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Thank you! ❤️

Ma, I'm gonna bite you 🥺💕

You're very kind 💕 Thank you!

Thank you! I appreciate it ❤️

Hi, K! Welcome back =) 

I, unfortunately, do not play on that console, but here to hoping you and your friends have a blast!! Take care,


Hey, Ahn! Thanks for leaving your thoughts.

Turns out I really relate to you, truly, haha.

I'm starting to get busier and busier and, funnily, my hopes of working more and better on this project have gone up!! 

Why are human beings so weird?

Anyways, I do feel less alone on the matter, so thanks again! 

Hope you're having an amazing day <3

Hey, thanks for reading! 

I completely agree, hence, you'll be able to choose in that sense as well =) 

Hope to see you in the future! Take care.

Hey again, K =) There could be a sequel, I haven't planned this far ahead yet!

I, unfortunately, haven't made a discord channel for this project yet, but when I do, you'll be one of the first people to know ^^. Take care!

Interesting suggestion, thank you! Each of them will provide the player with unique interactions and scenes, so that is already underway ^^

The full game will be completely free to play! If I do manage to be more consistent with this project, I might provide monthly Kofi supporters with extra content and perks, such as early access. We'll see how that goes!

Hope you're having an amazing day too, K! Take care 💕

Hehehe, >:))

Hi, K! You're too kind, thank you very much =))

Since I need to get back on track with this project, I plan on updating it sometime around August/September. You should get a revamped demo with some more lore and content then ^^

I don't have a full release date yet, but if I ever do, you'll definitely know.

Thanks again for your time and love! Take care.

Thanks for reading <3  and for the lovely comment!

Thank you, dear ❤  I'm excited to share the rest of it with you!

The visuals and soundtrack together deliver a pretty interesting ambience, very signature-like! 

I personally enjoy how the story leaves good room for interpretation, as it does play with the subjectivity of reality perception quite well.

And on that subject, man, what a fate... To be a competent knight trapped in a book to serve as a servant,😔.

I think the timing is perfect to have a tutorial for all endings! ^^

As for the story, I really like how it's centered around a very common situation that is so dreaded by many XD You had such a good eye for the potential in there, and what's best: you executed it in a deliciously humorous way! 

I also liked how the choices were a fundamental part of the narrative, and how the reader really must pay attention if they want to reach the perfect ending quickly.

The one thing that stuck with me a bit was that, personally, Kelsie's reactions to some minor situations made me detach from her character. For instance, when MC bears the "wrong" gift to her parents (despite arriving in time) she just gives it a disapproving look and doesn't say a thing.

As the player, I understand the hint that it wasn't a good decision, but as K's girlfriend, it makes it seem like we're not a team but rather that I'm in it by myself, in a way. 

I believe that's due to the fact that, in a short story, every little action seems bigger to the reader, as it's only through them that we have insight into who the characters are.

It didn't affect the experience much though, and I had tons of fun: I was the jerk that got blocked, I was the neutral partner that didn't last for long, I was the crazy guy who broke her father's hand (🤣🤣) and I was the perfect match that lasted, too ❤ 

Great work!!

I love this with all my heart 💕 The plot is developed in such a refreshing way! Both the friendship and love endings got me thinking about it for days... 

Music really is something capable of overcoming huge barriers that separate people =) Bravo, bravissimo! 

Very interesting storytelling method... Definitely enriched the story! Also, the pictures were the most wholesome thing in the world 🥺💕

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This is oddly satisfying, and I like the symbolism inherent to it 💕 Thanks for sharing ^^

I honestly love everything about this one! The doggies-inspired design of the characters, the graphics, the music, and the sfx 💕 I'm also really into the big puzzle and exploration feeling it has to it.

Ah... The interaction with the pinscher-char got me laughing so good, XD 

Great job!! ❤❤ O jogo tá ficando maravilhoso!

Hey! Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback! =D

Aliáás, não acredito que o protagonista do seu jogo é um doginho caramelo 😭💖 Já baixei aqui e mal posso esperar pra testar quando tiver um tempinho!! Sucesso pra vocês!

Thank you!! And you're right, l shall fix that in the next build =D

The ambience is especially good in this one, and that's usually pretty hard to get right, so great job! =D

Being lost in the woods with ~something~ has to be one of the worst scenarios imaginable, and I feel like you explored that fear very well, especially with the randomization. I did have a bit of trouble reading the intro story at times, mainly when the newspaper was in the background, but nothing that got too much in the way =) Keep up the great work!

You were right about the Interstellar soundtrack going very well with it =D

The only observation I have is that, in the future, a quick in-game tutorial might improve the players' experience, especially given the features you seem to plan on adding to it ^^ 

I'll be looking forward to seeing where this project goes. I truly enjoy it! ❤

Super fun! Everything from the visuals to the music was great =D 

Also, the fact that the beast's in therapy, lool.

This was fun! Good job ^^

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I think this is a pretty neat way of reinventing such a big Windows classic  =) I did run into a couple of issues, but it seems other players have already told you about them, gladly.

