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Enrique Colinet "Baxayaun"

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Found ending 1 and 3... still looking for ending 2! ;)

Sorry to hear that. No, is not broken (I played again a week ago and everything seemed to be fine). There are 13 possible locations for the notes.

If you have problems finding them, use the map that I linked in the game's profile. That might help you. ;)

I needed three tries to finish the game, so that falls into the "not too easy, not too hard" territory. I missed having additional objectives or some difficulty ramping when lighting up the candles (Like spawning more monsters or so).

The eyes mechanic, however, was very interesting. I think it could be expanded even further. The left eye (Revealing the candles location) had a clear drawback: revealing your position to the monster, but the right eye had only advantages (Revealing the monster position). Maybe that could be improved somehow.

Still, the game felt pretty solid and the visuals were really good. Congrats! ;)

I'm currently working on a Zelda-like game with low-poly visuals and I must say that the simplicity on your game was truly inspiring. Thank you for this game!

Pretty cool! A nice, simple and rock solid 10 minutes game. I missed some audio effects and music, but the gameplay was flawless. Recommended!

I replayed it like 5 times just to hear how more birds would join the party. xD

It's a pretty interesting concept, and pretty well presented, but it's a pity that you only included 3 levels. This could have potential, specially if you include enemies that rotate every turn or positions you can only access from specific directions or turns.

Well done!

Nothing revolutionary. Pretty simple game. I would have loved to see a bit more variation in the level design. It's pretty easy to get lost in the maze since all the walls look the same. It can be beaten in 5-7 minutes. ;)

Thanks for playing! BTW, the Kabuki mask enemy was fired for the latest version of the game and replaced for something more unique. ;)

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It is compatible with the 360 controller only. At least, for now.

Hey, thank you for playing! I'm currently very dedicated to updating this game, and I think it reached almost its final version. "The creature" now looks different (I hated that creepypasta face) in version 1.2 and I added some other cool features. You're welcome to try them all! ;)

80% of the assets you see in this game are taken from the Unity Store. They are free assets for non-comercial use.

This is why "Don't look back" is a free game (Although I didn't intend selling it).

In the code side, I used Playmaker because I suck at coding, but I'm already kind of skilled in visual scripting (as a legacy after using Source Engine and Unreal 3 and 4).

I'm planning on creating at least one more level for this game with ProBuilder, which is the next tool I intend to learn.

And that's about it. :)

Anything you would love to see in this game? Then this is the place.

Don't look back community · Created a new topic BUGS

Post any bugs you see here! ;)