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A bit hard but cool idea!

The game is super cute and polished, congratulations! I've loved the different flowers origin and the notebook aesthetics. Sounds fit perfectly as well. Really great job team! I would love to see the game expanded like you explore the world to collect flowers and bring the seeds to your decorated greenhouse.

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Oh wow, stunning visuals! Impressive work. I've loved the character, environment and animations. Music and sound also fit gently well. Overall, a calm experience with great atmosphere. I couldn't progress much though, I believe I got lost in the map as I couldn't find things to interact besides the crystals in the beginning. Anyway I had fun exploring around. Good job! 

Funny and crazy concept and great execution. Brought me Wario Ware vibes. Great job for a game jam, good work team!

Great work with the game, really nice graphics and interesting gameplay!

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you've enjoyed and it managed to help you to take a breath! 😄

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback. 😄 I totally agree with you. Before doing yoga and meditation, my mind was randomly rushing to get my phone. That's the reason I want to make games and slow paced experiences to also bring some awareness to people.

Hey, thanks for sharing, nice compilation! So fun to watching you playing and your reactions! It's so cool you felt "small" in the game world as was intentional to make the player feel like being a kid. 😄

Oh it's great to hear that, I'm glad you've enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback! I'll take that into consideration for next time I work on the game. 😄

Thanks for playing and the feedback. 😀 I run out of time to work on BGM but will consider for next time I work in the project.

Ohh, so nice to hear that you enjoyed it! And thanks for the feedback! Yes I agree some background would make better. Due to time constraints of the jam I just was able to keep art as minimal as possible in order to focus in learning how to use narrative tool in Unity, but surely will take that into account when I decide to work further in this game concept.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! It's really nice to know the game actually made you to focus. Happy it worked well with you.

I'm happy it has surprised you hahah, thanks for playing and for the feedback! :) 

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it

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Thanks for playing and the feedback, glad you enjoyed! Definitely picking up multiple flowers will make it better and I'm looking forward to play around with the solutions :)

Nice, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Thank you! Will add sounds after the jam. :) 

Thank you! Yeah, it was not suppose to get too hard to find them, I'll tweak that for next version along with the sounds. :) 

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I totally agree with you it could be more fun. Will add this feature for the next version!

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Wow, it's amazing how you made it something so unique and polished in such short time for a few days game jam. Also a very creative approach to the jam theme. And it's really nice you put effort to be able to adjust the microphone settings in-game for different scenarios. Outstanding work!

Some feedback in case you want to work further in the game: I feel it's too hard to explore the first level. Maybe because I'm not skilled enough to manage all inputs at the same time (keyboard, mouse and voice) or because the level design was confusing for a starter.

I've loved the art and animations! Impressive entry for a game jam. Not super easy to understand what is interactive in each level so it's easy to get stuck missing something. Overall great job!

I was already having some fun just by seeking the tentacle around but it really got hooked once you interact with the first picture. The memory mechanic and its puzzles are really interesting . I just felt it could be possible to drop boxes anywhere as sometimes I wanted to make a memory but was holding the box and had to reset the whole level. Visiting 'outside memories' looks awesome and also helped to get me engaged to continue the puzzles, however, the narrative lacks novelty kinda fast so I just continue to beat the puzzles (which is not big deal as that's a jam!). Overall, good job!

PS: it worth to mention that I almost quit the game without noticing you have to interact with the kitchen cabinet in the beginning, instead, I was trying to interact with the coffee mug and wandering around for a while. Maybe more people can feel lost in the beginning due to that.

I really enjoyed the game feel you created, it got me hooked right from start! By the way I was never sure if refilling the oxygen tank asap was needed to progress or if would be better to wait longer before refilling in order to don't run out of oxygen. But in the end I didn't care much about it and just enjoyed the narrative. Good job!

Really well thought mechanics and levels. Music and visuals are relaxing and also fit with the gameplay and the jam theme. Great job!

Wow, super nice polish presentation and a fun creative mechanic; what a great achievement for a jam! If the team plans to develop it further I'd recommend to allow to play only with the keyboard (having a key to cast each skill) or having a mobile version.

To be honest the AI wasn't that annoying - I could play it longer as there are many funny unexpected funny answers to choose! Interesting idea!

The visual and mood look really well made for a jam and I also loved the character and world design! I made it until the part that you have to kill all robots to progress but wasn't sure if my attack was working or not towards them; I'd suggest to add some feedback that you are damaging them.

Level design was really interesting and made me stop to think to solve them. Would be nice to see how further levels would go. After playing it I had to google 'Axolotl' and didn't regret. :)