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Oh Ok haha that could be why :

Hello :) 

I am sorry you are experiencing this. The game loaded and plays in my browser 

What browser do you use?

Haha that was me thinking "Im going to make this a puzzle game" 

Thankyou ;)

I fixed the wheels... by removing them lol yup this car game has no wheels... for now


The upgrade button does work, the way I have programmed it (you do not need to pay to upgrade) But OK ;)

Haha  :) thankyou!

Haha  thankyou  ;) 

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       Or Mary, Linda, Lisa, Susan, John, David, Robert, Michael or Paul. 

      These are 3d printable name plate decorations. I have textured themand shaded them to look like a FDM 3dprint 

       I have not yet printed these models, however for the past month I have been playing around wit this workflow. I did not invent this fancy  text but I did spend the time to create my own formula which I have used several times so far.

       I am also available for custom 3dprint and/or game development needs.

Haha good good, I have another idea but that one is a secret too ;)

A law game where everyone who seems guilty is guilty. Call it "Guilty Guilty: Absence of Innocence"

Hey, thank-ya those are good points. But yes feedback when shooting is important Thank you for reminding me

Hello, Thankyou for your interest,

I have changed the asset license to a CCA which should include commercial rights. 

The MIT license applies the source code license (Blend file)

         They aren't the best assets, but they are mine, and I'm planning on using them In the jam which is why I made them free for everyone else to use as well.

        I Left them untextured partly because I'm waiting for the jam to start and find out the theme. Also with them not being textured it will allow anyone to texture it to suit the game they are making. and TexureHaven (I think is now polyhaven) is my goto for textures

      I'm pretty sure this is allowed as per rules, I have not started working on my game yet and have shared what I did do.

Lol I didnt even think of that. I guess we make the blame game

Im pretty sure I recall Pirates and / or Vikings being an option and not gunna lie I wanted one of them hehe.

The remaining themes are pretty neat though. 

Super fun game :)

Hehe :)

Thanks for the reminder :)


Hello how is everybodys jam going?  My project took many turns and has thrown a few curve balls but it still runs :). The main thing I should have done differently was organize and/or create a project outline before I start jumping into Godot or blender.  I plan to release my game tonight or tomorrow. it isn't "done" but it is playable.

I made a video talking a bit more about some of the things I've done.

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Thankyou very much :) You are awesome!

Thankyou this worked for me on mac

The direction I was headed. Some variables aren't exposed to the player yet

Gimme tha candies!!!

Love the game :)

Having an issue where the mouse is visible even though Im hiding it

Haha time well spent :)

wow this is neat :)

It would be true...


Thankyou for your find.

honestly, I knew of that bug when I built that version of the game I just wanted someone to find it :) 

ah thankya for reporting that I shall look into whats happening :)

thankyou for playing:) 

And thank you for the feedback those are really great ideas and I will try to implement some of them 

Have a good one 

The market can be harsh sometimes :)

I can look into that :)

Thanks for trying it out :)

Thank you very much for your feedback. :) 

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 No longer Blackbox issue

Appears to be a black box issue, will attempt to recover in the am

Thank you :) have a good one