day too unnecessarily difficult....I should have toned it down.

I am happy that you could get some new experiences from my game, and I hope you are not too disappointed with my game's shortcomings.  No bugs so far? Nice! But pretty sure you will find that I should have paid someone to proofread my game a bit - I just realized it has some wording errors during the dialog. I kinda overlooked them there .... >.<!

About your suggestion, the option/mechanism to restart from the first segment of the ongoing day, is pretty interesting, how did I not think of that!!? I hope I could find a way to implement that into my game after the results come out. I want every action, option, and feature in that game to have meaning that's connected to the main story. Guess I should start thinking about it now. Thanks!

As comrades in arms who love and use the same asset for our game (POP), best of luck for us in this contest!

The first time finished the game, I got like 40 minutes left on the timer, and I expected once the killer leaves Ed with Beth, the timer will continue and I finally get to use the axe and the boat to escape the killer and the island altogether. But then, this is just my experience. I have played your game for more than once, so by the time I managed to finish the game, I could practically rush the game to the end.

For a game that's being made within 1 day, it has accomplished a lot.  I think you will make it to top 20( top 10? not sure, but top 20? sure). And if you do, believe me you should put the gameplay and puzzles you had in your mind in this game. I would be willing to try it out.

I am surprised that you are putting my game on your list, game is not a puzzle game . I don't think my game will have enough any puzzles to satisfy you lol.

Actually, forget it, I know the answer already. The cassette audio is kinda misleading, it's said that the blonde with long hair is supposed to be put BESIDE the sculptor, so I put her sculpture beside him literally,  didn't realize I should put her below him.......

And about the ending, I am kinda disappointed that I don't get to continue the game with Beth as my partner.....I thought pretty sure I will have to use the axe and the boat to escape the island together with Beth.

It's a short and fun game btw. Nice one.

I played your game and got stuck at that statue puzzle place. I saw 2 X markings, I heard the audio cassette B, I pushed the hinted statues to the X markings, but nothing happened....

I think the flow from one puzzle to the next puzzle is good and engaging, but the flow breaks by the time I make the car moves faster; it gets laggy from that point on....


First of all, thanks for giving me feedback.  As you can see, there is only you commenting on my humble entries in this page for now, lol.

And then the part about you don't know how to progress, could you please explain me what happened? Guess I should have made the game easier or at least not as confusing as it already is.....

About the number one contender, well..there are so many games that look better than mine, seriously lol.

Now about your game:
I think for a game that's made within 5 days, it does have an interesting dialog and story there. But the plot is certainly lacking . And I think the room is too big for 4 suspect and 1 corpse..if I were you I would rather have a smaller room with more details there.

PS: I choose to let them all die btw:D.

I am sorry for my late reply, thing has been busy here. I kinda feel bad to leave you such a bad review for your game while you leave a pretty good review for my game >.<

Gotta have to agree with this....I can't run the game without RTP installed.....

My final build:
Main character: magician type....put mp regeneration, quick feet, arcane tap, scorch +, boulder,  and normal heal on. For gears, I put on HP and MP raising gears, and then put on that elemental mastery weapon.
Mark: I build him as wall with toxic cloud ability with poisonous claw attack.....
Rok: my favorite, I build him with quick feet and evasion, and then equip him with rabid bite...
Bane: put on icycle + and spark on.....he is my opposite in term of elemental attack...
Lilith: I build her as healer and debuffer....heal+, cure+, and debuffing magic....

Ah, damn. No wonder lol.

Anyway. I know a lot of "so called RPG fanatics" will bash me for saying this, but I love how I have to think ahead before committing everything to learn every skill I can find. I also love the part where I don't have to grind like mad dog hungry for bones.... Thanks for making a game that I could feel that I am not alone in this crazy grinding RPG world! Hi-five!

Uh...I got stuck at the vampire boss fight, the part where he goes hide and seek. What should I do there?

I went there (the small hut and the camp site), checked the hut and the camps even cut off the rope from the tree using the rustic knife. But all I have is 3 woods and 5 ropes....

This one has a pretty interesting story. I hope to know the rest of it....

Uh....I am stuck at the part where you have to collect 4 woods and 6 ropes to cross the river....Where are the woods and the ropes....?