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Can confirm this issue on macOS 12.3 with Intel Mac

When I open an item in my Library to install, itch app wait quite a while before it can determine the install list (game, extra) and required disk space.

Then I realize butler is downloading a several MB data to determine such information. Why? Is the metadata json (or whatever format) that big? Seems like this could be optimized to provide a better user experience.

Currently their order appear to change based on sales data or something, because more known / recent titles always show up at the front.

This is of course not a problem unless you somehow has a long list of games in a bundle and would like to go through them on separate days.

So it's largely an edge case, but I think we shouldn't have this edge case to begin with: please order them in a deterministic way?

Alright, request to your discord account sent :)

Yeah I do have Discord, will add you later.

Pinging me on might be more effective though, as I got email notification to follow up when available. (Too busy to log onto Discord lately.)

GroupID sounds good, you could also add an editor UI that enable users to manage existing groups (see ProBuilder's material list for reference.)

Btw, I would say the maximize/minimize panel hang issue is much more annoying.

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Thank you for the long reply, Keith. I am definitely not assuming you got the time to implement this, I got a day job too and maintain some popular open source project on the side, so I know how it feels :)

I should probably just say "This asset is good, you should sell it for a price", but that comes with an expectation of maintenance,  so please ignore my not well thought out suggestion.

This is a strange behavior I am still investigating, but it appears:

- When we open the MAST panel and dock it, anytime we toggle any other docked panel (aka maximize then minimize them using Spacebar), there is a long delay in Editor (several seconds), and then MAST panel's image preview are all gone.

- At first I thought this has something to do with shortcut conflicts, but after changing it, the same issue persists.

- The editor hang doesn't happen if the MAST panel is closed or not docked.

This is best illustrated with screenshots:

Hey, I know this is a new asset, so support for older system is limited, but Unity 2018 LTS support should be easy by adding:

        #if UNITY_2019_1_OR_NEWER
        SceneView.duringSceneGui -= this.OnScene;
        SceneView.duringSceneGui += this.OnScene;
        SceneView.onSceneGUIDelegate -= this.OnScene;
        SceneView.onSceneGUIDelegate += this.OnScene;

As the delegate signature is the same.

It would be nice if MAST is committed to support Unity 2018 LTS, so I don't have to mod it every time a new version comes out :)


Now for some feature requests (or perhaps misunderstanding, as I am new to MAST):

- Allow users to group prefab by types. This would enable following features:

(i) A shortcut that loop over the same set of prefabs. Great if you are painting a wall and need to quickly change variations

(ii) A randomizer that randomize the same set of prefabs. Great if you want to paint in a stroke but some randomized tiles that fits.

(iii) Select a modular tile in scene and use a a shortcut to quickly switch it with a compatible prefab in the same set. Great if you paint without randomizer but want to manually add variation to break tile repetitions.

(iv) My suggestion is to use something like "Mouse Wheel + Shift" as the shortcut to loop over same set of prefabs. It's by far the fastest way to loop over large collection of modular tile variations, and is adopted by many in-house dev tool.

- When you have done this, feel free to charge people for the product.

Thx for the tool,


@blosser I have thought about both actually, but I am going with event triggers (where some storyline unfolds)

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Quick note: V4 contains a bug preventing players from accessing certain route, this is now fixed in V5.

EDIT: V6 now, another bug affecting route progress.

EDIT: V7 now, because this is software development.

Just a quick note before we fix this bug: when you first start the game, make sure you hit "Start Game" instead of "Resume Game", otherwise your power will start at 0. But if you did, you can always fix it with "Restart Game".