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I probably should have made it more clear I'd try to figure out how to fix the issue.

Oh my apologies, other than in school I've never used Linux so I didn't test it. I'm going to leave it up because I'm a terrible person and believe that I'll fix it one day even if that doesn't happen. I'm glad you liked it. I'm unsure of what bugs you mean, do the unit selection problems still happen or is it the lag that has been mentioned? Thank you again!

Thank you so much for your feedback! The lag is due to how enemies are spawned randomly, not really sure other than that, if I simplified the loop that spawns them it should probably lag less. It also lags much more with more enemies which is why no level has more than 15. I understand that its annoying having to restart the game, funny thing is I had to put that in there. There aren't that many levels so I figured it didn't hurt (pro tip, to game the system just hit escape when you think you'll lose and it should (not 100 percent sure I haven't played the game in days)  send you to the menu without resetting you to level 1). I'm guessing it just didn't seem that bad to me due to me playing it a lot. Thank you again for your constructive feed back, if I make another version I'll address the issues you had.

An interesting idea but it's a little confusing at times. I don't like how the movement directions for wasd are tied to the direction I'm facing, it just made it harder to move around but that's just an opinion (I'm bad at games). Good art.

Holy cow wow! This is amazing. It's so well done. I love it.

Cute game, nice theme. Love the enemy diversity and the bosses. They all seem really well thought out with their different effects. The music fits the game well. The art is also really nice! A really well made and cool game.

Wouldn't you like to know ;) . No they all use the same AI but there is a small decision tree based on what is near them and enemy locations. It's pretty basic but it mostly works! They don't know whats past a one block circle around them other than the enemy that they latch onto each turn.

Fun and challenging, I only got to level 6. I like the music as well. The art is well done.

Of course! The first thing I tried to do was move the rook in the bottom left corner. When I clicked it, it only gave me the option to move it up. Clicking on it again fixed this, I moved it 3 or 4 spaces right. I then moved the rest of the pieces I wanted to and hit play. When I started walking right I was hit with an invisible block I had to jump over to get past. I did so dying once or twice before the program closed itself then reopened itself onto the same level. It then did this again. At this point, either the second or third time of it closing like this, I forced the program to shut down. I hope that helps. Again it was a lot of fun and very interesting and I'll have to go back again and play it some more. I also liked the games art. I don't think I could have gone with a 6 by 6 grid space and made art for it but your chess pieces work really well for it.

It's very creative and fun, but I did run into issues on level 10 with an invisible block? Then it crashed on me.

Thank you for the input, I should have fixed those issues before uploading the first versions of the game. I'm uploading a new version that fixes THESE ISSUES right now. Bummer my connection is being so slow.

I'm using Godot 2.1 and a really outdated version of gimp.

I can't see all of the screen because I have a bad monitor and the game isn't resizable. Seems nice though.

Seems like fun if a little confusing when I first started. I think I broke the help because none of the popups will go away. My only complaint is that the game is too easy, I put down a potted plant set it to the highest speed and 505 days later have made bank.

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't really feel like making sprites right now (I'm super lazy) for animating the player and enemy (at least toady) but I did just add music to the game in the new version 1.2. Of course good art improves any game so hopefully I can get around to that soon.

Not a huge fan of the camera wobble. Like the changing colors when you collect apples though. I understand the the story has him sitting under the tree but I don't really understand why he can sit in the game? It's not bad if a little easy.

Hands down my favorite game from this jam so far. It looks good, plays good, and isn't the same layout each time you die. My only complaint is not seeing how many coins you have when on the store screen.

I love turn based tactics games like this! It looks amazing and is a lot of fun, I'm sure you could keep expanding it to something much bigger.

The graphics are fantastic and I love how it goes from 2d to 3d like it does.  It's a good bit of fun and I hope there is more seeing as it says pre-alpha.

Fun game, I liked the art, doubly so because the palette used. Having friendly fire is a nice touch although running faster than your bullets kind of sucks. Having the cacti hurt you is pretty awesome.

It's okay but I just sat in the middle flipping back and forth the whole time.

It's interesting, I'm sure it would be better if I had someone to play with though (I'll try it again when I have someone over). Someone already said something about the colors but I'm pretty sure the music breaks the rules of chiptunes or 8 bit for music as well.

I really like the idea of a Western rpg like this. Fun if a little short.

Lots of fun, really liked the art style.

The game breaks when you try to play.

I really want to make a platformer that requires you to grow plants to get from platform to platform. I'm not really sure if the jam games have to be fully focused on plants or if just game mechanics can be plant related though.

Fun game, I enjoy card games a lot but I wish he wouldn't fold every time I go above 75 bucks on a bet bluffing or not. It makes it really easy to get money, bet 45 then 110 kind of thing.

I am using Firefox so that's probably it.

I love it, lots of fun, funny writing, and great art. It's not your fault but the kerning is kind of bad at times with big and small spaces. Really glad I got to play it.

It seems like a lot of fun but it freezes on me every time a volcano goes off in about the first 2 minutes of playing.