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Just got this asset, it looks pretty cool! I'll be playing around with it a bit in the next few days, but one thing I wanted to give feedback for right away is about how the asset files are scattered into 3 separate folders.

All your asset's files ideally should be self-contained into 1 main folder. Some assets out there need to go into certain special folders like plugins, gizmos, resources, etc, but other than that everything should be self contained.

Imagine if you have 20 third party assets in your project, when they're scattered everywhere it's impossible to manage them this way. Everything should be under 1 main 'MeshEdit' folder. Scripts, Editor, etc can be subfolders

I tried to reorganize the files myself by moving them to a new folder, but now when I create a new mesh I get DirectorynotFoundException since the files are no longer where they're expected to be. This is very bad! Many people have their own way they like to keep their project files organized. 

It looks like the asset that was going to be loaded are demo assets? Instead of loading demo assets by default, place them in a demo assets folder and give devs the ability to load them themselves if they want to. 

Sinput community · Created a new topic Console support

Hey Sophie!

I was wondering if Sinput is designed to work on console? There's support for handling all types of controllers, but it seems like it's all only meant to work on PC? 


No worries! What you've got working here is already a vast improvement over what vanilla Unity input system gives you. I'm just starting a new project now so this is more than good enough for now. 


Hey Sophie,

I'm having a look at the Rebinding scene, and it looks like rebinding makes heavy use of PlayerPrefs internally. 

As you probably know - PlayerPrefs isn't supported universally on all platforms, especially on console (even though they kind of work on a surface level). This kind of limits the platforms Sinput can be used if I want to make use of the rebinding system. 

I was thinking instead of saving the Rebinded keys to PlayerPrefs, couldn't you just create a new control scheme with the rebinded keys? The game just needs to remember that the player's using a custom scheme. When the player clicks 'reset to default', the custom scheme can be deleted and the game can go back to using the default scheme. 

Hey Sophie!

Sinput comes with a default MainControlScheme, and it looks like that gets loaded up by default. If I create my own control scheme, say 'MyControlScheme', how do I load that in my script? 

Looking through Sinput.cs, MainControlScheme gets loaded up by calling 

LoadControlScheme("MainControlScheme", loadCustomControls);

I'm guessing we need to call this function ourselves in our script at some point? But does this mean every time a game loads the MainControlScheme gets loaded every time before our own scheme gets loaded after? If that's true it doesn't seem very optimal to have to load both schemes every time

Starting a new project at the moment and have been looking around for alternative Input solutions to Unity's awful Input system. 

I've yet to fully delve deep into this system but from what I've seen of playing around with it for 5 minutes it seems like it might be what I'm looking for. 

Thanks so much for releasing this for free!