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We also asked him and he confirmed he will not be making a gamejam related video. He completely quit making videos and that won’t change any time soon either.

Awesome! Sounds like we need to host more jams! (Or join one of the many jams currently being hosted ;) )

Yep! They can be found on the jam page: and for all results go to

Yep! The jam has finished so uploads are enabled again :)

Pog waffles!

Happy jamming!

You could occasionally build the project to see how big it is, then calculate how much time uploading would take. Then you can calculate when the latest is you can upload.

Other than that. Keep things as simple as possible!

Good luck

Happy jamming!

Correct! The theme will be announced at the start of the jam. Then you make a game which fits the theme. And as GroovyMaster said you can interpret it the way you want!

Happy jamming!


Best not, from what I can find on internet you can only use it for yourself. So you can’t use it for public display, monetary gain, or fame gain.

You mean jam rules? You can find them in the frontpage of the jam! Generally as long as it is SFW you can make it. You can also use any asset to which you have the license to use.

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  1. any build you want, in past jams we found that games with a webgl build got far more ratings and plays than desktop builds though!
  2. nope, you don’t have to. You can if you want.
  3. nope, you don’t have to. But it might give people an idea of how you made the game ;)

Happy jamming!

We are excited as well! It is amazing to see so many participants!

Hey guys! Let’s not post phone numbers!

Awesome! Make the best game you can and have fun doing it!

Happy jamming!

As long as you don’t secretly start making stuff feel free to set it up! Would be a pitty if you lost your first day or 2 because something with collab goes wrong.

Happy jamming!

Maybe like 8 times?

Happy jamming!

9 times

hi jam participant

Penguins are cool animals!

(heh… get it… cool, because penguin, ice… I’ll show myself out)

If not excessive go for it; maybe user friendly to put it as disclaimer, or even an option ;)

All jams are great! :D

Have fun and happy jamming!

With NSFW we aim at everything you wouldn’t want to show your parents or your boss. Mainly nudity. Keep in mind this is a relatively young community!

If you have any further questions regarding this topic feel free to contact us on Discord via DM or through ModMail!

Happy Jamming!

Yeah, previous jams we used crowdforge to team up, but unfortunately it was not available this time around and we couldn’t find an alternative on such short notice :(

Nothing wrong in doing the jam solo though! As long as you have fun :D

Happy jamming!

Get some extra sleep so you can stay awake longer during the jam. Get some more coffee for the jam. While you get some coffee also buy some snacks. Optionally watch dev vlogs of people who participated in previous jams for more hints and tips.

And yeah, watch some Anime.

Happy jamming!

Awesome! I am curious to see what you create!

Happy jamming!

Hey there! NSFW means “Not Safe For Work” this is generally everything you wouldn’t want your parents or your boss to see. In this specific case it mainly aims at stuff that is considered 18+ such as nudity.

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Hey there! Thanks for reporting! I checked with different scanners and got multiple hits;

I removed the entry and notified an itch admin of this. Thanks again!

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Hey there! Thanks for asking first.

NSFW is content you wouldn’t want people at work to see, generally considered nudity, sexually explicit content, and the likes. Mental illnes is becoming more of an understood topic and something people are willing to talk about. That being said we will allow it for the jam if not used to make fun of or ridicule people and/or diseases /illnesses.

It's really awesome to see what everybody is working on! Great job everyone!