All in all, I had quite a bit of fun, and even watching the explosions go off when I messed up was sort of satisfactory in its own way. Great job! =D

Ps. "Thingie" has got to be one of the greatest adjectives to use for a game in here, lol. Love it!

(1 edit)

I  don't usually play games of this genre but I honestly like everything about this one!! =) The art, the music, the mechanics (the rolls, especially, lol so cute). It all makes it for a very smooth and nice gameplay. Keep up the great work ❤

This was super cute to play! I love the wide range of physical features you made available in it =)

My only suggestion would be adding a mute button for the music, since players might need it now and then. Great work ❤

Ah! This is very kind of you. Thanks a lot =D

(1 edit)

Hey, Sai! ❤ Thanks for your kind words, and also for sharing part of your history and beliefs with me. I personally think reincarnation is a fascinating idea, and it's one of the main inspirations for my main wip at the moment.

Objectively, there's no denying that one's personality is heavily influenced by a large number of factors, among which family relationships and overall conditions of upbringing play a significant role. When writing this story, I wanted to portray how trauma is usually passed on from person to person, and how it can very easily spiral out of control.

Brad's parents' unhealed trauma caused them to raise a hateful, shallow and unstable man; Years of unresolved inner conflict led this man to end another man's life on impulse. From that, not only was the victim's conscience affected beyond life, but also was his immediate family scarred for decades.

This terrible domino effect is why I believe healing (and therapy!) is so necessary to nowaday's society. Most of us have been scarred, on a greater or smaller scale, and just like the scarring process usually goes on for years, understanding and repairing it tends to be a very slow process as well.

I am ecstatic to hear that your husband's in therapy and getting better! And it's (especially) amazing that you're so dedicated to being there for him. 

Virtuous qualities and love can also be passed from person to person, thankfully.

Note from the nosy author: just a quick reminder for you to make sure you're also seeing to your needs while helping your partner as much as you are. You also need and deserve to be taken care of.

Take care! And thanks again~

Thank you! Those are some great suggestions, I'll keep them in mind while making the final version ^^ Thanks again.

Oh, sure. It does make sense! It's funny that even numbers splitting in half nicely actually makes me think of stability, as in balancing one of those old scales perfectly with its halves XD

This was fun and surprisingly relaxing to play! 

I don't know if the premise of the game is based on an already existing one, but it struck me as very original and clever. 

The fact that I genuinely haven't seen many games like this one yet, funnily, brings me to my only suggestion: I know you're already working on making the tutorial replayable, but I also believe it should be longer and better explained. 

As a good teacher of mine always says: teach it to me like I'm 5 y.o.

I was a bit confused at first, as seems to be the case for other players, but everything got so much better as soon as I got the gist of it!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing its final version. Excelent work! ❤

ps. I love that you made even numbers the unstable ones! lol Odd numbers suffer such undeserved hate around where I'm from!

This was quite the experience! I love the surreal feeling it has to it. 

It manages to feel both very creepy and very anguished at the same time, which suits it perfectly. 

Also, the Mother's Lament added a nice depth to the story already! Maybe that's part of the introspection element, huh... 

As it turns out, I've become particularly fond of the riddle, and I'm guessing our way out should be connected to finding the version of our mirror that is actually capable of creating a reflection. 

I'll be looking forward to see where this story goes! Great work 💕

Hey, you! Thank you so much! ❤ I quite like the idea of the creepy ambient music starting later... I'll see if I can implement that in the final build!

Also, Kay stating that their model is the newest one serves the purpose of hinting to the player that Kay's spirit is frozen in time. The model that he believes to be the most recent one (HBS-10) was released in 2010, the year of his death.

If you haven't yet (and want to), you can read the story linked to the game by clicking here =D

This was so much fun! Aaand you can jump people's head back to humanhood, are you kidding me?!  10/10 🤣💖

Now, on a serious note, it's honestly impressive how much you were able to accomplish in such a short period of time! The game is clearly polished, varied and, above all, satisfactory to play!! Not to mention the flips, slides and power jumps of the character that, honestly, look and sound freaking adorable.

It does take some getting used to, like lots of good games' mechanics do, but after fetching a mouse and spending some time on it, it became (quite literally) all fun and games. Absolutely great work!

Aw, thank you so much 💕 Can't wait to try yours out! Looking great!

This was so soothing, satisfactory and pleasant to play. Very nicely executed. 

And the music, (!!!) Love it! ❤❤

Thanks for playing, I hope it positively surprised you, haha! 

I do have to work on my marketing skills, you know 🤣💖

Wow, I really like the ambience in this one! But, above all, I was very much drawn to how philosophical it can get without being cheesy or tiresome. 

The mind really is a powerful thing, for better or (and) worse, and I think this game captured that very well (you guys also mentioned Fahrenheit 451, which is another soft spot of mine that made me love it even more, lol).

Finally, the graphics and soundtrack were perfectly aligned with the storytelling style used and definitely contributed to making this game pretty unique, in a way. Great work!