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Pitch Your Jam Game

A topic by cynicalmonkey created Jun 18, 2017 Views: 327 Replies: 10
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so wants you have decided what you are making post a quick pitch about what you are working on here

I wonder if it is okay to submit - I am working on my game since may, so earlier than the gamejam. But it fits the theme perfectly - #TheVillage ->


I don't think it would really be within the spirit of the Jam, while we want to keep it fairly open with regards to premade assets as it's not a contest style Jam any submissions really need to be started & finished (or as close as they can be) within the Jam period.


I really want to make a platformer that requires you to grow plants to get from platform to platform. I'm not really sure if the jam games have to be fully focused on plants or if just game mechanics can be plant related though.


you can interpret the theme how you want to, plant related mechanics are absolutely okay


I'm working on a crazy idea take from the book gardening like a ninja.

Doing something about a roof garden in a tower block, you sort of grow stuff to help out the residents. In gameboy color style because i've been playing that recently and love the palette. The growing mechanics will be a bit like  Harvest Moon I think.

Hey the best description for my game is "harvest moon meets banished" ... however, my target is more to build a playable demo version of the game and if enough people like it I go an make the full game. Currently progress is fine :-) planting, growing and harvesting works just perfect :-)


My game is essentially about the famous environmentalist, Doug Freeman, who is on a mission to save the last rose on earth from extinction. Using his biomechanical gauntlets, also called "Green Thumbs", he must climb to the top of the highest tower to save his beloved rose, then bring it back down again to safety.


Theme Garden 4Xlite is what I am going for so like if Theme Park & a 4x game had a baby and that baby was all about making a garden people want to visit, that would be roughly what I am shooting for


Hey everyone!

I started yesterday, and I've put up a couple of GIFs on Twitter since then, but I haven't really explained what it is I'm doing yet so here goes!

The theme for my game is "Everything Grows on Trees", the goal of my development is for every game entity to be plantable, planting something and watering it will grow a tree that produces more of the object you just planted. Haven't worked out an actual game objective yet, so far it's looking like it will become a sandbox game, but I have some ideas about how to incorporate exploration.

The current design priority is how I go about granting the player new things to plant, the GIFs I posted on Twitter are the makings of my solution to this, which is that you'll be able to pluck objects from far away floating islands, they'll go from being large and far away, to being small and right in front of you:

That's all for now, looking forward to seeing what others come up with!

- Oli 'Jindo' S-L