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The Void will consume each parts of our universe. · By Benjamin Soulé

Game Balance Sticky

A topic by Benjamin Soulé created Mar 27, 2019 Views: 807 Replies: 10
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If you think the game is too hard or if some specific stage or planets are too easy or too hard please let met know. Same goes for perks and ships

I think that the self destruct perk is a bit powerful when it comes to the Nust - 3 boss.  If you get hit while you are to close to it, the whole thing gets destroyed.  This seems a bit op.  This seems to be the only boss that dies instantly if you use it.


I will protect big ennemies from the self destruct effect on next version.

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Please provide difficulty options.  The game looked interesting, but there's just too much going on for me on the screen at one time.  Just being able to slow down the game a little would help a lot.  Based on the demo, this isn't something I'd enjoy at the current difficulty.


I have reduced the difficulty for the next version. I will be released on monday

The difficulty for the first level is now more what I'd expect.  However, a speed (difficulty) slider would still be appreciated especially due to later levels.  If that's unrealistic, then just consider an unlimited lives option.  Alternatively, maybe a rogue-lite mechanic of some kind would work here.  Right now it's too easy to get increasingly frustrated in a cycle of spawn-die 1 sec later-spawn-die-spawn-die-spawn-die.

Maybe there should be some invincibility window after respawning? It's a classic mechanic in arcade games to think of it.


The ship should be re-spawned in a zone with no monster or danger. There used to be some case when it was not working ( laser beams or flamer ) but it should be fixed now. Do you remember what monster/danger killed you on respawn ?

in the demo, the snakes on the 3rd level are near impossible to trap. too fast, too unpredictable, and too large. has this changed in the full version? thanks, 


You can't capture this one like the other smaller snakes. You need to first reduce his living space to a very small land. He's the boss of one of the full version planet.

thank you!