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Thank you to the moderators for setting up the Jam and giving us hobbyists something to do during quarantine. Thanks to everyone who submitted and rated all the submissions, and thanks to all of you who gave constructive feedback to my submission. It was definitely an interesting experience. 

The game is pretty good imo. The shooting is pretty simple, but as someone who's shit at complicated shooters, I enjoyed that quite a bit. I kinda like the untexured look actually, looks very neon. My only gripe is that the enemies tend to come up when you least expect. I think they should at least emit a footstep sound or something. Otherwise, pretty tight game!

I like  the basic theme of the game and the visuals. The controls feel pretty tight as well. My only gripe is that there's a bit of a difficulty spike around the 4th level. Otherwise, neat game!

I liked the atmosphere of the game. judging by the description, that seems to be the element you spent the most time on and it shows. The mechanics are simple, but do work for the experience you're going for. My only gripes would be some iffy UV unwrapping on the buildings, and the lack of an ingame story explanation (maybe just copy paste the text from the game description or smth). Otherwise, pretty good submission!

I liked that quite a bit. The music was really nice (which is quite important in a game thats about music), and the gameplay was quite challenging. I liked the challenge of finding an opening to play your instruments, since choosing to do so leaves you vulnerable to attacks. I also liked the challenge added by the instruments flying away from you. It's especially tense when they go towards other guards. My only gripes would be a few layering issues with the building tiles, and the fact that the fans are kind of useless (maybe have them block guards or bring your instruments towards you?). Otherwise, good game!

Hell yeah! thanks a lot man, this game is sure to make roadtrips more bearable (y'know, once quarantine ends)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the alt fire taking health away was a design choice, though I think I should've conveyed that better. Yeah, I am well aware of the earrape level sound design, I'll be sure to patch that once the jam is over. 

I like this. The art style is adorable and cute. the dialogue is really well written, you can really tell that Frankie knows these people well, and that he(?)'s kinda gonna miss the very nice uh... cult. Definitely an interesting concept. I like these characters quite a lot actually, I think you could make a pretty good full VN with these guys if you wanted to. Overall, good submission!

I just played and rated it. Yeah definitely. This game could be really great if you expanded it to a full length game and add some other creative box types. I really like what you've done here so far and would be interested in seeing a full product if ever.

really good game! I like the creative solutions to a lot of the puzzles and the way the game introduces mechanics is very smooth and intuitive. My literal only gripe with the game would probably be that the trampolines are a little glitchy. otherwise, great game! could easily see this on steam if given a few touch ups.

Here's mine if you're interested:

Will you be recording the stream and posting it anywhere? I'd be interested to see videos of the other Jam games I wasn't able to play.

Well this game is a little interesting. The early game is pretty alright with good enemy balancing, and the first 2 maps are dense with detail. My problems start when going into the temples however. I can tell you used the RPG Maker MV dungeon generator, which I personally already object to using since the layouts it makes tend to be pretty boring, but I think you could at least improve the room layouts by making the rooms smaller. As it is now, the dungeons are large rooms with a whole lot of nothing in them. I recommend making smaller rooms that are densely detailed rather than larger rooms that have no substance. This large room issue kinda snowballed into other problems as well, particularly the enemies. I think you heavily underestimated how high the player level would be at certain points, which resulted in me literally getting to the first boss in such a high level that it couldn't do any damage to me. The overworld is also kind of a mess, since it does such little to direct the player in the right direction that I constantly got lost. The story also isn't introduced very well, and the writing is overall kind of a mess, introducing characters out of the blue, and not having enough explanation of what is going on that I was just confused the whole time. I dropped the game after the 2nd dungeon, mostly because it was at that point that I realized you made a medium length RPG. It's not bad to be ambitious, but I think it was a bad idea to make such a long and complicated game like a medium length RPG for a game jam that lasts 2 days. I think this game could've turned out a lot better if you instead made the game 1 dungeon with maybe a boss at the end, and focused on making that slice the best you possibly can, rather than spreading yourself thin by trying to make a whole RPG within the strict time limit. As for how to improve with RPG Maker, I heavily recommend watching videos from Echo607 since she gives a lot of good advice on how to make an RPG maker game feel unique, and look into the MV plugins by YanFly since they can help add some oomph as well. I also recommend watching this video by 2kliksphillip. While not a professional tutorial, the video gives a good baseline understanding of RPG balancing and even some core game design principles. I also recommend paying attention to the intricacies of how RPGs are balanced when playing some on your own. Pay attention to how they guide the player, and how each mechanic works in tandem with one another to form the experience. Most of all though, I recommend you keep at it. This game isn't the best, but we all have to start from somewhere. Just keep making the games you want to make, and improving as much as you can, and eventually you'll get the hang of it. I can tell that a lot of passion and effort went into this game, and I think if you can channel that more effectively, then you'll have something great on your hands.

