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Bear Vegas

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beautiful presentation and having a damage field only hit you on beat is one of the coolest feeling rhythm mechanics I've seen

Thats pretty cool! Makes me think about the space in a pretty interesting way, and it's very polished. Even an interactive tutorial level! Only gripe is with the edges of the screen being a little weird.

This is a really great premise for a jrpg combat system, and the writing and presentation is stellar! I fear my brain is too small for this game though.

this game is great! So big, such tricky jumps and secrets, such a friendly world. and it fits the theme perfectly! I only wish i could connect that one lonely kitten in the sword zone

This is a really interesting concept, and the presentation is really cool and I think fits the theme quite well. I would love to play a fully featured version. I also think some of the chess pieces are breaking the rules? That or I couldn't tell which ones they were supposed to be, but I think a castle killed me diagonally.

A fun perspective, and adorable bugs! I'm not sure I really understood the combat at all, but I still had a good time

Interesting! Cool to see some actual pop-art based takes amid all the soup based entries

I like the art a lot, and the powerups being npcs who crack jokes to you is an excellent idea. Great work

that was excellent, a game after my own heart. I unfortunately got clipped into the wall while fighting andy warhol. You win this round andy

pretty neat! interesting to have a battle royale where I have so little agency over whats going on. I truly felt like a pea in tha soup

thanks homie! your paint jam game was cool too

this was pretty cool! I like the idea of drawing stuff into the world in a point and click, A lotta potential there.

this was dope, you did a really good job with the paintings, and the general vibe of the museum at night. I'm not sure it really needs enemies, that may take away from the vibe and the banality/mundanity thing, tho certainly some audio and more visual polish would be cool. Great work!

Cool! I like the presentation a *ton*, and having 3 playable lizards to keep it fresh between runs is a good idea, even if they're just different colors.

Wow, these were some surprisingly complicated mechanics for a weekend game jam! I like the idea of the two playable characters with different abilities based on art styles, I feel like thats definitely a premise to explore further!

This was actually quite a nice clicker/accumulator game. It accelerates very nicely, so I was actually willing to sit around to see what the unholy tier soup flavours would be. The occasionally funny soup flavour was a great reward. I think I collected all 4 elements, as well as a a chemical compound. Well done!

I liked the message and the end, and that her eyes roll to look at you, and that the whole game is up in the top left corner. All in all a good experience

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I tried to put in "Andy Warhol" as my best friend but it didn't work, smh

(very good game)

This seemed pretty cool! The camera gave me a lot of trouble though (maybe its only like that in the webgl version?) so I couldnt see the level very easily, and I think I got out of bounds. Oh also I really like the little kicking feet on the can character.

This one was really great. I think you really nailed what Andy Warhol is all about. I couldnt beat it because sometimes you get trapped in an empty level with no cover, and no hope of escape. Overall, it was excellent

Cool! These sprites are quite nice, very crisp style and i like that the tent has a shadow.

That was cool! It was quite an experience to navigate such a 3d space with such chaotic 2d first person images. Really impressive for blind outlines too tbh

that was cool! Those were some evil AI patterns in level 3

Im officially better than andy warhol

a blast, I feel like you were born for paint jams

Yay!!! It worked! Thank you! And thanks for running the jam! It's been great fun.

we were like less than a minute late lmao

this is the game in question

that was cool, I like the concept of the animal ships, and the aesthetic is great. I think it glitched out after my first level though, every other level after it was empty?

That was spooky! I really like the story, and the audio was excellent. Crazy amount of atmosphere for a jam game, well done.

Think I'll wait for the full version, but I'm excited! Keep it up!

That was really dope, and more of a puzzle game than something like doodle god, since i have to contend with the decay system. I second the grid recommendation, I feel like the only real issue is in some of the communication of what is and isnt working, visually. This is crazy impressive for 48h tho, well done!

Was a fun game! I wish there was some a bar showing the gravity strength.

That was surprisingly fun! The fact that the things I'm dodging are physics based and bump into each other made it pretty interesting to try to predict their movement. As others have said, it ramps up very fast, but maybe that's the point because it's pretty funny how hopeless it gets. What exactly do the pills do? I feel like they heal me but I couldn't survive long enough after getting one to tell.

That was fun! It seems like theres actually some cool cover seeking AI on the shooting enemies, and I like the system of having block ammo and shoot ammo. I like the codifying of each of these things to a basic shape as well, made it easy to understand what the enemy types would do, though I guess the big squares kinda break that rule a bit.

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That was cool! Very polished for 48 hours, well done. Lots of puzz potential in those mechanics, would be interesting to see what more difficult levels would be like. I noticed I could jump around some of the gates but it ended up not mattering because it was more about whether or not the gary's could path around, I wonder if that could be used deliberately in a puzzle?

I like the vibe, and the concept of mimicking your surroundings. I found the first challenge a bit confusing, did I have to be touching the preexisting grass to avoid getting hit?

I think this is my favourite top down shooter I've played this jam so far; great use of the theme, and I like the artstyle a lot. 

Woah, love the vibes and the player character art. Not sure how i interpret the story, or how it connects to the theme, but I guess it's up for interpretation. Maybe i got "revived/mutated" by the final room? Interesting stuff.

Neat! Brave to make a pandemic game during a pandemic, but I had fun! I like that you have to apply the mutations in a grid area, and that you sometimes have to cycle some mutations before you can find one that will save you. I also like the way the gnomes look, very cute.

That was good fun! Very difficult, reminds me of flash game days.