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I'm glad you like it! I agree some more maps would help spice things up, the final version really only has two and a half proper maps, so if I had more time I'd definitely work on adding some more variety there. (More weapons too of course!)

I'm glad you liked it!! It was my first time really developing in 3D, so while I have a long way to go it's good to hear that it was enjoyable. Your trees were just what I needed to tie together the look of the game, thanks a bunch for making them available o7

Thanks! I based the main menu on the Outer Wilds title screen


Thanks! It's definitely not the most original concept, I went with something straightforward in order to make sure I could complete it in time. I'm glad you like the movement though, I spent awhile tuning that in!

That suggestion about the enemies is really good. The first enemies I put in were the swooping ones, which are actually the hardest to hit in my opinion, so that wasn't a great choice in hindsight. I didn't think about training the skill of aligning the sword but that totally makes sense!

It's ok! Bullet hell games are meant to be hard lol. I was a worried while designing the levels that I might alienate people who aren't used to the genre, if you can think of anything that would make it easier to get the hang of let me know!

Hmm, the mouse should be captured by the game window... The only way to escape the mouse is by pressing escape, and it should recapture any time you click on the window. Are you playing the windows version? I haven't had a chance to test the other builds yet.

Thanks! That's exactly the feel I was going for

The pointer is a bit of a mess, it's a RigidBody2d with a dynamically offset area2d for collision detection in normal cursor mode. In hindsight, I think it would be better to swap between a KinematicBody and a RigidBody when it changes modes for a number of complicated reasons, and I plan to try that out and release an updated build after the jam. As for the levels, they're pretty simple, walls are StaticBodies and just about everything else is an Area2d. Then I just used signals and AnimationPlayers to make everything work, and slapped a level graphic sprite on top!

This is great! One of the best interpretations of the theme I've seen, the situation is totally out of control but the player is still in control, which is important for making a game be fun.

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This is awesome! I love all the variations on the same theme, it reminds me of "This is the Only Level", one of my favorite old flash games. Incredibly clean presentation too, in both graphics and sound. (It also made me appreciate buying a variable DPI mouse)

Ooh, I'll have to give your game a shot soon! I haven't seen many other projects using a mouse either. I agree audio would help a lot, between time constraints and my own lack of experience with it I decided to focus on other things. It's definitely something I want to include the next time I do a jam!

And if you want a hint for that level, try putting some momentum into your cursor before you let it go ;)

Thanks! If you want a hint, you don't have to throw the cursor up that slope. Take a look at the other things available to you in that level

Thanks for the heads up! I haven't used itch very much, so I appreciate the advice

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it

This is a really cool concept, I haven't seen many strategy games in this jam. Lots of fun to play too!

Great game! I've played lots of games from this jam that randomly adjust things in the environment, but this one is much better because it actually gives you a warning for what's about to happen. Seeing the new gravity direction in the top left, then working out how to use it to my advantage meant I got to solve a fun puzzle every few seconds. 

The only change I'd make is to slow down the character a bit. Apple Bro is a little too speedy, making him hard to control at times. Overall though, this is definitely among the best of the games I've played from this jam.

I had an idea similar to this while brainstorming ideas, I'm glad to see it executed so well! The art looks great too, really nice colors and style.

This game goes hard

Pretty fun overall, but I think there are a couple things that would help make it even more enjoyable. More weapon variety would be great, right now all the weapons are so similar that my strategy as a player doesn't really change based on which weapon I have. And secondly, some kind of visual indicator for player/enemy health would be nice.

This is one of the most unique ideas I've seen yet, and the art style is super clean. I like it!

This is an interesting idea, and the overall look is quite polished (I really like the animation for losing a health bar segment!). It might be more enjoyable if there was some warning before the thrusters fired, though. I think giving the player a second or two to react would make for a more fun, strategic experience.

I'll be sure to include this quote if I ever make an accolades trailer XD

I'm glad you like the visuals! They're one of the last things I added, but I think they help the game feel a lot nicer.

That's the best compliment I could ask for!

Thank you! That means a lot :D

Thanks! You can actually free the mouse by pressing escape, by the way

Thank you! I did wonder about that one, slowing it down a bit probably would have been a good idea. 

Really well done! I was actually planning to do something similar with a Jekyll & Hyde theme, but changed my mind a few hours in. I'm glad to see someone had a similar idea (and pulled it off much better than I could have!)

Same issue here

Really solid idea with excellent execution. Well done all around!

If I were designing a game to give people headaches, this would be it. Which is a compliment, in this case! The graphics are great too, with a coherent style and lots of little details in the background. Probably the best looking game I've played from this jam yet.

This is an amazing puzzle game. The simple mechanics offer amazing levels of complexity, and nearly every level requires some new way of using the things you already know. This is one of the best simplistic puzzle games I've played in awhile.