That was really fun actually. The music and aesthetics made me think it would be kinda calming, but the game itself is actually quite hectic. I like how it forces you to multitask between killing enemies, feeding the kittens, healing kittens, and replenishing ammo. The enemy types are pretty cool as well, especially the one that stays still, since it kinda encourages sparing them at times to conserve ammo, adding depth to the game. Overall, great game design displayed here! My only gripes would be that collecting ammo is a little convoluted and the fact that the game over sequence is glitched. Otherwise, great game!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game. Fascinated to see your experiences with the game (that situation you mentioned definitely sounds tense). About the sprint having no consequences, funny story, I initially did do that, but the game ended up being too hard, so instead of balancing it, I just removed the punishment for sprinting. I'll definitely find a way to bring that back without destroying the game's balancing.

that was a really nice game. I like the challenge of controlling 2 characters at once. The assets were nice, and feel congruent with each other. Literally my only issue is that the boxes feel too light, maybe make them a bit heavier in the physics options. Otherwise, good game! I could easily see this as a full commercial game if given a bit more work and more content.

That was good fun. The wolf pack mechanic took a little getting used to, but it's really useful for the later stages. I love the kind of genre fusion here between rhythm games and bullet hell, and I love the minimalist music thats on beat with the rest of the game. The enemy types are varied and interesting too, I particularly liked the birds and the mole rats. My only gripe would be maybe to make the scatter mechanic more precise. Otherwise, great game! 

had to convince a sibling to play this game with me for a bit. It looks really stupid, but the game is actually really fun. I kinda like how its basically a reverse pong, where your goal is to avoid projectiles. The art looks like shit, but its charmingly shit and I kinda love it. The music slaps btw, I dont know if you made it or not, but like, thats an unironic banger. So, uh, yeah. Good game! really weird, but good!

I think this might be one of my favorite games in this jam. The dialogue is so damn funny, the concept is fun, the visuals are trippy as fuck, the auto reader is just the icing on the cake, the music fucking slaps, and the game is really memorable, and memeable. I really enjoyed my time with this game. Can't really think of any gripes I have so yeah. Great game!

nice controls first off. The character has a good sense of weight, and I never felt like I was not in control. The wall jump feels a little clunky, though thats mostly just a feel thing (I recommend maybe making the player's descent slower when clinging to walls) Finding the backpacks was a fun challenge as well. Good game!

that was nice. I like the resource management your required to do due to having such limited bees, and the slow movement really added to that challenge factor. The game's visuals look great too, and the music slaps, though one track sounds almost sad for some reason. Also the bike guy is a nice touch. Good game!

That was pretty nice. The visuals look pleasing, and the music is absolute hype. the extra stuff with going inside was really nice as well (I thought it was just a quit button at first so that caught me off guard). My only gripe would be that it looks like you forgot to reset the score variable between playthroughs. Overall though, nice game!

high score (accounting for the score glitch): 47 people avoided

I like the presentation and the music. They make for a very calm and serene atmosphere. The mechanics are really nice too, I like this kind of more complex take on flappy bird. My only gripe would be that the other butterflies die too easily, and are hard to control. otherwise, pretty nice game! I would say to put it on mobile, though if you did you'd probably get accused of just being a flappy bird ripoff by people who didnt play it

I haven't participated in a lot of jams (this one's just my 3rd) but I can easily imagine someone doing something of this nature. Its sad too  since it means that less people get to see the ones at the bottom, some of which are actually crazy good and creative.

