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yeah one thing that Jams don't allow the time to do is balance a game :) initially it was too hard so I set down the requirements everything had to survive to stop plants dying all the time

Grow Jam community · Created a new topic Thank you

Wether you submitted something or not thanks for taking part in whatever way you did. You are awesome, keep doing you :)

Theme Garden 4Xlite is what I am going for so like if Theme Park & a 4x game had a baby and that baby was all about making a garden people want to visit, that would be roughly what I am shooting for

you can interpret the theme how you want to, plant related mechanics are absolutely okay

I don't think it would really be within the spirit of the Jam, while we want to keep it fairly open with regards to premade assets as it's not a contest style Jam any submissions really need to be started & finished (or as close as they can be) within the Jam period.

so wants you have decided what you are making post a quick pitch about what you are working on here

Grow Jam community · Created a new topic Twitter Account

So there's a growjam twitter account that I will be sporadically retweeting anything tagged with #GrowJam but if you are not on twitter and want any screenshots of your in progress Jam game tweeted about drop some details and pictures here

So if you were hesitant about posting a game here or had your own site you just prefer to use and still want to take part this thread here is for just that. Post details of were your game can be found below for people to check out

Grow Jam community · Created a new topic Team Interest

If anyone is looking for a team for Grow Jam post your details here regarding what you can do and what you can't :D

Thanks for taking the time to check out Grow Jam, still a work in progress right now but plenty of time to get everything in place for the 21st.