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It's very creative and fun, but I did run into issues on level 10 with an invisible block? Then it crashed on me.

Mmmm that's strange... could you give me more info please?, btw thanks for playing! 


Of course! The first thing I tried to do was move the rook in the bottom left corner. When I clicked it, it only gave me the option to move it up. Clicking on it again fixed this, I moved it 3 or 4 spaces right. I then moved the rest of the pieces I wanted to and hit play. When I started walking right I was hit with an invisible block I had to jump over to get past. I did so dying once or twice before the program closed itself then reopened itself onto the same level. It then did this again. At this point, either the second or third time of it closing like this, I forced the program to shut down. I hope that helps. Again it was a lot of fun and very interesting and I'll have to go back again and play it some more. I also liked the games art. I don't think I could have gone with a 6 by 6 grid space and made art for it but your chess pieces work really well for it.

Wow, many thanks for your reply :D. I have found the problem of the invisible block and I will fix it, i also take note of the problem with the pieces. If you die, the scene restarts, I've been trying to replicate the crash in lvl 10 but it has not worked. I hope I can finish the game soon.