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As you said. About the last two weeks, I had to make a new plan to finish the game in time. At that time, I had to choose what needed to be done and what needs to be cut off.

Then I had to do a structure of all the dungeons according to the story. Then take the rest of the time to fill in the details. This way is quite certain that the game will be finished in time. But the downside is the game is not fresh.

For example, clothes In the game there are only the clothes of the characters and the only "shirt" that can be taken on the dungeon. Even though we can create a lot of costumes from the character customization program. But because there is not enough time, so we can make a sample one "shirt" to let the players know that when changing the outfit, how will it affect the status?

But...this is a Game Jam. I am enjoying it very much. Maybe if there is a chance, I might remake this game as you (and others) recommend.

Thank you very much for everything.

I can't play this game. There is an error no .pck file. Let's try again.

My favorite. Ivy can suck an enemy's blood to health by 2 points at a time, but if we can upgrade to level 6, it can suck by 4 points.

Oh. I'm sorry about the blood. At first, I was worried about it. But there is a thread in the community that It can bleed, but there shouldn't be gore. But I'll add a button at the top (right next to it to select EN or TH (I from Thailand)) that can remove this effect. Or would you be okay if it just turned green? Let me know, I'll be very grateful.

You can send me a message on Discord or send it to I'll be very grateful and I'll do my best to polish further.

thank you for the advice.

About control, using a joystick is recommended. I had a little time to polish the controls with the keyboard. Sorry.

Let me ask you a question I do not speak English But I want to know the meaning of "meat and potatoes" hope you can explain it to me. Thank you very much for your help.

I guess it doesn't show a dialog, right? When we play again, he was stuck in a cage, right?
If yes, I will fix this bug very soon.

Thank you. 
I added the auto-upgrade system, it will upgrade when collecting diamonds. Not sure it's what you want. (click on the item to auto and press down, you can only choose 1 to auto)
but I don't recommend it because you should decide for yourself whether to use diamonds with weapons or clothes.

Thank you. I added a spacebar button for jumping. Hopefully, this will make it easier to play. The game is actually designed to use a joystick, you'll get the most fun with it.

Ah.... I found a bug. I can't go anymore. BTW, this game is good. There are many secrets that I haven't been able to find.

Of course. I think the back collision of the object ,after we flew pass, should be smaller. That make it easier to play when I turn to the line. 

about the wall.  I think it's just objects placed in chunks. If they are connected, It will make it easier to see. For example, if I can't look at the line well, I might think I can fly through the between two objects.

It's a fun game. But It's easy to crash. I think that you should place an object in the middle between two adjacent objects to make it look like a wall.

It's a great game. Especially when the last boss comes out.

Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. I actually wanted to do it more and polished somethings too.

Hi, I didn't register for this jam yet. But I love to work with a new friend. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together. Try to check out my work.

My Discord: bastation#7205

My game:

I see. Thank you very much.

The good idea game.

It's a very complete game, balanced in every way.

Thank you. There is some trick for Easy or Normal mode. When you see color with a lot of people playing, press that color continuously. Because the gamers who can beat others his power will be decreased, it easy for other people of the same color to defeat him.
One more thing, when two players are equal power, they draw, perhaps you are confusing why there is no lost gamer.

Thank you for your advice

Game title/URL: Try a New Normal in One Month Nickname Try One.

Pitch/Information: Platformer Simulation game. Try One is you are what you eat game. Each day, You must choose the right food and then go out to work (by fighting enemies) By the food eaten, Carbohydrates will give you more attack power. Fat can move well. And protein will help us develop more abilities.

I'd like feedback on: I intend to keep the game away in a serious game but we cannot reflect all the nutrients that we consume in normal gameplay. Do you think this game makes you aware of eating healthy and proper food? I really hope so.
By the way, you can comment on anything. Even the game has the potential to make it bigger. :D


The project is almost complete, with just a little more OST and sound adjustments.

I intend to complete 100% before submitting the game. There is not much time left. Nothing interesting to update Hope everyone's projects are successful.

This is my first time joining the game jam (although I've been working on the game a few days ago. But that's not committing to anyone.) I had a lot of fun, I felt like challenging myself, making new friends. This was a very good experience.

Do you have a SoundCloud or something like that?


Not much progress.

End scene.

I have played clear. :D

Sorry, I posted in the wrong thread

Upgrade battle mode.

  • Added differences for each weapon, such as length.
  • Change the effect of the slash.
  • Increase the size of the weapon to be bigger and clearer.


video footage :

I have played clear. :D

I should have believed the admin said we should make the game little by little. Because making a game and watching Euro 2020 football at the same time is very tiring. (I'm joking).

Today I added a battle system. From the beginning, I expected it to be an automatic system but changed to a simple platformer. All stats depend on your basic physical condition and the food you eat. Enemies in the game are other characters just like us. They have weapon values and can attack us too.
There's no game over in this game. If we run out of HP, we'll go back to our home. After resting there will be a conclusion about how much our bodies have developed.

"Try a new normal in one month" 

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing your work smoothly.

When I heard that this jam is a free theme, I thought I'd like to try a game that will introduce health care, such as food selection and diet. We have to take into account the food we have to eat. and our daily activities without any guidance on how much protein that you need, how much carbohydrates to eat, or how much fat to eat. But it's up to you to choose to eat according to your daily activities. and your desired goals Where the food you eat and the activities you do, will affect whether your goals meet your needs (or not).

I hope this game introduces the concept of dieting as much as possible. And this game will keep everyone entertained and educated as you become more interested in health care.

Enjoy the daily activities

"Try a new normal in one month" 
Eat and burn calories.

"Try a new normal in one month" 
This is a diet simulator. You will need to choose the food that suits you best. And go out to fight.


I just want to know the title Is the grammar correct?

Sorry, I'm not good at English.

Me too. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

No, I am not. Chip tune is just one of my favorite. But you can choose the music that suits the game.
BTW. I will use HTML5 to make a game, the overall look is the same as any game I've ever made on

Do you have a team yet?

I'm a programmer. My game page is . If you are interested in my game style. please reply or Discord at bastation#7205


So much fun.


Thank you for your comment. But this gameplay was taken from the Tile fun game. You can download the Tile fun game on Android and IOS.