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the above troubleshooting steps should let it run on pi, are you having any other issues?

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i think foster (the engine) is mostly c, youd need to compile that seperately and put the libs in the places its expecting.

peep this, if you have trouble i can help debug later.

This shit banger. 

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i didnt cancel anyone. i didnt even know who sigmasuccor was until like 3 days ago...

i have no idea what he did to cause this but this "game" is not a mature reaction to it.

this is one of the most embarrassing things i have ever experienced.

no music. pretty good

video  game

I downloaded the minifix and it looks like the 64 bit dll from that version works properly.
thank you for the support!

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it seems like the 64 bit dll does not work, but when reverting to the 32 bit one, all tests pass. is the 64 bit dll an older version?

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I made the changes you listed to see if it would help and no luck.

I'm logging the type that it sends to lua and for all of your test methods it is detecting them as methods and adding them correctly to the buffer 

 i will check around and see if im doing anything that could be interfering. I checked the apollo source code file to try and debug from the dll side and im not really sure if im supposed to be able to compile it but im not having any luck.

My exact runtime version is
I'm setting up Apollo for use in a game, and it appears that gamemaker user defined functions added to lua through lua_add_function only allow for real and string return types when used in lua, all other gamemaker types return nil. Documentation says lua should be able to handle types other than real and string (method, struct, array), and it does just fine when its being passed these types as function arguments. If this is intentional behavior i can find a workaround, but documentation does not say anything about this restriction.

Cool game. i dont know touhou but it was still pretty cool.



hope to see more from you in the future, keep it up!

Thanks!, I think we vastly underestimated the amount of time maps took to make, i really wanted to try and replicate the dreamlike feeling of yume nikki and thus spent way too much time trying to polish things that didnt need to be polished. Glad you liked it regardless of the jank.

cool game! i got stuck for a while looking for lamps,  very cool to view a different approach to yume nikki inspiration (my submission was also yume nikki inspired) i really like the hands in the first world, but looking for the lamps was a bit tedious.

> He will do this.
Resting Scared Face

whens the next update

hel p 

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i cant lose

i got the order of the numbers wrong its 0261 oops, good luck in your rpg making, but if you do get stuck or want help with scripting, i am familiar with mv which is close enough to mz.

hi i am bread man. it has been a month but if you are still having that problem let me know Anumania#0621

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this jam, our goal was just to make something finished. every other jam we have had to cut everything short because we spent too long trying to make fun, or make it polished, so this jam we only thought about finishing the game. unfortunately, as you have said, that came at the drawback of fun, hopefully our skills will improve and we can make something funner or more polished next jam. Many thanks for giving our game a play and giving us feedback!

the starting screens proceeding on their own made it very confusing, i dont know if i know how to play even now, but the pixel art is very nice, so is the reisen art, and i still managed to complete it.

found plushie :)

im not the best at bullet hells but the difficulty felt just right, this seems like something i could play a lot more of, there isnt any sound, but thats to be expected from solo jam.

very charming, very polished, very good.

We made the game in gamemaker, which doesnt have very good 3d support, and internally the game is still entirely 2d but with a 3d camera, and most objects with billboard drawing code. the internal resolution of the minigame set to 320x200, and the zfar set to really low.  i think theres only one sprite with a hardcoded direction and thats the finish line. past that, gamemaker handles most of the brain hurting 3d math with matricies and such.

Glad you enjoyed our game!

played with pal (aeon), risk of raining very well, got destroyed 24 minutes and like 5 stages in when it got undodgable

difficulty probably woulda been good if we got all the items since we skipped a few, way more item variety than i expected even if most of them are risk of rain, good game thanks for the netplay

platforming is rough for me bc im bad at platforming, even though i dont think i was running the game at full speed either bc bad computer, but the game looks nice and plays well too.

this game fucks. 

thank you for making this. 

i dont know what touhou is but this is very funny and the art is genuinely really good for a jam game. 

the collision was funky sometimes and i got to walk on water but the music fits great with rpgmaker.

there are so many small jokes in this and finding them was always great.

the puzzles are nice, even though im not much of a puzzle person.
the feedback on pressing any button was great, and the bacon flower is my favorite.
the only thing i wasnt super sure of was how water worked, since it would seemingly randomly turn into ready water, and before that it was a bunch of droplets, sometimes it would need 5, sometimes it would need 3 i think, i wasnt sure.

music bangs, gameplay is interesting, especially bc im not that great at rhythm games, and the descriptions of the characters were funny even though i dont know touhou in the slightest.
also q to quit is a new hotkey for me.

incredibly difficult, the boss was a bit frustrating bc she kept flipping me around and i couldnt parry the bullets back at her bc i was flipped around.

the game seems to try and get you to make combos because it fills your meter but getting into melee range is always incredibly unsafe and will result in your death, so i would always sit back and parry bullets instead resulting in me never actually getting the bomb charged.

the art fits the 8 bit theme super well, and a little touch i thought was cool was how the character flashes when hurt, with individual parts flashing instead of her whole sprite, very simmilar to how old game consoles handled invuln flashes too. 

the musics also fit the 8 bit theme very well.

I know nothing about touhou but this was funny and the sprites were nice. 

its impressive what youve managed to do in rpgmaker xp, that being said, there isnt a whole lot of game here. it will be cool to see what this turns into, but at the moment, its pretty unfinished. 

i like how the music swaps when you pick different characters, marisa didnt seem to work properly, but the spritework was nice

yeah we had a controls tab that was supposed to come up but it somehow broke, the timer running out and crashing was my bad too, crunch time at the very end, made some coding mistakes, oops.