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Benjamin Soulé

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I tried to work on this but it seems I'm unable to make the game works on last OSX version : El Capitan.

As a result I removed the mac version on steam and itch.io, please contact me on benjamin.soule [at] gmail [dot] com for a refund.

I had a similar bug report for OSX el Capitan this morning.

Do you know what is your adobe air version ?

Replied to Max W in Bug reports

Ok this was a tricky one. These bats were once doppelganger ( with fire immune ) then change to vampires ( with fire weakness ) and then changed to bat. None of this fire status were reseted on each monster type change resulting in a very rare case of immune & weak to fire bat. It will be corrected on next version ( probably the final one :D )

Nice detailed report, I could find the bug in no time thanks to it !

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---- Version 0.96 ----

New Hero :

  • ASSASSIN : Start with cloak and poisoned dagger, x4 gold on single target.

New items :

  • POISON DAGGER : if activated, mark monsters with poison instead of attack. Poison kill a monster each turn.
  • GLACIAL HAMMER : if activated Ice a nearby monster on each hit
  • CLOAK : You take no damage during your next fight.

Interface :

  • New menu
  • Added a cancel button for spell/items selections sequences.

Balance :

  • Prisoners spawn at floors 3/7 ( was 3/6 )
  • Merchants spawn at floors 2/5/8 ( was 2/4/6/8 )
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---- Version 0.95 ----

New Items :

  • WARP SABER : If active, hit monsters beyond walls
  • ETHER ORB : replace a monster type with another


  • quest display reversed : unsolved quest are now darkened
  • new hero ui and background design


  • Frozen monsters now group up and can be killed with a normal attac ( they still inflict damage )
  • Archeos frozen ring attack is replaced with a defensive stone summoning.
  • If you die cleaning the last monster of a floor, you now benefit the health regen before the gameover trigger
  • SANDAL effect change : Now spawn an additional exit on each floors


  • escape key dont work if another panel is open.
  • no more freeze on highscore screen
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---- Version 0.94 ----


  • Cleaning a floor now unblock the door
  • blast ( = hit nearby armor/weapons/door ) doesnt trigger anymore if target is protected by Ogre, armored or is a doppelganger


  • 3 first quests dont mention any expansion monsters anymore
  • harpy no longer transport archeos
  • no more freeze if Archeos steal an item with automatic effect.
  • Archeos dont show up on floor #1 when you select the replay option.
  • parameter screen can't be opened twice anymore
Replied to Yok in Bug reports

Les vampires qui redeviennent des chauve souris, c'est voulu. Les tortues devraient retrouver leur carapace, c'est le cas ?

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---- Version 0.93 ----

interface :

  • highscores table added
  • rank setup page rework

bugfixes :

  • quit button is now working correctly
  • score page is not skipped anymore after archeos death
  • gargoyle loop bug fixed
  • you cant get the same item twice from merchant anymore.
Replied to Pierrec in Bug reports

Can you confirm you had this bug with 0.92 ( Version number is showed on title screen )

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---- Version 0.92 ----

Scoring system

  • Your score depends on the maximum hero level and floor you can reach.
  • Killing Archeos or free heroes from jail increase your score.
  • You can setup a difficulty rank on start page, this rank will also modify your score


  • heroes now all have the same inventory size ( 4 slots )
  • Your first hero start with a potion
  • Merchants now spawn at floors 2/4/6/8
  • Jails spawn at floors 3/6
  • Skeleton dont spawn from undead creatures anymore.


  • new start menu
  • options moved to a single panel
  • replay button added on gameover screen


  • Doppleganger dont mess with group build anymore
  • Ring of detection now also detect keys
(Edited 3 times)

Actually snake poison is cleaned on levelup and the poison is not cumulative which mean if you hit two snake in a row you will suffer 2 damage total and may avoid most of them by leveling up before. The muncher drop a single trap so if you hit 10x of them and trigger the trap later you get a total of 1 damage which is basically the same than hitting 10x blobs. The scrounger is indeed very annoying but it's a lvl 2 monster you need to compare it with turtle or goblin for example.

I think the real problem is the lack of a real easy mode so player have a place to learn how to deal with this impresive monsters without dying every 2 minutes. I'm currently working on this part.