Thanks for the feedback! and the video actually, thats helpful as fuck. Yeah, I was intending to normalize the inputs, but I kinda just forgot to do it in the middle of the rush.

>I was imagining the reaction of the player who dies due to that when going for the exit door at the end of a level lol

yeah definitely, I imagine that would be a point where people would rage quit lol.

Thanks for the feed back! Yeah, I'm aware the HP loss is a bit of an unconventional way to pull off a basic time limit, I might replace it at some point.

>Part of me wished there was some kind of attack that encouraged to dive into a horde and defeat everyone around me, instead of having to back off.

That idea sounds sick actually, I might just do something like that. 

Woah. Thanks a ;pt for this actually. Pretty rare that I actually get to watch and see where people fail and succeed in my game. This really helps me in terms of level design and balancing. again, thanks a lot!

>increasing the intensity of the rain and dimming the lights a little bit in over time

damn, ngl, that actually sounds like a cool challenge, with obscuring the other enemies from view. Looking forward to seeing that once it drops

Rated and commented. Good game man, that last level was a good test of skill. Heres my project if you want to play it

That was pretty good. I like the sparse neon colors of the whole thing. I can really see some portal inspiration in some of these stages. The platforming section on that last one was pretty anxiety inducing as well. Only major gripes I have are that picking up blocks can be a bit unwieldy, the buttons are kinda glitched, and getting the gold block in the tutorial is a bit too hard. Otherwise, pretty nice game!

no pressure man. That idea of making an exploit a solution is pretty interesting, and I think you should hold on to that. Anyways, I might go and play the rest of the game with that solution.

Thanks for the offer man, it means a lot. Here's the link to my abortion that I spent two days on:

Your submission was great. Got a good laugh out of me, especially that ending.

That was really fun. At first I thought it'd be another game of just going around and collecting items, but no. I love how you basically have to use baby logic to solve most of the puzzles. Favorite detail is definitely how the "have FUN" task is spelled with blocks to subtly tell you how to solve that. The baby getting in the truck caught me off guard and made for a good laugh. Overall good game, My only gripe is the audio with how the music shifts between channels when wearing headphones.

Nice ass game. Kinda feels like the kind of thing that would be one of those neat launch titles on the DS.

Here's mine if you're interested.

Out of curiosity, what's your youtube channel? I'd love to see footage of the games from this Jam that I didn't get to play (and also partake in some good ol narcissism in case you choose to play mine lol).

That was some good fun. I always like games where the player pretty much has to deal with AIs being dumb, and this got that perfectly. The game's calm atmosphere was really effective, and kinda funny when juxtaposed with me screaming over trying to stop sheep from game ending themselves. Art style is also really charming. Great game overall, would play the shit out of this on mobile.

Very nice game loop actually. the car's movements are really fun to work around and finding the points is an interesting challenge. The visuals look rough, but I kinda like the style honestly, reminds me of the charm of older flash games. My only gripes would be the music, since its a little empty and repetitive (maybe add some more percussion?) and a glitch I found where the bottom right building allows you to get out of bounds. Otherwise, pretty good game!

Highscore: 19 packages

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I'll test yours just to give back. Game seems neat. here's mine if you're interested

Edit: just tested it. Pretty good I'd say.

here you go

Our games are quite similar in controls actually, though mine is more zombie hordes unlike yours which is mostly stealth against a few guards. Good game btw

Haven't finished it yet, but damn this game is good. The stealth mechanics are simple and easy to understand, but the level design takes them to their full potential. The game is challenging as fuck, but also feels fair. The fact that you have to backtrack the level after also really adds more depth, since you'll want to gather as much special shots as possible to get through. If I had any complaints about this game, it'd be the fact that there isn't much you can do once you get caught, but even then, that kinda falls under the quirks of the genre anyways. Great work mate!

The overall scene and visuals look really nice in stills, though the animation of the zombies need some work (they tend to glitch out a lot). I liked the challenge of aiming the gun. It was a bit frustrating at first, since it doesn't aim precisely where the cursor is, but it wasnt too bad once i got used to it. I quite like the atmospheric effects you employed, they really help sell the setting. Overall, nice game. As someone who also submitted a zombie themed top down shooter on this jam, I'd say this is pretty good competition