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I understand the reason, but I think it can be done safely.

add a toggle in the settings to allow folder deletion for people who want it. 

The file deletion popup already shows a list of files that will be deleted and that it's permanent. If there's too many files, just show how many files are being deleted. 

I think after these two hurdles, if people still accidentally delete important files well.. It's on them

Hello, I'm trying out the heresphere demo and I am liking it so far, but one big problem I'm facing it is when trying to delete a folder, heresphere doesn't seem to do anything? I tried deleting files and that works fine (even though it takes a while to delete a file that's currently playing), but when I 'toggle' a folder and press the Trash button, nothing happens. 

Is this a known issue or a bug?

yeah actually that's not a bad idea, BUT I like the idea that as the God of Chance, you are kinda just flicking these dice from the heavens down to Earth with your finger. I think we can do a lot of tweaking to make the flicking a lot better but you're right, it currently is too hard to control (but once you play it for long enough you can get pretty good!). Thanks!

Thanks QP!! I'll try your game too!

Congrats!! You're the first ever person to uhh 'beat' the game, shall we say... 

I have actually seen that bug happen myself, although it is very rare, haha. Thanks for playing the game! We are still working on turning this into a full game - and it will have some very.. interesting.. changes.  Stay tuned for updates!

Thank you for the review!

Thanks for playing! I think you may have played the game just before we released the update, so give the update another try!

Unfortunate that I never found this game during the rating period, I would've given it 5 stars easily. I think this is my favourite game from the jam, and I'm so jealous of you that you came up with this idea first. It's a fairly simple game to make, but is so much fun to play. You basically found the holy grail of game development 

Unfortunate that I never found this game during the rating period, I would've given it 5 stars easily. I think this is my favourite game from the jam, and I'm so jealous of you that you came up with this idea first. It's a fairly simple game to make, but is so much fun to play. You basically found the holy grail of game development 

Thanks! Did you try using Spacebar to dash? We noticed many people didn't know you can dash, we'll be making some updates to make sure people know about this ability in future!

Thanks! Did you try using Spacebar to dash? We noticed many people didn't know you can dash, we'll be making some updates to make sure people know about this ability in future!

Thanks! Did you try using Spacebar to dash? We noticed many people didn't know you can dash, we'll be making some updates to make sure people know about this ability in future!

if you're on discord, add me arvz#9996, or dm me on twitter @arvz88

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I like it a lot! Firstly, I think the game nails all the basics. The shooting feels good, there's a lot of nice juicy feeling in shooting the enemies, sound effects and music add a lot to making the game feel satisfying, etc, I think overall it's very solidly put together twin stick shooter. 

But I just wish I could control my character!

I actually really like the idea of 'you move in the opposite direction to where you shoot' I think that's really interesting, but to me it feels more like a fun novelty that's only fun for a little bit before it starts feeling frustrating. 

Here's my suggestion: Make that control mode a temporary power up. Make it so you normally control the character with standard twin stick controls most of the time. Occasionally, give them more enemies than they can handle, and let them optionally go into 'ultra' mode which gives you a much more powerful gun/more projectiles, but you go into the 'move in the opposite direction to where you shoot' mode. I love that mechanic, but I don't think I'd play an entire game with those controls, but if you give the player a powerup while in that control mode it'll feel really good and keep it fresh! 

so meta, haha, I like it a lot

I wish the typing was a bit more forgiving though, like if you get a character wrong, instead of making you start all over again, maybe let us press backspace to correct it (you know, like real coding..) 

but the cat is so cute I wanna get a cat now

Use Dash a lot. Keep collecting yellow eggs. When you're out of control, use walls to help minimise collateral damage

Thank you so much! Yes about the controls, I definitely agree with you, we should have put them in the game somewhere, everyone who's played the game never knew there was a dash button. We're planning on making some updates after the jam is finished, so we'll definitely improve this! 

Really good foundation, beautiful art, the basic mechanics like running and jumping feel like the way they should, and lots of great puzzle ideas, but I found myself very frustrated with the controls. Try playing any good, well known side scrollers on Steam, and you'll find they control using WASD for basic movement, space for jump, and other functions mapped to the mouse buttons. 

