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Hey, first of all, thank you for buying and playing this game. I have been far from game developing for a while and have plans to return on it. 

Thank you for your suggestions on name of the game. I have plans to modify and full release Backpack Hero and this game of mine: Please also check that game and provide your valuable feedback.

Hey Look Ma! I'm a man-eater now! 

Great game.. Really enjoyed playing it.

Hey! This is simple yet a challenging game. There is some good level of innovation that you've shown. Good job with this entry.

Hey! Cute little game! But a bit hard though. The thing I like the most is the graphics.. It's so simple and calm. Good job with this entry.

Hey! Great video! And yes, there are A LOT of downsides in this game, I made this game a few months earlier for a game jam on two days time limit. So couldn't find enough time to fully complete and make it more polished. If I ever work on this one again, I will definitely consider your suggestions. Thank you very much for playing it and sorry for my broken english. Have a great day!

Everything is polished and perfect. Great Entry.

Good job guys. You made a really good looking game. All the best for your future works.

Great demo. Hope to see more out of it.

This is surely one of the best character mechanics i've seen in this game jam. Great work.

Everything was perfect. Good job.

Hey! First of all, good job with this entry. The music is awesome. But i feel there is something missing in the gameplay. Couldn't figure it out what, but there something was missing. Overall, Its a okay game.

Hey! Thanks for your feedback. Actually i was working on this project all by myself and i was also busy last week, i couldn't find necessary time to polish the game. I was hoping one day will come back on this game and make it more polished (Animation & game mechanics). Thanks for playing.

Okay, overall i really liked this entry, visual style and gameplay was kinda similar to forager. Good work

Plus point of this game is the art style. Good job there.

A bit complex control. Overall great job.

Gameplay was kinda similar to thomas was alone. Good job btw.

Cool game, it could be great if you add a html5 version of this game.


The graphics looks really good, but couldn't figure it out the objective of this game. a tiny tutorial would be nice.

Nice looking game. Great job.

Fun game, but a bit hard for me.

Game needs some work, but it is a potential project.

"Less Oxygen = More Gravity"

done 👍👍

Actually i've made it in 3.5 day. And yes there are many gliches in it and i didn't have the time to fix that 😅. and thanks a lot for your feedback.

I was really busy this weekend, worked about 4-5 hour in this game.  This is not the final version. Sorry for the unfinished product 😅😅

Gameplay was smooth.. could be a great mobile game.. Great work!

thanks. And yes, Gdevelop is so so underrated...

Awesome game. Totally liked it.

Thank you very much. Its a cool video.

Thank you very much and glad you liked it. Actually it took me 2 and half day to make the whole game.

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actually I did. you can consider it as a prequel of this game i made later for a jam. Hope you like this one also 😊

Here mine

It mine

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Try using a web browser like chrome or Firefox. It will work for sure. Also there is a downloadable version for Windows, you can check that too. 

This is mine ..hey please check this one out..

I've also made a mobile version with sound, fixed some controls etc.