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The game is fun but hard to master or intend to win.

You could change the arrow key to WASD.

Good Good Good.

It seems simple, but I enjoyed it.

19500 (because I was tired. :D)

cute story. Even though I'm not good at English, it is not difficult to read.

It's a very funny idea.

53 s, this is a game that feels very strange to me.

Very fun game, unfortunately, there is too few levels. If there were 10 more levels, like a 6th level, that would be great.

good puzzle platformer game.

I can't jump with joystick. Please check.

I can't do combo moves. Can you explain the timing of the combos?

The game is very difficult. I think that the game uses random to make obstacles. If the random of the obstacles is less than now or random the pattern that you did before. Might make the game easier.

A good platformer action game.

Well done, keep trying.

Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for following

Thank you very much.

I'm so sorry, I didn't test it with the keyboard very much. When all of the votes have been done, I will change the layout ASAP.

Thank you very much, hope you get a chance to play my other games.

I'm glad you enjoyed my game.

A simple but fun game, the additions to each level are nice.

The game is very cute, I can see the intention of making this game. And hope you enjoy making the game. And keep making more and more games.

Does that mean we only have to avoid enemies (in level one)?

The Tip is ... you just throw the seed on that point. The most important thing is jumping. You have to jump from almost the top. It must be a position so that the head doesn't hit the top block. If removing a block at the top might be easier.
You can actually hit the ball slightly to change direction. But it's too random.
Hope you enjoy playing the game.

Thanks for playing my game.
I actually try to control the growth of trees more. But because we're using Box2D, we don't want to force the physic too much.
Indeed, we added the throw by pressing up and down. And hope that it will help something more. But that's it.
By the way, your game is awesome. Hope to see this game (or another game) that is longer playable and has more detail.

I'm glad you like this game. This game is made with pure HTML5.

Thanks for playing my game.
I think you're probably stuck in the same area as me. :D If I have time, I should probably be coding to check the tile that it makes the player through the wall.

Thank you very much.

thanks for playing my game.
At that point, it's a pity that it can't be determined for sure. In fact, I should have removed one block above, maybe it would have been better.

I like the shooting game. From the pictures, it happens when I use a joystick.

So simple but fun It would have been better if there was a checkpoint.

Simple but fun. I think it would be better if one button can be used to lift and drop the boxes. And it would be great if we could add some abilities, such as being able to dash.

The graphics and storytelling are good. But the gameplay is a bit difficult. I don't know how to attack the enemy. The enemies are many and difficult to dodge. I have collected walnuts. But I don't know how to use it, pressing X can't do anything.

May I ask you a question? After watering the plants What buttons to climb trees? 

Oh, I got the idea of the game. But thought it was quite tiring to play. It would have been better if we could collect things. And we can only be used when necessary.

But it's a good idea. and it makes it look Easy to understand the puzzle, great.

It's okay, but I wonder why the players can't control the direction of their attacks.

So Pachinko. Enjoining. But I have stuck somewhere (Sorry for the screenshot) and I can't do anything.

Nice graphics and can be polished, but you'll need to spend time to make a lot of level design.

I really enjoyed the beat-em-up feel of this game.

I don't get your idea. (but I know your reason). But it was enjoining the bomb :D