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Thanks SmokiB! AoE were surely an inspiration, but not an only one :)

Not Bad

Wow this is one of the most creative ones here. Maybe it could be more understandable about what to do. But this is something I have never seen. Very good although not very "clickerish"

Hey I like it !

Ver clean but simple!

I espescially like the music feel :)

One of the best on this jam

I wonder if it is okay to submit - I am working on my game since may, so earlier than the gamejam. But it fits the theme perfectly - #TheVillage -> https://forums.tigsource.com/i...

Ok that helps. Thanks!

Did You have a problem with saves missing? I have got some reports on that, I wonder how often that happens

Thanks. I will look into that. Theoretically it should just block building option, and I tested it worked - but this means there are some possibilities when this does not happen...

1 Bit Village community · Created a new topic Bugs

Please report bugs here or on mail protactiniumstudio@gmail.com


Thanks for the idea! Got me back to solo game dev :)

1 Bit Village by @91_protactinium > https://protactinium.itch.io/1-bit-village


Thanks I will check it out!

I have uploaded a new version - now workers consume food and You have to buy them, they do not spawn automatically!

Hey thanks!

I am working on a post-jam update where workers consume food! I am now balancing the numbers at it gets hard fast now!!

Never heard of "Royals", will check it!

Hey, I am posting a cheatcode for every player to get free 7 gems :)

Cheatcode img

Basicaly, you need to go to the credits page, and there are hidden buttons. Click them in order according to the image. This only works in 0.16 for now