Replied to dunin in Bug reports

No I'm the one to blame, Itch.io have a special process to update files and I erase/upload instead of using it. Need to learn how to do it correctly

Replied to dunin in Bug reports

Can you confirm all of this happen on 0.91 ?

Yeah I agree. I need to rework the difficulty levels to make first floors on easy and normal easier

The free version doesnt have all the monsters and items you had on beta-test. there's also no thief and priest on free version . You may still have access to them if you unlocked them on beta version. The list of extra monsters and items is showed as a gif on the game page.

There's also only 3 quest available in free version. That's all. I wanted the free version to be fully playable and not only a demo.

Replied to bubble in Bug reports

It's fixed now in 0.91. ( How could you unlock insane difficulty with bugged archeos ? )

Replied to bubble in Suggestions

I must say this is tempting but I already spend 5 month instead of the 2 I was planning for this game. I really need to check if people might like it before I invest more time. Time to check if the game is sustainable and If I have good results ( need to sell >500 units for that ) I may work on a free extension, like the Faster Than Light team did for people who bought their game.

If I understand the system well, you won't have to pay again for other versions, if there's any problem with this I will find a way to fix it.

I plan to relase the final version next week but I wanted to test the pay system one week before.

Replied to bubble in Suggestions

The multiplayer / miniboss sounds like good ideas, but to be honest I'm not sure I will have enough energy to work on this...

I was especially interested for the miniboss. I had miniboss on floor 3 and 6 in my initial project but I had to get rid of them to focus on other features. Introducing more health-based boss would also add a reason to design weapons inflicting extra damages. Sounds good but I'm really close to release the project and I'm not sure I want to make that many change right now. Maybe for a sequel if the game is successful...

I plan to make a mac and maybe an android version. I would like them to be ready for 1.0

Replied to dunin in Bug reports

...and one more fix for the windrod ! I think it should be ok now.

Yeah mermaid "heal" a lot of stuff... Maybe you haven't found all of them :)

Replied to bubble in Bug reports

Yeah I'm not quite satisfied myslef with the archeos fight right now. I think that more monster refill would make it more enjoyable.

The fish problem is fixed in v0.9

Replied to jbroxnari99 in Bug reports
(Edited 1 time)

It should be fixed in v0.9

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---- Version 0.9 ----

Tower of Archeos now divided in two forms : free and full version. Full version include exclusive content :

  • 12x monsters,
  • 15x items
  • 2x heroes
  • 18x quests

New Content :

  • - New Items : Map, Round Shield, Whistle, +3 Rings ( destruction / protection / regeneration )
  • - Added quests
  • - Merchant now give you a choice among 4x items

Balance change

  • Mechanic change : weapons ( dragon sword & rapier ) can now be turned on and off.
  • Rapier change : Attack ennemies diagonaly if activated.
  • Dragon sword change : Burn attacked ennemies if activated.
  • Ghost change : dodge 50% of all attacks
  • Rat change : group only in diagonal
  • Harpy change : now carry other monsters if able
  • Gargoyle change : change into stone if more than one die in a turn;
  • Sandal change : Climb 3x additional rows when you open a door.
  • Grappling Hook change : Use it to climb a tower level. ( = old sandal effect )
  • Ring change : Reveal an item each time you hit a monster.
  • Water Gourd change : Heal 1 heart on each floor. Consume it to heal up to 6 hearts instantly
  • Necklace change : Ice all nearby monsters when you open a purse, a chest or a door.


  • Armored monsters ( except zombis ) are now immune to arrows
  • Burning monster now melt nearby iced monsters.

This should be fixed in 0.581 version which is available now.

If you encounter this bug in 0.581 please let me now.

Replied to Demadogma in Suggestions

The monster with the most simple a classic behaviours should stay in free version ( this include blob ).

If I can't balance TOA with 20x monsters instead of 32x I will just give up on offering a free version.But I think it can work this way.

Replied to dunin in Bug reports

I made a quick fix ( v0.851 ) for archer, hydra and shield boss bugs. thx for fast and detailed reports !

Replied to dunin in Bug reports

Mmmh for the gargoyle I would like them to turn to stone only on a classic attack. I need to change their code so they behave this way.

