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Yeah, we wanted to display the buttons and colors in the HUD but... ran out of time of course! :D

Oh and we forgot about an Exit key, so you can exit with Alt+F4. Sorry!

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On iOS, it doesn't go fullscreen when I click Run Game. Is it supposed to? Also, nothing happens when I click "Restore Game". (what is it supposed to do?)

I'm running the latest iOS version on iPhone 5S. I tried both Safari and Chrome iOS.

More an exploration game than a clicker game, but it's pretty and has nice minimalist audioscape, so I like it.

I found about half of the "things". No ideas how to find the others. Some sort of maps would have been nice.

Beaucoup de cliques. J'ai mal à la main! lol

Pretty cool. More simulation than clicker. I especially like that I didn't had to mash a button, just holding it was enough.

Also, unlike most clickers, the best optimization is not initially obvious, so we have to observe the system and think.

Good job!

Pretty funny. Am I mistaken or are the stat boost eventually harming my progress? (because I'm jumping too high)

Please leave us comments if your played the game! :)

What are the controls? Just up and down on the keyboard? It is even possible to make it past the 2nd obstacle?? The fish don't move fast enough...

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No, i didn't had any problem with savefile missing. But to be honest, I didn't loaded savefile that much. I basically played the game in one sitting until the full-grid crash. Then I relaunched the game once and the savefile worked fine.

Replied to protactinium in Bugs

Later, I reopened the game and opened my savefile, and then yes, it did blocked me from creating new building without crashing. Not sure why it crashed the first time.

Hope this helps! :)

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I played for a long time, until the entire grid was covered. When I tried to purchase 1 additionnal building, the game soft locked (froze). I had to force-quit it.

Here's a screenshot when it froze:

Yes, I played a lot! It was very engaging!

Wordless games are really hard to do. Good luck!

What I don't understand so far, beside what each symbol does, is why I sometime die (screen scramble, then resets). No idea what causes this. So far, that's what's bothering me the most, because I can't learn the other icons if I keep dying.

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The days are super short. Not enough time to build stuff and read what the villagers want. Also, how do i build houses?

What are the orbs for?

FYI, mon highscore c'est 239 :)

I got lots of points.

ha! Pretty funny :)

I'm also interrested to know.

J'ai steamé ton jeu :P


C'était drôle. :D

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Hahaha, wow! That's so cool! Thanks!

And yeah, sorry, the camera was slow at the beginning to give time to new players to learn the control. I guess we could still improve that though...

Should be fixed now. I figured out how to make a build all by myself! Yay! :D

Cute. Love the music. Cute art too! :)

Oh wow, you're right. We forgot to put the folder! O_O

I'll ask Kamylle to update it! :

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