I like the look of the game, but I could not really figure out what I was supposed to do, wandered around for 15 minutes but didn't really find anything other than a banana, and I couldn't figure out how to use it 

Out of the 20 or so I've played this is one of the best I've played so far. Reminds me a lot of Baba is You

My name isn't Commander Shephard, but this is my favourite raindrop watching simulator in the universe

Your game is not a VR game, but triggers VR on when launched. It's because UE4 seems to be including the VR plugins by default, and your game ships with them. They don't do anything on PCs that don't have any VR installed, but if you have one installed it'll switch them on

Doesn't run. Shows the Godot splash screen for a second, then quits immediately

Very solid, well put together experience. I feel the timing is very difficult to get right because of the way that you're showing the countdown. I think instead of a long continuous analog bar, you should change it to a digital bar, for example a bar segmented into 3 parts. Each part disappears so like 3. 2. 1. JUMP. 3. 2. 1. JUMP. It will feel a lot better as you'll be able to feel a sense of 'rhythm' to it. 

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It's rough and feels incomplete,  and doesn't really fit the theme too well, being busy or making the game challenging isn't the same thing as losing control - BUT I absolutely love the idea! A first person chef game? I don't think that's ever been done before. 

One thing I'll say though is avoid putting in huge swaths of text in your tutorial page. Keep it very short, and teach the player how to play the game naturally throughout the game itself. 

A solid start. I like the presentation, artwork is really nice, music fit the mood well. The wind/speed ability is pretty broken, after about 2 seconds of using it, the character's speed is through the roof uncontrollable. It seems like things are happening like purple screen flashes, and sound effects, but it's not clear what any of it means. I also felt a certain lack of feedback for any of the actions I was doing, like the fire ability, I didn't really know what it does other than makes fire appear? I can see that it does kill the enemies but I had to go back into the game and specifically look at what happens. 

I like the whole rotating the screen thing too, except for the fact that parts of the level go off-screen and it becomes impossible to see where you are when you're not on screen. 

Overall, a solid start, I feel the potential but in the current state there's not much there

Thanks! I saw your stream - glad you enjoyed it! 

Not bad, it's kinda hilarious! Only problem is whenever you end up on an area with a ground below you, it's very difficult to gain any height

I love the idea of the game! blow things away by shooting at it with an orbital weapon and save a baby? That's awesome. I think the game's pacing and difficulty needs a ton of work though. I tried the game about 7 times and never got past the oncoming cars after the baby turns left at the start.

I think it's a little too unforgiving, but the biggest problem is that the game doesn't really give you enough time to see oncoming danger to be able to react to it. The car comes so quickly and just kills the baby every time before you can even see it come. Maybe that's kind of on purpose, so you're meant to just memorise the pattern and know when and where the obstacles come, but since it's so physics based, it makes it very imprecise and very difficult to  nail the timing and placement. 

Good use of the pre-made art, seems it's been put together quite well. Unfortunately I feel the gameplay doesn't match the quality of the art. I like the idea that you have to manage multiple things and get them to stay in the same area, but without having any way to actually get them to stay, you're more or less just fighting the randomness system which feels frustrating because you have no control whatsoever. 

Here's my suggestion - you have objects around the world like barrels and such, right? Add a way for the characters to be able to shift/move them around. For example, moving the barrel to cover one of the exit/entrances so they have less chance of escaping. Something like that - it just needs some way for you to manage the randomness!

I believe you might have taken the theme of the game jam just a little too literally! 

I can see what you were trying to achieve with this game. A game where the controls are always changing so you always have to adapt - which is the main mechanic of the game - and other games have used mechanics like this - For example, in The Messenger, there was a boss who's ability would reverse the directional controls of the player's character. The way it's implemented in that game added challenge to the game without feeling overly frustrating, because you only had to reverse the direction. Left is Right, Right is Left. Unfortunately the way it's implemented in your game gives the player absolutely no way to learn and get better in the game. There is no way to predict which buttons are going to do what, and it's all completely random. This makes for a game that is just frustrating to play. 

I suggest that you try making the mechanics much simpler, like reversing Up and Down, or Left and Right, but only 1 at a time, and in a somewhat predictable, and learnable pattern. 

I like what you're going for with this game, I think at its core this is a solid demo that shows off what you're going for. I especially like the fact that you've built the tutorial into the natural progression of playing the game, which not a lot of games in game jams tend to do. However - I think the experience of actually playing the game is held back by a couple of things that can be, and should be easily improved on first:

The bird calling mechanics
To use the bird call, you have to hold down a key for what feels like forever. At first it may not seem like a big deal, but when you have to repeat this mechanic hundreds of times, it starts to begin to feel like a chore. I imagine later on you may want to do the short call, but in the parts of the game that I played, I only ever needed to do the long calls. Swap these around. Make the long calls just a tap of the button, and the short calls the long-hold tap. This is the core mechanic of your game, and it must feel really good to use. 

