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  • Hello Everyone this isn't a directly a job its more of a "One time" request I need an untextured and no rigged or animated PSX 3D model of a cultist! 

  • Discord:  beamdev

any chance you might be able to make low poly characters or just environments? 

I was able to beat the game its absolutely amazing the artwork is good and the music choice is excellent I love this game I'll give it a good rating thank you for your submission Seth

Thank you for playing Petra... yeah shouldve made it easier to spot after the jam I'll make like a couple of changes to make things easier for the player!

Thank you Queen for playing my game not sure if the fps thing was from the game or the recording software please let me know in order to check some of the issues out :)

Never thought you'd take a while the stuff around and I apologize about that I'll make a mext update after the jam and make item placement easier to spot

Thank you again for playing!

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2 years left we're half way through

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thanks a lot of the coverage of my game , I did comment on your video , liked and dropped a sub :D

both of you are trashcans that can't do shit but argue the entire comment section is you two arguing both of you are idiots get a life :/

Thanks alot glad you liked it 

Thanks alot :D

haha its okay hope the issue was resolved , I have a question do you have discord?

You should turn right normally and then move forward in that direction I'm not entirely sure , but I appreciate you playing I'll be working on it and inproving it slowly :)

The game is very good I liked it (sorry for the quick review but I'm playing multiple games before the voting period ends)

I don't know why but I barely got out of floor 3 , but fr now I enjoyed  the game alot truly amazing the assets are simplistic along side he enviroment wish you added a skybox tho the music is fitting the sfx of losing is hilarious to me (a good thing) a solid rating from me :)

I liked the graphics the models the gameplay basically everything about this game 5/5 :D

the game is fun and the bots acted as real humans the game's art is simplistic but effective , where's the audio tho I'd appreciate some tunes in the background and some other sfx , but hey I liked your game alot I gave you a good rating :D

the art is amazing the gameplay is fun and I really enjoyed my time you guys did a great job 5/5 :)

Thanks alot didn't expect someone to play it tbh I was trying to test the build with some friends I'm gonna improve the game slowly and carefully adding touches here and there and enhancing the visuals aswell :)

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the game is well made and looks very polished in my opinion too many things have already been said... Also I finally found the dark souls of ZenoJam6 which is your game lmao

5/5 for everything

thank you for making it :)

yeah sadly the game doesn't run on firefox switch your browser if possible , I'm sorry about the issue tbh but its really out of hand we can't do anything about even the godot admins in their official discord server told me that! 

damn cranberry you getting too crazy with these titles 💀

The game is actually like the title suggests the game is extremely well made I like the music and the art and the cool idea the game is balanced well but difficult at the same time which I believe is the best part about all this....well done! 💗

CONGRATS , thanks alot for your kind words and thanks alot for playing our game aswell...we might extend the idea later on to make it more fun! :D

We had the idea to make the asteroids more random that you might get hit often , so the health and steering upgrades might be needed things didn't go as planned and we had to take away the random asteroid spawning because it was buggy and had to switch to a timer instead....thank you for your feedback maybe one day we'll be able to balance it more! :D

Thank you we're glad you like it :D

hello I'm glad you liked some aspects of the game and I truly appreciate the feedback  we'll try our best to change the way the Rocket turns! 

Hello Greym2

I get that you're upset but the gameplay is there maybe its a bit lacking yes you're not wrong , but saying it ruins everything is something else this was a team project and everyone tried their best I understand hard and harsh feedback and I'm not a snowflake and won't cry about it at all in fact I'll put in mind and try to improve...but we all worked hard on the game we worked on the asteroids two days before the jam ended and I had to remove the system because it was a bit broken I had to take a shortcut in order to submit in time (again I understand your criticism I'm not trying to roast you I'm trying to explain) besides that was my first time trying to attempt a project this big yes it was with a team but I was the one who programmed the asteroids and some major stuff in the game , what's sad isn't the meteorites whats sad is the amount of times I've headaches throughout the jam trying to make this project playable  and fun in some aspects and you made it feel that asteroids were the main part of all this I get how boring it is when you reach a certain height but please don't say it "ruins everything"  at least some stuff are worth praising like the sfx and the music and the level design or the models and the main menu and other things we all struggled to make this game!  

Thank you for your feedback and again I'm not trying to roast you or hate on you and I'm not upset about you calling our game "boring" in some parts , but this was a big team effort to make this game what it is today we truly tried our best!

Hey again Aver , I'll try the downloadable version and also I hope you could expand the game a little maybe a tiny story since this is a relaxing game you could add some pieces to make a story or some memories of someone also some collectibles around the map that rewards the players for exploring just a suggestion ofc :D

great game and all , but where's the "theme" portrayed in this I wanna decide what rating I wanna give hope you could answer soon!

The game was extremely fun I have no reason to give you lower than 5/5!

The game is relaxing and beautiful but it was very "resource" heavy like I had like 30FPS on my intelcore i5     8gb ram with   RTX 3050  its not much but it should be enough to run the game , but I played it regardless and I enjoyed every bit of it (I'll simply "unsee" the fps issue that happened to me) your game is very well made the controls might need some adjustments , the environment is extremely beautiful and not alot have mentioned the low poly models in this you truly nailed it , well done a well deserved solid rating from me fam!!

The game is well polished and well made , it was made with love and passion , I liked the models alot , I liked that the game is also narrated very well , the game easily deserves 5/5 for everything you did an excellent job!

The art here is phenomenal and eye catching ,  the sounds are amazing aswell you did a great job and you deserve a solid rating from me!

Thank you we're glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey Alambo thanks alot for playing the Asteroids were intended to spawn randomly but the system got messed up and I had to change it to a timer instead sadly (that occured two days before the end of the jam) same goes to the prices but the system was working but the text wasn't displaying the prices properly so I had to take it away too , so I don't confuse the players , thanks alot for your feedback and for playing our game we're glad you enjoyed some aspects of it :D

Thank you I truly appreciate it , Glad you like it :)

Hello I'm glad you somewhat enjoyed some aspects of the game , and forgive me about the Rocks this project was one of the largest projects that we made so the entire experience was new we had to do countless shortcuts in order to submit the game in time and not have alot of issues , the idea was that the rocks will spawn randomly , but the system was bugged so I had to scratch it and made it spawn on a timer , and yes the distance isn't exactly 3000  its like 2950 (to reach the moon's hitbox) without the hitbox or trigger area its 3000 , I had to remove the doubling the prices thing because for some reason the value was changing but the text wasn't (an engine bug I guess) I tried everything but that never worked and in order to not make the game confusing I had to sacrifice it entirely , it doesn't seem like its changing speed but it is...I promise it does if you looked at the distance you'd notice a bit , We had too many plans but due to time constraints we had to take alot of shortcuts and we had cut content maybe one day we'll polish it even more , I appreciate your feedback a lot....Thanks alot for playing and reading! :D

Maybe One we'll be able to add that , thank you for playing I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

what are browser are you using? if you're using firefox then change the browser and try again its an issue with browser fam :D

cool concept and a lovable game  , but the issue is sometimes I might not find dark colored pads to jump on to higher places and I end up losing thats the only complaint , art , music , and the idea is pretty good I gave you a good rating because you deserve it :D