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Bugs Sticky

A topic by protactinium created Apr 24, 2017 Views: 409 Replies: 5
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Please report bugs here or on mail


I played for a long time, until the entire grid was covered. When I tried to purchase 1 additionnal building, the game soft locked (froze). I had to force-quit it.

Here's a screenshot when it froze:

Yes, I played a lot! It was very engaging!


Thanks. I will look into that. Theoretically it should just block building option, and I tested it worked - but this means there are some possibilities when this does not happen...

Later, I reopened the game and opened my savefile, and then yes, it did blocked me from creating new building without crashing. Not sure why it crashed the first time.

Hope this helps! :)


Ok that helps. Thanks!

Did You have a problem with saves missing? I have got some reports on that, I wonder how often that happens

No, i didn't had any problem with savefile missing. But to be honest, I didn't loaded savefile that much. I basically played the game in one sitting until the full-grid crash. Then I relaunched the game once and the savefile worked fine.