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Just got this asset, it looks pretty cool! I'll be playing around with it a bit in the next few days, but one thing I wanted to give feedback for right away is about how the asset files are scattered into 3 separate folders.

All your asset's files ideally should be self-contained into 1 main folder. Some assets out there need to go into certain special folders like plugins, gizmos, resources, etc, but other than that everything should be self contained.

Imagine if you have 20 third party assets in your project, when they're scattered everywhere it's impossible to manage them this way. Everything should be under 1 main 'MeshEdit' folder. Scripts, Editor, etc can be subfolders

I tried to reorganize the files myself by moving them to a new folder, but now when I create a new mesh I get DirectorynotFoundException since the files are no longer where they're expected to be. This is very bad! Many people have their own way they like to keep their project files organized. 

It looks like the asset that was going to be loaded are demo assets? Instead of loading demo assets by default, place them in a demo assets folder and give devs the ability to load them themselves if they want to.