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email the creator directly

of course

I find the answer by accident I'm so mad and dumb

still a 8.5/10

actual hype

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On windows 11 I think there's a memory leak issue, I've experienced it twice yet, I haven't dug that much yet but y'all might wanna know.

maybe a bit OTS but I love how every complains or questions that I've stumbled upon in these comments have a solution already implemented, it looks promising, keep up the great work !

it was really hard at the start and i didn't understood how i should've hug Esther but it was sweet and i almost cried so i guess its good

this is heartbraking.



Premiere being premiere :( rip

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I just need to know if RIBS' VST is 32 bit

thanks you all so much for the update <3

what a chad

they do on their Discord

Man, it's an alpha.... It WILL be prettier and more optimised for the final release...

It looks like a corrupted Slenderman
There's some flying trees near the houses
The tree in the square building is flickering a bit when you move

otherwise it looks nice

EDIT : I just turned the sound on and now i'm terrified

no probs, keep up the amazing work!

I'm confused... Is the donation build (b13.1) older than the "normal" latest build (b15) ? 

don't worry, thanks you very muchhh !!

why can we only download the a06 if the a07 has been released ?

It's obviously not finished, but the potential is enormous

Good game, but it's pretty hard to handle and you've the impression that nothing happen in the beggining of a game...

But despite that, I've really enjoyed this game...

Need a MOFO update :(

(Map Overhaul and Framerate Optimization)

tanks you very much^^


It's the funniest game I've play so far!!! I know it's only a lil' prototype, but you've got so much potencial ;) Just one question, can you credit the music used for this game?