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hello, @tgreatblueberry - I just checked - the browser play still works for me... I do not know what is the reason of your error?

Thanks SmokiB! AoE were surely an inspiration, but not an only one :)

Not Bad

Wow this is one of the most creative ones here. Maybe it could be more understandable about what to do. But this is something I have never seen. Very good although not very "clickerish"

Hey I like it !

Ver clean but simple!

I espescially like the music feel :)

One of the best on this jam

I wonder if it is okay to submit - I am working on my game since may, so earlier than the gamejam. But it fits the theme perfectly - #TheVillage ->

Ok that helps. Thanks!

Did You have a problem with saves missing? I have got some reports on that, I wonder how often that happens

Thanks. I will look into that. Theoretically it should just block building option, and I tested it worked - but this means there are some possibilities when this does not happen...

1 Bit Village community · Created a new topic Bugs

Please report bugs here or on mail


Thanks for the idea! Got me back to solo game dev :)

1 Bit Village by @91_protactinium >

Thanks I will check it out!

I have uploaded a new version - now workers consume food and You have to buy them, they do not spawn automatically!

Hey thanks!

I am working on a post-jam update where workers consume food! I am now balancing the numbers at it gets hard fast now!!

Never heard of "Royals", will check it!