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Yes I'm currently working on it . I will let you know as soon it's fixed.

I love it.  Excalibur may become an optional quest later ( 2x quests will be GRAAL + random quest ) but I can easily remove Accolon from the boss list if excalibur is not in the quest list.

The Graphic designer already tried to separate missions from quest more clearly. What do you think ?

Arthur let you send two dice to the tavern each day. So for exemple if there's a 2 and a 3 at the tavern you can send a 2 and a 3 from your battleground to get them  ( normally you can send only one dice each day ). He used to be very useful in previous versions but now that you can dub same value dice in tavern with just one dice from the battleground, Arthur became unpopular. I will probably change his power asap.

With Lancelot as a leader you can send two dice each day to a quest. You can achieve the Graal or excalibur twice faster if you have enough dice a the round table. If my tooltip is bad and  you are native english speaker, please tell me how to rephrase it :)

  • BREWERY  is supposed to give you gold after your first roll of the day ( there should be a message about this )
  • Having a lot of dice a the end of the game can be useful for defense especially if you have walls because you can send additional knights to it.
  • The vilain raid order is working like this : I make 3 random groups but I order them with attack powers sum. It means that if you have a griffin+manticore it will probably be the last attack. There's still randomness and "harder" setup but this rule help a lot for avoiding difficult first raid. If you think there's a bug with this and raid order are messed up please tell me.
  • HORN should make knight available at the battleground, it seems bugged right now I will fix it for next version.
  • It seems MOAT is a bit behind right now, I will improve it for next version.

For next version I will break the one day = one mission rule. It means you will be able to make many or 0 mission in one day. I'm currently struggling with the UI problems caused by this :)

Heroes of Camlann community · Created a new topic Balance.

If you played this game until hard or very hard you probably start having an opinion about which heroes / items / buildings / spells is strong or weak. Please let me know if you think you some of them are too powerfull or useless.

For the tavern reroll there's this strange mechanic I will probably get rid of :

- The number of dice you can send each day is fixed to 5 ( 6 with excalibur quest )

- If you fail to send 5 dice ( only 4 dice at the round table for exemple ) The game remember you can still send an additional dice  ( you can see a sword under the table to show this )

- If you get an additional dice ( most of the time, with the tavern ) and still have a sword left, the next roll will send the dice to the battleground.

There's actually a button on the lower part of the screen to go to back from fullscreen log mode. but it's invisible ... There's still a lot of things to fix

To my knowledge, only one person found the good  way to link the hints.

Non 12 est le niveau maximum qu'un héro peut obtenir ( jolie partie ) Si je peux savoir quel sont les runes en attente, ca m’intéresse :)

I plan to add some hint in the game description this week. I'm looking for a way to make [spoiler] balises [/spoiler]

Yes you re 100% right. But I'm using flickgame tool,  which is really good to make game quick and without using any code. Each color on page is attached to a link to another page. 16 page total max. You should have look, you might like it :

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You found the reward by solving puzzle ? ( you might be the first one ) Or brute-forcing last code ?

Can you find the secret stash ? 

You will need a paper and a pen for this short puzzle game

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hum.... of course, I feel dumb :)  I was not able to reproduce this bug. That's why I was searching for more specific elements.

ok it will be fixed in 1.03

Do you have any memory about this 15 Cooldown rune ?

This one is supposed to be fixed on versoin 1.01. Which version are you running  ( version number can be found on menu top-right  )

Corrigé dans la prochaine version pour la potion de mana. Les autres effets des potions ( durée ou puissance ) sont bien doublés

Non pas normal, le reload qui les fait disparaître est aussi un bug :D Les deux sont corrigés dans la prochaine version.

Trouvé pour le bug de la pluie acide. Apparemment c’était pas la résistance magique mais les bodyguards qui posaient problème car ils prenaient plusieurs fois les dégâts de la pluie. C'est réparé pour la prochaine version. Si tu as d'autres freeze ca m’intéresse d'avoir les photo d'écran et/ ou une description de la situation.

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I dont use OpenFL. I use HEAPS --> not a lot of documentation yet but Nicolas Cannasse plan a public release soon.

Dans la prochaine version Le 9ème slot en boutique sera noté comme indisponible si tous les slots sont déjà ouverts. Merci pour le retour !

It's already done on 0.65. But the demo version is not updated ( still 0.64 ). I will update both for 0.66 next week.

Les deux pb sont corrigés dans la v0.65

The v0.65 have a new scroll animation between level. Plz let me know if you can reach floor 2 with this one.

I will cancel level scrolling animation on next version to check if it works better.

Oui c'est bien un bug, je vais régler ça pour la prochaine version. Merci !

I'm trying to reproduce this bug, is it happening on all attempts ?  ( You were never able to reach floor 2 ? )

What OS are you using ? 

I'm using Haxe language with haxedevelop IDE

Oula oui il est totalement bugué , je ne l'avais pas re-testé, ca sera corrigé dans la prochaine version.

Please post bug reports here

I tried to work on this but it seems I'm unable to make the game works on last OSX version : El Capitan.

As a result I removed the mac version on steam and, please contact me on benjamin.soule [at] gmail [dot] com for a refund.

I had a similar bug report for OSX el Capitan this morning.

Do you know what is your adobe air version ?

Ok this was a tricky one. These bats were once doppelganger ( with fire immune ) then change to vampires ( with fire weakness ) and then changed to bat. None of this fire status were reseted on each monster type change resulting in a very rare case of immune & weak to fire bat. It will be corrected on next version ( probably the final one :D )

Nice detailed report, I could find the bug in no time thanks to it !

---- Version 0.96 ----

New Hero :

  • ASSASSIN : Start with cloak and poisoned dagger, x4 gold on single target.

New items :

  • POISON DAGGER : if activated, mark monsters with poison instead of attack. Poison kill a monster each turn.
  • GLACIAL HAMMER : if activated Ice a nearby monster on each hit
  • CLOAK : You take no damage during your next fight.

Interface :

  • New menu
  • Added a cancel button for spell/items selections sequences.

Balance :

  • Prisoners spawn at floors 3/7 ( was 3/6 )
  • Merchants spawn at floors 2/5/8 ( was 2/4/6/8 )

---- Version 0.95 ----

New Items :

  • WARP SABER : If active, hit monsters beyond walls
  • ETHER ORB : replace a monster type with another


  • quest display reversed : unsolved quest are now darkened
  • new hero ui and background design


  • Frozen monsters now group up and can be killed with a normal attac ( they still inflict damage )
  • Archeos frozen ring attack is replaced with a defensive stone summoning.
  • If you die cleaning the last monster of a floor, you now benefit the health regen before the gameover trigger
  • SANDAL effect change : Now spawn an additional exit on each floors


  • escape key dont work if another panel is open.
  • no more freeze on highscore screen

---- Version 0.94 ----


  • Cleaning a floor now unblock the door
  • blast ( = hit nearby armor/weapons/door ) doesnt trigger anymore if target is protected by Ogre, armored or is a doppelganger


  • 3 first quests dont mention any expansion monsters anymore
  • harpy no longer transport archeos
  • no more freeze if Archeos steal an item with automatic effect.
  • Archeos dont show up on floor #1 when you select the replay option.
  • parameter screen can't be opened twice anymore

Les vampires qui redeviennent des chauve souris, c'est voulu. Les tortues devraient retrouver leur carapace, c'est le cas ?