Replied to Demadogma in Suggestions

The Bull is removed because the Minotaur replace him as a meat dropper.

The blob and many others items/monsters have been removed because I plan to release a premium version of the game with exclusive content. Most of this content is actually unlocked and I dont want the beta version to be to similar to the premium version. That's why. I think I will divide the game in free and premium version on next patch.

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(Edited 2 times)

---- Version 0.85 ----

New Diffculty System

  • Difficulty now consist of a path of 10x encounters ( one for each floor )
  • You can see the path on rollover when you select difficulty

In / Out

  • new item : Water Gourd, Compass, Ointment
  • new monsters : Wraith, Minotaur
  • New encounter : Merchant -> trade item for gold.
  • Bull removed

Balance change

  • Naga change : ice a nearby monster each turn.
  • Leprechaun become a lvl 1 monster with 1 life. doesn't dodge attacks anymore.
  • Gargoyle become a lvl 3 monster with 1.5 life
  • Demon become a lvl 3 monster with 2 life
  • Ogre become a lvl 4 monster
  • Fishing rod can now get more than one fish ( 50% for extra fish until fail )
  • Cauldron now drop 30 gp instead of 50 gp
  • Finishing a level now heal all characters and spawn a key instead of just skipping to next floor
  • Crucifix/Ointment only appears if current or future floors have undead/venomous monsters.


  • Muncher's trap and Bat's Vampire now spawn on the group member you attack. Drop may be overlaped by important object like keys
  • Fire Rod can now target an empty space
  • Scounger show a potion icon when they steal a potion and a "?" when they steal a non-potion equipment.
  • Too much green monsters -> Blob become pink.


  • Boss shield is now correctly removed on gameover
  • Canceling a spell remove the "Choose a spell" instruction
Posted in Bug reports

" If there is a potion (maybe other objects?) when you use "relocate", potion disappears. "

I can't reproduce this one. Is there other specific conditions for loosing an item with relocate ?

Created a new topic Killing Archeos / Floor record
(Edited 1 time)

If any of you defeated Archeos on Easy / Normal / Hard I'm insterested to know it.

I would also like to know which is the best floor you could reach if you haven't met archeos yet.

Replied to HuvaaKoodia in Suggestions

Oh ok I get it. You mean like the dodging rat ( who is always the one you click ). It sounds interesting I will try it on 0.85

Replied to buckle2000 in Bug reports
(Edited 1 time)

This is intentional. I will reword it : " Burns nearby monsters if attacked alone. Resist fire. " Does it sounds ok ?

Replied to dunin in Bug reports

The muncher freeze is fixed in 0.841 ( available on the download page )

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---- Version 0.84 ----

In / Out

  • new hero : Priest
  • new monster : Gargoyle, Spider, Leprechaun
  • new item : Toolkit, Soap, Mirror
  • removed : Wolf, Watchdog, Blob, Ogre, Evil Root, Goblin, Sandals, Banisher, Dragon Sword, Helmet, Ice and Fire Rods
Balance change
  • Hero leaving jail now have full health
  • Taking an item when your inventory is full will just swap the item instead of destroying it.
  • Muncher's trap and bat's vampire always spawn at the lowest>most left member of the group.
  • Jail % is updated after flames effects
Replied to HuvaaKoodia in Suggestions

Ok I will re-add it for 0.84 so everyone can try it.

I used to take most down > most left place for spawning traps. Should I extend this to vampire spawn too ?

Replied to buckle2000 in Bug reports

The pause on level up is actually something I wanted. I'm actually quite surprised people thinks it's a bug ( you're not the first one ) Maybe I will remove it later.

I need to make some tests first but I think I can make an android version.

Replied to Steneub in Suggestions

About the dragon sword an rapier, they used to be permanent effect items but were too powerful*. I dont want to make them selectable because I would like to make weapons behave differently than other items. But I'm not quite satisfied with the first strike on each floor system too. I need to find something, if I have no solution I will change them to normal items.

* : At this time the mallet was also a permanent effect weapon which double damage monster with armor.

Chests are very attractive but sometime leaving them behind bring you more benefit than trying to find/open them all.

If you really want to seek every chests you might like the new thief character :)