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What an idea to turn into a game! Very nice execution; I was almost shocked by how well it worked with that premise

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This game is definitely unfinished, I have no idea what is going on.

I like the long-term strategy nature of the game, but it would greatly benefit from either removing turrets or (better still) previewing the next waves and keeping the irreversible turrets

The winning idea is to lose the jam on purpose and thus win it

Yes, we were running out of time and we didn't think people would keep interest for that far, so we didn't make an ending. Good to know that someone actually finished the whole thing anyway.

Thank you all for all the engagement. I am quite surprised so many people played and liked the game, since I expected the mechanics to be a rather failed experiment. Sorry for all the bugs. The development was pretty rushed and there were a lot of bugs we didn't catch. I'll patch it after the jam, but I'm not planning on developing it further.

This is a god tier jam game so-to-say. Didn't think that special mechanic could be so much fun

There|s no gamplaz, but ...

it is fun

it surelz is original

the presentation is undeiably good ...

and it fits the theme directly

take my stars

Playing this game in the browser comes with the disadvantage that you trigger random functionality while pressing certain keys. Still original concept (and that's what's all about)

I was looking for these creative twists on the theme.

Well done!

This could be a small polished part of something far grater

really simple, but very consistent and fun. Could use a bit of sound. Is the relation of the monochrome style to the theme intentional?

Really nice work. Looks very professional