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Oh okay nice thanks !

Do you plan to add an Intel Mac version perchance ? :((

And now that your among a team of baker, maybe a bit of a brainstorming could elevate or expend on this project, please if any work is considered let us know !

That means I have a collector build :D

It was elRlay oGod

why is the 'BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame' is doing in the 1.03

you might wanna check out receiver 2 

The game has just been updated (!)

Check the account ??? We're on, which, indeed, contain endoparasitic

What ? cockpit like buttons just for me to press click ? I'm in.

WDYM inspired, he's the creator of the original game

why does the car goes faster in reverse ?


nice game! both gameplay and style is on point imho

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a few hours later

was a ride

the fact that 'cd' and 'ls' is working but not 'cat' is trowing me off every 30 seconds. Good job tho

Can't wait to cum back to this game


on one hand thanks you for this game I haven't been this 'corned' by playing in a long time, but also why are those paitings so expensive and the statue i wanna see em ;-;

okay mb then

I dont remember it lagging so much, has anything changed ? perhaps maybe the web pico8 player had a bad update ?

why is this in 'card game' ? :D

it feels so good to hit a bloc at 200 then regain control of the vessel, especially if it bounces back on another object during the maneuver

well, that was a surprisingly fun 15 minutes (I know you won't get back to this but please add a visual differentiator between the front and back crosshairs)

yes look in the "config.ini" file

email the creator directly

of course

I find the answer by accident I'm so mad and dumb

still a 8.5/10

actual hype

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On windows 11 I think there's a memory leak issue, I've experienced it twice yet, I haven't dug that much yet but y'all might wanna know.

maybe a bit OTS but I love how every complains or questions that I've stumbled upon in these comments have a solution already implemented, it looks promising, keep up the great work !

it was really hard at the start and i didn't understood how i should've hug Esther but it was sweet and i almost cried so i guess its good

this is heartbraking.



Premiere being premiere :( rip

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I just need to know if RIBS' VST is 32 bit

thanks you all so much for the update <3

what a chad

they do on their Discord