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Just FYI I'll be updating WIP stuff on my Twitter account a lot more frequently so follow me there if you want to see some more progress updates!

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I’d like to submit my game Nonsense Soccer for this good cause.

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Currently one of the most important gameplay changes I'm prototyping is a way for the player to properly aim kicks in the game. There is actually a system that does the aiming under the hood, but it's been dependent on a couple of factors...

I don't think that was a good idea tho, because it removes a lot of the feeling of control from the match, so I'm allowing complete control over "kick aiming" in the next update. Let's see how it goes!

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I've now officially continued work on this game in my spare time, so I'm hopeful Update #2 will hit some time during the summer. I'm also planning a Steam Early Access release to coincide with the second update *audience gasps* The plan is to have a playable demo version as a free download on Itch, with 4p mode and the current levels included. The paid Steam Early Access version will contain lots of extra features and content for paying customers. I will also do my best to make the full version purchase available on Itch.

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of the overhauled menus, inspired a bit by FIFA games, obviously:

Hi, thanks, glad you like it! :) I added a situation update in the other post a while ago but basically COVID-19 situation threw a huge wrench in my plans so Update #2 is taking a bit longer.

More details:

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Just a friendly reminder that the general COVID-19 situation is destroying pretty much all my plans affecting this game's roadmap. So it might take a couple of weeks (hopefully not months) before I can return to active development. Fun to see some of you playing this early version of the game, though. It really makes me happy!

haha awesome 5/5

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Hi, thanks for the video :D We tried to make it as disturbing as we could :D

All the music should be properly credited free music by Kevin MacLeod (

All sfx is either made by us with a recorder, or from Not sure if some sfx credit or another went missing while picking the sounds in a hurry (it’s a jam game after all). But if you’re still having trouble, I’ll try to find out all the sound origins.

all the sprite assets were custom made by venni the artist

Haha thanks for the video :)

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Update #2 status

The new features are well underway, but I'm currently renovating a room in my house so I'm deliberately postponing the Update #2 for a few weeks. It's invigorating to see so many downloading the game and having fun with it, I can't wait to get back to work on this game!

Known issues in the latest build (0.1.0)

  • In some cases the players can clip through level geometry
  • In some levels the charge meter is rendered behind level geometry

List will update as issues are found.

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Here's mostly everything that changed in Update #1 (0.1.0):

  • Added 3-4p mode (2v2 and 1v2)
  • Added controller support for 4 players
  • Added rudimentary keyboard bindings for all 4 players
  • Added two new levels
  • Added "boomerang ball" option
  • Players run slightly faster when charging
  • Linux version is now downloadable (I reserve the right to support this version poorly as I have no proper means to test it)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed visual and collision detection issues in levels
    • Balls no longer randomly roll to another player's side when starting a round
    • Improved aspect ratio support
    • The in-game score counter wasn't always visible while playing
    • Various other menu & hud fixes and improvements
    • Many other bugfixes
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Here's my rough plan for the first update (subject to change):

  1. 2v2 mode for 4 players with full controller support DONE
  2. Two new levels DONE
  3. Slide tackle and/or other gameplay improvements IN PROGRESS
  4. Bugfixes (see known issues)  IN PROGRESS

The biggest thing I'm still on the fence about is the automatic kicking mechanic. Currently it feels pretty good, but it makes the game less skill-based than I would hope for. My current plan is to figure out if this is a good mechanic going forward. My plan to verify this, is to make the charge button the kick button, so you can tap quickly to kick and also charge a bigger force. Let's see how it goes. Playtesting ensues.

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Hi, I'm pretty busy this week, so I won't be updating the game immediately, but here's a post that will contain all the issues found in the game:

Visual issues:

Level 2 (Stairs) has an issue where the coloured blocks on top of the goals will let the ball through, essentially making the goal a bit larger.

Sometimes the in-game score counter is not visible.

Control issues:

Playing with 1 keyboard and 1 controller is currently hard or impossible. The game defaults to P1 for both, so if you want to play locally, you'll need 2 separate controllers or you need to play on the same keyboard. The controls for single keyboard are as follows:

  • P1:
    • Move: WASD
    • Jump: Z
    • Charge: X
    • Strafe: C
  • P2
    • Move: IJKL
    • Jump: B
    • Charge: N
    • Strafe: M

I'm committed to fixing all the bugs eventually. I'm currently working on this on my free time and dedicating focus on the next update, so it might take a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

It's Nonsense Soccer day!

Hello, everyone! This being my first release on Itch, you probably don't know anything about me. I'm Antti and I make games. When it's office hours, I work at Parta Games (I also co-founded it!). During the nights, I do experimental things, like this game here.

Nonsense Soccer is a 2D arcade-y platformer-soccer-hybrid. It's a  kinda wonky soccer game for two players and is now up for grabs if you want to be an early adopter. And yes, it's free for the time being, so no worries on me emptying your bank account (but you could donate if you like the game or if you like the idea of me getting some food and shelter!).

The project page is pretty up-to-date about detailed information regarding this game, so I'm not going to parrot it here. It also contains my initial plan for upcoming updates, so if you like the game, please check out what's in store in the future.

I hope you have fun playing Nonsense Soccer!

Antti Kolehmainen

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It's supposed to be nonsense!