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Thank you for your nice comment!

We're definetly going to work into actually making this a fully playable game,  as polished and as fully working as it can be, so I definetly encourage you to have us in the back of your mind and be looking forward to a hotfix that addresses all the bugs.

But we're happy to hear that even with the bugs, that you liked it :)

Thank you so much for your feedback!

We will definetly be doing some more work on it and make a post-jam version where things are actually completely polished and where these awful bugs would be a thing of the past. 

And thank you for your kind words 🙂

What an interesting game concept! Although maybe you guys went a bit too far with the "out of control" part, because I got to a point where I got stuck with a bunch of rotating "slots" I will call them, probably due to them being completely random, and couldnt do anything but rotate in place. 

I also got a bit confused in the beginning when I first started, when I wasn't very sure what to do.

But overall, really cool! Great work 🙂

Thank you for your feedback!

After way too many git conflicts during development, we have tried our best to have something fully polished, but it wasn't very possible.

Regarding to the theme, our idea was mainly a tower-defense game, but unlike other games of the genre, this one doesn't have a pre-defined path to it, and originally planned on making the enemies spawn from anywhere. The enemies also do drop a pile of scrap when dying, becoming solid for the other enemies and the player, essentially creating impediments for the enemies and randomizing the play area a bit. We saw it as something that is definetly out of control.  But I guess it is a theme that can be interpreted in many ways.

Really cool little game! 

The only little thing I'd see to it is that the camera can be very confusing when changing direction, but otherwise it's really nice!

Thank you so much!

It would be really nice if you (or anyone!) could give our game a look.

Our game is a platformer where can only move and jump with a single key. It gets pretty hard to the end but it's pretty doable.
Hopefully it doesn't glitch out much it was our first game we could actually say we finished!
Check it out here: