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Enrique Colinet "Baxayaun"

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¿El DLC para cuando? 😂

BTW, 92 seconds is a good time, right? I managed to make an incredibly high and long jump and the doggo just kept running after landing. x)

This game made me feel free. There, I said it!

I just loved it, and there is so much potential behind it. :_)

Oh noooo! I would have LOVED this game if you finished, because I'm a huge mode 7 fan! The concept is there and I'm attracted to it, yes... now make the game, please! :_)

Well, there is obviously something wrong with the axe, because it wasn't working for me most of the times... and those clouds! Arggh! I hated them! x)

Phew! I made it on my first try! Damn squirrels! Hahaha!

I loved how cute and simple the game feels and play. Well done! 

Damn it! I was doing SO WELL, until my reflexes betrayed me and quick saved during a long fall when I was already inside the big red tube. It's actually quite fun, and I got used to the wonky controls, but the taser things are a pain, especially on the ramps! Well done!

Well, don't worry. Next time you'll manage to have it done in time! I see part of the idea behind, but as you said, it's incomplete.
Did you continue working on it during this week? I'm really curious about how this game would have played in the end. :)

It's like a mixture between billiards, minigolf and... well... what about those graphics? They were pretty trippy for my taste. xD

However, the game is easy to understand and fun to play. Well done!

Damn it! I should have played this game yesterday when a friend was visiting over! It's actually quite fun, although playing VS myself was not as engaging as it should. x)

With more polished controls this could be really interesting. Even if the movement is not quite there, It's actually quite impressive how you managed to make this in 48 hours. :D

The concept is incredibly easy to understand and the gameplay is simple and fun. Thank you for making it compatible with a 360 controller! That made it twice as fun to play! :D

I didn't manage to understand completely how to play, but the presentation was really good. By the way! You got highlighted on the latest GMTK Stream, you lucky! My team also played your game on my latest stream on Twitch, in case you want to see us playing (In Spanish!).

I though the password was "Nirvana" and I felt like a hacker copying the word in the browser and pasting it into the game so I could bypass the R key bug. xD

I managed to complete it and I felt like a private investigator. It just a pity that the ending felt so rushed. However, I enjoyed playing it.

You can follow this link to see my team colleague and myself playing and finishing it! ;)

This is actually one of the best ones I played so far. I don't see the need to complaint about anything. Pretty solid mechanics, polished art and really fun to play. Congrats guys!

If you want to see us playing your game, follow this link!

Once I got used to the turning mechanic, it actually turned into a challenging and fun experience. Well done! But why bleach bottles are the only articles on sale? xD

We played it here in case you want to see us playing!

Besides the little problem with the lever that switches paths, I actually had a great time with this. I wasn't sure if I had to kill everyone or not, but THAT PRECISELY THE TROLLEY PROBLEM. xD

We played it here in this stream, if you want to watch it!

Buggy cursor in Suicide Kingdom is my alternative title. xD

I must confess that had a laugh playing it because it's hillarious seeing everyone in the kingdom commiting mass suicide. That princess must be a horrible ruler! x)

I wasn't expecting that the tweets I was crafting were going to be published. That blew my mind! As a game, I don't see it pretty engaging, but I LOVE the idea of turning basically everyone into a CM for a presidencial candidate. That is bonkers! I see some potential for this concept. :D

Thank you for playing! Well, I would say that we got enough attention, but overall we are happy with the result. :D

Thank you for the tutorial at the very beginning! Even if the game is quite simple, without the tutorial I would  probably have failed even faster! x)

The game feels chaotic (for the good reasons) pretty soon, but I would have prefered that the main goal of the game was surviving. I could only score like 8 Lemgrins in total! xD

The game features all the elements that it need to be a challenging platformer, but my issue is that there is no pacing... all happens at once from the very beginning! x)

However, once you manage to reach the first coin, somehow the game starts feeling a bit more fair and fun. I loved the art in the intro sequence! :D

SO STRESSFUL... but the game looks like a winner to me! It's one of the entries with the highest potential to turn into a fully fledged game. There is not much I can critisize without clearly exposing how everything that I find annoying about the game is either a thing that they probably fixed 5 minutes after submission or because I'm bad at it. x)

Congrats guys, this is probably be featured in GMTKJam2020's video!

Great character design and postprocess effects, but I would have loved to find more interesting set pieces for the levels. All combats felt pretty much the same, and there was soooo muuuuch text x)

I was lucky enough to have a friend sitting next to me so I could play this game, because that's the usual problem that coop games have in GameJam (Coop games tend to get forgotten) and I had a blast! Sure needs more polishing, but the basics are there and it works good enough to make you have a good time. I never wanted to collect so much garbage in my life! x)

Frantic, unpredictable and above all... REALLY FUN! I had a blast playing it!

My only complaint is that I don't quite understand how exactly the areas are activated once I'm there (I assume is by shooting an enemy within the active area), but besides that little detail, the game is fun and addicting. Good job guys!

Hahahaha! 178 points! WOW... I got flashbacks from darker OS times. :D

I liked everything about it, except that it was stressful as hell! Good job!!!

So short! What a pity! You really got me interested on the mechanics! It felt like a very light version of Baba is You, and that's a pretty good compliment. :D

Interesting concept. The presentation reminded me to Adventure for Atari 2600. I got myself killed when possesing a key to bypass some spikes in order to reach an enemy so I could posses it and then throw myself into the spikes... but the enemy turned into the key and destroyed itself... so I lost the key that I was trying to get in the first place.

PHEW! That's a story! Right? xD

The catchy beat and the scream when falling... those were *chef kiss*

The game was nothing special, but it easy to understand, fun to play and pretty challenging. 

WOW! This feels like a full game. Loved the level design and how challenging everything feels. I couldn't stop playing it! Got a A+ mark. :D

BUT... how this relates to the theme of the Game Jam exactly?

Well! It was shorter than expected! I wish you guys could come up with something more interesting to do for the weight other than just staring at its surrounding sounding all grumpy and frustrated. I feel you, weight thingy! x)

Well, I've been playing quite a few games that I had in my queue and this is the first one that was really fun to play because of its mechanic. So simple, elegant and challenging! It made me feel like I was playing an old arcade cabinet! Congrats!

BTW: 44 points! :D

It lacks in presentation, but the idea is pretty easy to understand, the level design is good and the game can be completed. So that's a job well done! ;)

435... not bad! (I think!)

I was missing some indication of how close I was to end a wave, but the game was playable and enyojable. I really REALLY missed a button to strafe, but I guess that's part of the "out of control" thing on this JAM. Well done!

I think I was doing pretty good, because the car was sounding pretty fast and the driver was kind of polite with his answers, but then I gave the wrong instruction and we flew out of the road. My career is over. RIP. x)

I'm not quite sure if not following the story is another way to follow the story... I was tricked by a misterious man who WAS part of the story, so I don't know what's real anymore. xD

Pretty awesome presentation. Some "The Stanley Parable" vibes here definitely.

I found the way to break a level and scape into Oblivion, so I guess I'm not a God anymore.

I like this kind of game, but the level design made the experience harder than it should. x)

144 points in my first attemtp is not bad, right? Fun little game but very frantic!