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GroupID sounds good, you could also add an editor UI that enable users to manage existing groups (see ProBuilder's material list for reference.)

Btw, I would say the maximize/minimize panel hang issue is much more annoying.

Fixed the hang already.  I am completely stumped on why the images in the palette disappear though lol.

I am happy that you fixed the editor hang. :)

If you discord, can you friend me "Keith at FSP#5441"

Would love to get more feedback about your feature suggestions.

Yeah I do have Discord, will add you later.

Pinging me on might be more effective though, as I got email notification to follow up when available. (Too busy to log onto Discord lately.)

np.   Havent figured how to direct message anyone on itch.  Just didn't want a conversation to be in the forum.  Just need to confirm some details about groups and functionality.

I've already fixed the lag bugs and added Shift+Scrollwheel functionality

Alright, request to your discord account sent :)