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Fantastic concept. A post-apocalyptic theme would be pretty amazing as well.

Top notch! I really like the consistent feeling of progression in the mutagen / legacy mechanics.

Very cool. I really like the focus on the atmosphere in this game. Music + visuals + mechanics all work well together.

Much appreciated! I am happy to hear that you had a good experience. My goal for this jam was to bring more polish to the table.

Short and  well polished. I live next to a police station, I always wondered what they did back there.

Awesome job. I love x-terminating those little slimes.

Thanks! My wife created all the art using Pyxel Edit. 

Fun and solid game! I like the fish animations. 

Same result for me as well.

Thank you for the feedback!  It sounds like I need to work on improving the level design along with the increasing the total amount of levels overall. I'm looking forward to it!

I may also add some secret rooms as well.  :D

The art is very unique. I really like the animations!

Feels like a mix of SuperCrateBox and the original Mario Bros. I played for quite a while and had a blast! Fantastic!

Reminds me of the 2nd level in the Lion King game for SNES. Extremely difficult but very addicting. It would be awesome to have some sort of indicator to show where Donny will land once he is off-screen. Great job!

A solid and challenging game. Some audio would definitely make the game more engaging. I use for most of my sound clips.

Nice work! Definitely a tough game at first. Once I figured out the mechanics I was able to breeze through pretty quickly. Lots of fun!

How do you execute the file?

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the narration is fantastic! Great work!

Just a note, Windows Defender doesn't like your .exe file on Windows 10.

I really enjoyed your game! The reflection in the about section is pretty interesting, having worked with LibGDX a bit myself.

I suggest you add some hints as to what verbs can be used to take actions in your game. One idea would be a "help" command displaying all possible verbs.

Thank you good sir