Bad Pathfinding
Haze seems to want to move in a straight line between his current position to the bird's position, and he can get stuck on a wall very easily. Similar to the bird calling - this is a major core mechanic of your game, and not having it work the way you expect it to is a huge issue. Haze needs to be able to at the very least maneuver himself around corners. 

Other than that, I've gone through around 10 games in the gmtk submissions and this was by far the best one so far (though it may not last long!). Also have to compliment you on the art style and quality of the presentation was mostly quite good, unfortunately it just isn't 'fun to play' in its current state because of those 2 things making the game feel frustrating to control. 

Unfortunately, a major technical issue prevents me from playing your game properly. The game runs, but UI elements appear to be scaled and overlapping each other incorrectly, such that the game's text can not be read properly. 

Other than that, my 1 feedback to you is to avoid putting in lengthy amounts of text in your 'How to Play'. Keep your instructions as simple and to the point as possible, otherwise people will not read them. You should make your game progress in a way that naturally teaches the player how to play the game. It doesn't matter if it's a game made in 3 years, or 48 hours, if your game is not intuitive to play, people won't play it! 

I do  like some of the character art in the game. Other visual elements unfortunately don't hold up and look very placeholder

Your submission is not playable! 

You did not include the game data folder. What you should have done was put the Build folder (the whole folder!) into a zip file, and then upload the zip file. 

Managed to open the game - just grab a copy of UnityPlayer.dll from another game or from your Unity install folder. Unfortunately the game is pretty rough. The biggest problem is that the controls are very unintuitive. If you want players to have both hands on the keyboard (pressing WASD and OP), then you can't also expect them to use the mouse (to change colours). Constantly switching between keyboard and mouse is frustrating. 

I think the idea of having to manage different resources to fight different types of enemies could work - but with the mechanics being very simple, the game has to rely on everything else feeling really good! For example with some proper animations, audio, better controls, camera shake, and more intuitively teaching the player what they're supposed to do. 

Caught the kitty. Once you learn the trick, it becomes pretty easy. I think it has some potential to be fun if you have more options to trap the kitty. As it is currently you just have to learn the trick, set up the trap and just wait and tap at the right time, so unfortunately the game doesn't have much depth at the moment - but I like the idea and feel it can be really good with some more work

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Just got this asset, it looks pretty cool! I'll be playing around with it a bit in the next few days, but one thing I wanted to give feedback for right away is about how the asset files are scattered into 3 separate folders.

All your asset's files ideally should be self-contained into 1 main folder. Some assets out there need to go into certain special folders like plugins, gizmos, resources, etc, but other than that everything should be self contained.

Imagine if you have 20 third party assets in your project, when they're scattered everywhere it's impossible to manage them this way. Everything should be under 1 main 'MeshEdit' folder. Scripts, Editor, etc can be subfolders

I tried to reorganize the files myself by moving them to a new folder, but now when I create a new mesh I get DirectorynotFoundException since the files are no longer where they're expected to be. This is very bad! Many people have their own way they like to keep their project files organized. 

It looks like the asset that was going to be loaded are demo assets? Instead of loading demo assets by default, place them in a demo assets folder and give devs the ability to load them themselves if they want to. 

Sinput community · Created a new topic Console support

Hey Sophie!

I was wondering if Sinput is designed to work on console? There's support for handling all types of controllers, but it seems like it's all only meant to work on PC? 


No worries! What you've got working here is already a vast improvement over what vanilla Unity input system gives you. I'm just starting a new project now so this is more than good enough for now. 


Hey Sophie,

I'm having a look at the Rebinding scene, and it looks like rebinding makes heavy use of PlayerPrefs internally. 

As you probably know - PlayerPrefs isn't supported universally on all platforms, especially on console (even though they kind of work on a surface level). This kind of limits the platforms Sinput can be used if I want to make use of the rebinding system. 

I was thinking instead of saving the Rebinded keys to PlayerPrefs, couldn't you just create a new control scheme with the rebinded keys? The game just needs to remember that the player's using a custom scheme. When the player clicks 'reset to default', the custom scheme can be deleted and the game can go back to using the default scheme.