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any chance of further development?

A topic by demiskeleton created Sep 14, 2020 Views: 380 Replies: 3
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I absolutely love this game have spent a couple afternoons already got up to very hard. But i notice the last update was 2018 and the dev has made many others so any plans for the future regarding this specific game?


I worked on this idea again in 2019 for 2-3 month but the result was not as good as I expected. So I gave up on this idea.  I still love the core idea of this game and I'm happy to see people enjoying it !


Hey, just wanted you to know that this game is actually super good! You've made an awesome game even if it didn't meet your expectations. It's probably not worth the effort from you but I would absolutely LOVE a mobile port. You could even put this in the Google play store and maybe lock difficulties above normal behind like a $2 purchase. I'd buy it.

And now that your among a team of baker, maybe a bit of a brainstorming could elevate or expend on this project, please if any work is considered let us know !