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Great idea, but it's so hard.

Thank you for the recommendation.

Thank you for playing my game.

Thank you. Welcome. Welcome.

Holy sh... It's a very interesting idea. If there was a color mixing chart that would be great.

The game is a bit short. But the color combination was very surprising.

Fun game.

But think of adding a jump or dash. Instead of having many different guns, this can make it difficult to play (at first).

Good idea puzzle. At first, the game was simple. In Mission 2 or 3, it's more complicated. I love it.

Can I do anything with the mouse cursor?

Good level design. The game is so short... but it's OK.

Thank you ๆ.

Good control, good graphic.

Good idea puzzle. I love it.

ผมติดอยู่ที่หน้า arsenal menu ออกไม่ได้ครับ แล้ว ui มันค่อนข้างรก ตอนที่อยู่ในฉากต่อสู้นะครับ

It's a very impactful game. :-O

The game use Left or Right arrow to play. Please add key (something like a spacebar) to retry.

It's a very unique game idea, I like it and enjoy it a lot.

That's a fun game and so friendly to play

Very fun game.

That's a fun game.


Happy New Year 2023 everyone!!

I'm proud to present Toy Packer, a Co-op game,  which you can play Co-op with your friends.
It has the same gameplay as Overcooked! Not at all, but to wrap gifts for Santa Claus. in order to distribute them to the children.

The new version of Toy Packer version 1.1.2

New features

- Adjust the control to make it easier to play To be able to use only one button to play.
- Add a dash to make it work faster.
- Character customization and save your character for the next play.
- Random Game: Use procedural generation to create a unique dungeon.

Let's play:

The new version of Toy Packer v.1.1.2

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The combination between 3D and 2D that look great. The atmosphere in the game is good, like a horror game. Unfortunately, it's pretty short. And there is no other option to try to play again.

you did not miss.  But I missed the theme itself. Ha ha ha

In fact, I make a multi joystick interface before Jam start. Some of tile map and character customisation is one of my old system. I make a gameplay in one day.(follow overcooked game design) The next day, I make some of graphic, sound and music.

So sorry. Please try the newest version. I delete some code about local storage.

Can you press C (for a keyboard) or press "A" button on the joystick (for using a joystick) to select the Continue game button?

How to choose a controller for each player?

After the left click or spacebar, press "C" or "O" on the keyboard or press the "A" button on the joystick to register player one (or the next player) like a multiplayer Co-op style.

After the left click or spacebar, press "C" or "O" on the keyboard or press the "A" button on the joystick to register player one (or the next player) like a multiplayer Co-op style.

I don't know what the game's purpose is. But the game scares me... and ... Crash.

It's OK. If you have more time, you should replace the red bug with another (red) example that looks more dangerous. so that players feel makes sense.

Good gameplay.
I recommend that you don't let the player die since he hasn't pressed anything. You may have the character hovering in the air and tell the player to press the spacebar first and have the character float and fall. Players will also be able to place a hand on the keyboard to control correctly.

That I can't aim and shoot by ourselves, which makes the game not free to control.

I know some people get bored after playing for a long time.

But if you add more obstacles while cutting down trees to be more challenging, it might help.

My Mouse is down.

How can I move down quickly

The game is 18+ :D (good idea)

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If you have a friend who plays games and has 2 joysticks, please give me some feedback. Is there any feature that needs to be added?

Two-player demo clip, I tried to make the mechanics look like Overcooked! as much as possible What do you all think?

My game:

The game is quite challenging. Although the method of playing is difficult, but the rules are clear.