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Game Promotion Sticky

A topic by Kronbits created Mar 28, 2017 Views: 1,148 Replies: 15
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The idea is promote the games of the jam in my twitter account (+4.7k followers).

So instead of go one by one looking games, searching the twitter of the author, looking images/gifs or recording,etc... please provide the info and post in this thread, so with a simple copy-paste i can promote in my twitter and everybody wins! ;) .


$GameName By @YourTwitter . Play > "Link to your game jam page" + .Gif link to be used or video

Ottopunk by @chkkll . Play > (image form itchio screenshot, imgur or whatever i can pick it)

And this is how will looks on my twitter:

So, please make only one post, no replies to other entries here, keep it clean and organized. Every post here have to be the game info with their gif or video. Thanks!

NOTE: Actually there are more than 400 devs , so not all games will be featured, i will pick the best ones and i will post 1-3 at day, so please have this in mind!!. Be sure to make a good .gif! .
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If platformers were RPGs By @joqlepecheur . Play >

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Libra By @ebriosusbeati . Play >

Click To Survive By @dT_UNIVERSE. Play >

Orinator By @BazukaxDev. Play >

SCP Clicker By @Guard13007 Play > ( )

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<off>First, I want to thank you for this jam and your promotion initiative. gg. Fartóns forever</off>

HeartBeat Clicker By @____MBP Play >

Make your heart beat, go home and find your girl <3


Keep Defenders by @marccio_silva . Play >


Dwarf's Mining Team Simulator By @Le6barbare. Play >

Regent By @TurboHermit. Play >

Dino Clicker By @Capital_EKS. Play >

Blue Whale by @shiitman Play >

ROGUE TURRET by @Gazzapper Play >

1 Bit Village by @91_protactinium >

Fastlap Clicker by @Gazzapper Play >

Pong: Automata By @SebiURY . Play >